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Greece VPN: Best VPN for Greece

Athens, Greece’s capital, happens to be the “cradle of modern-day democracy.” Even though it’s been thousands of years since this feat, Greece still practices democracy, even in terms of Internet use. Freedom on the Net declares that this European country has a score of 88/100, a seemingly high score for Internet liberty.

Even though website blocking is rare in Greece, you can never be too sure of your privacy. If you will spend a lot of time connecting to public Wi-Fi, it’s best to use a VPN. This will protect you from any hackers waiting to access your data.

You can check out some of the best VPNs for Greece listed below:

  • ExpressVPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost
  • Private Internet Access (PIA)

Why Would You Need a VPN in Greece?

Greece Flag
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I’ll list down the different reasons why using a VPN while in Greece is important:

For Streaming

Greece is not strict when it comes to streaming. While its local Netflix service offers around

4,438 shows, other Netflix libraries can offer more TV series and movies. Using a VPN can help you access other content libraries, including that of the USA, which has over 5,800 titles. Choosing the right VPN will let you stream different foreign shows with ease and convenience.

For Torrenting

There has been a Greek anti-piracy group that pushes the government to block major torrenting sites. In 2020, the government made a move to stop piracy in the country, stating that individual “pirates” should be sanctioned and fined. While there are no solid laws yet, using a VPN is a smart move when torrenting. This will prevent the authorities from tracking down your IP address.

For Privacy and Security

While Greece guarantees Internet liberty, you can never be too sure of your security. Using public Wi-Fi increases the risk of hacking and cyber-attacks. A VPN will protect your privacy. Consider a service with a no-log policy or a RAM-based server.

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What are the Best VPNs for Greece in 2022?

1. ExpressVPN


Netflix: If you want a fast and high streaming quality on Netflix, ExpressVPN is one of your best VPN choices. This service allows you to access other libraries, including the USA and UK, which have the most number of titles. ExpressVPN has about 3000 servers, enough to “travel” around the globe smoothly. Without a doubt, it will give you a streaming experience free from lags because of its fast Internet speed.

Torrenting: For those who are looking for a VPN with optimized P2P servers, ExpressVPN has them. Moreover, it does not disclose your true IP address and protects you from any DNS leaks.

Privacy and Security: ExpressVPN does not have ad and malware blockers or other add-on features. But what makes it a great choice is its RAM-based server as only a few VPN providers offer this feature. This type of server erases your information once you turn off or disconnect your gadget, giving extra security to its servers.

Price: At $12.95 per month, you can secure up to five devices simultaneously. Considering its speed and security, you can get value for money. But if you’re on a tight budget, ExpressVPN might not be the best option for you, price-wise.

#1 ExpressVPN - Click for BEST Price


2. NordVPN

NordVPN screenshot

Netflix: With over 5000 servers in 60 locations, there’s no doubt that NordVPN can unblock foreign content libraries. Even when you are in Greece, you can watch other countries’ libraries in high definition. No need to worry about lags and low-quality streams.

Torrenting: While not all of NordVPN’s servers are optimized for P2P, it still allows torrenting. It even gives you its recommended servers for the job. Rest assured, it guarantees leak protection and keeps your true IP address private.

Privacy and Security: NordVPN confirmed a data breaching issue in 2018. An anonymous third party accessed information in one of their Finland servers. After that, it made efforts to improve its security, coming up with a bug bounty program for its users. If a user reports a service’s glitch, they can be rewarded.

Furthermore, NordVPN plans to upgrade its system with RAM-based servers for further security and privacy of its subscribers.

Pricing: You can avail of NordVPN’s service for $11.95 per month. A single subscription allows you to connect six devices simultaneously. If you plan to subscribe for a longer-term, you can get better discounts.

#2 NordVPN - Click for BEST Price


3. Surfshark

Surfshark screenshot

Netflix: Surfshark is one of the VPN services that provides a fast and high-definition quality stream. Even if you select a server located far away from Greece, it can still give you high-quality results. It will let you tunnel through any Netflix library with its 3,200 servers in 60 nations. Share it with your travel buddies, friends, and families. Surfshark offers unlimited simultaneous connections.

Torrenting: Searching for a VPN service with optimized P2P servers so you can torrent while you are in Greece? Surfshark has servers perfect for file sharing. It assures you of your security and anonymity while torrenting.

Privacy and Security: Surfshark is one of the most reliable and secure VPNs on the market. It has RAM servers that protect the privacy of each user and has great encryption and protocols. Surfshark also can circumvent even the most heavily restricted online environment like China.

Pricing: At $12.95 per month, you can get Surfshark’s impressive service. While it does appear more expensive than other VPNs, it still has a reasonable price as it allows you to connect unlimited devices at the same time.

#3 Surfshark - Click for BEST Price


4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost screenshot

Netflix: With about 6000 servers in almost 90 locations, CyberGhost can give you access to different Netflix libraries around the world. But due to the large volume of its servers, you might experience several lags and low-quality streams.

Torrenting: Unless you use CyberGhost’s desktop app, you will not be able to use its optimized P2P servers. Still, it allows file sharing on its servers. If you need to do some torrenting during your stay in Greece, CyberGhost does its job of protecting your network identity and preventing any DNS leaks.

Privacy and Security: With its AES 256-bit encryption, a military-grade cryptogram, CyberGhost secures its users properly. But take note that it uses different VPN protocols based on the operating system you use. It has features like Secret Photo Vault for iOS, Data Compression for Android, NoSpy Servers, and ad and malware blockers.

Pricing: Secure seven devices simultaneously at $12.99 per month with CyberGhost. It may look pricey, but if you will opt for a yearly or longer-term plan, you can avail of great deals and discounts.

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5. Private Internet Access (PIA)


Netflix: Private Internet Access has around 3,300 servers in the world. With this number of servers, you can unblock Netflix libraries outside Greece. Still, it is not the best choice for high-definition streams. You may experience low-quality videos from time to time.

Torrenting: Private Internet Access enables torrenting on all of its servers. Do not worry about DNS leaks or any other glitch in maintaining your anonymity. This VPN service assures you of privacy while file sharing.

Privacy and Security: It’s important to take note that Private Internet Access is a VPN service under the jurisdiction of the USA. As a Five Eyes country member, you may question its security. But it guarantees its no-log policy. Also, it reveals that it aims to upgrade its servers into RAM-based ones.

Pricing: At $9.95 every month, you can use Private Internet Access. This rate can go lower if you choose its long subscription plans.

#5 PIA VPN - Click for BEST Price


Ranking Criteria

When choosing a VPN for Greece, I look at the price of each VPN service. A provider must have pricing that is reasonable for the features it offers. I also look at the encryption, types of protocol, and other additional features. I take note of speed and reliability, too.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.