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WoW VPN: Best VPN for World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is arguably the world’s most popular MMORPG.

It has millions of players across the world even after being released so long ago. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising at all given that the game has consistently been updated by its developers to stay ahead of its many competitors in the industry.

Like all online games, some risks come with playing WoW. First of all, you may turn into a victim of hackers and other types of cybercriminals. In addition, it’s also possible for you to be observed by parties such as internet service providers or government monitors.

For any kind of internet user, this can be a major problem as it directly affects your privacy and digital security.


Another important thing to mention is that World of Warcraft isn’t available anywhere. In fact, the game has only been released in specific regions. Because of that, many people that wish to play it won’t be able to unless they take advantage of special means like a VPN service.

Capable VPN providers can let you download and play WoW from virtually any location on the globe. More importantly, they can safeguard you from the various online threats that emerge whenever you decide to partake in a World of Warcraft gaming session.

What Are The Best VPNs for World of Warcraft In 2022?

1. NordVPN

NordVPN screenshot


Unblocking & Speed Capabilities: NordVPN is the perfect companion to have for Wow in any part of the world. That’s because the provider always makes short work of any geo-restriction that it’s faced with. As a matter of fact, our testers in China have consistently succeeded at bypassing the country’s Great Firewall, which is an impressive feat for any VPN service.

The speeds of NordVPN’s servers will not cease to impress. During my tests, the VPN’s nearer locations nearly always never made an impact on my base connection. Meanwhile, its more distant server locations caused by internet speeds to drop very briefly from time to time.

All in all, I’d have to say that NordVPN is great for gaming. While it’s far from perfect, it'll most certainly meet the needs of both casual and professional World of Warcraft players.

Privacy & Security: If safety is your primary concern while playing WoW, then NordVPN is sure to have you covered. By the end of this year, the provider would be finished upgrading its entire network to one that’s RAM-based. Thus, it’ll soon not be capable of storing any log information

When it comes to specs, NordVPN makes use of AES military-grade encryption. Together with that, the provider lets you toggle a wide range of protocols. The most prominent of which is called NordLynx - a proprietary NordVPN protocol that’s primarily based on WireGuard.

Also, you should know that all of NordVPN’s apps have an automatic kill switch and malware & ad blocker. Furthermore, they’ve got something called Double VPN, which is a feature that fortifies your anonymity by routing your internet traffic through multiple VPN servers.

Pricing: Contrary to popular belief, NordVPN isn’t an expensive provider. You can currently get it for a mere $8.87 a month, which is an absolute steal. After all, NordVPN has got so much to offer, including support for a maximum of 6 simultaneous device connections. Besides that, it also maintains a 30-day money-back guarantee policy for easy refunds and risk-free trials.


2. ExpressVPN



Unblocking & Speed Capabilities: World of Warcraft and ExpressVPN are perfect for each other because you can use the VPN to access the game in literally any part of the world. It’s even possible to do so from countries such as China, which has very draconian censorship policies. Such policies have placed a ban on WoW and other popular online video games.

ExpressVPN is by no means a sluggish VPN. My tests reveal that its servers only make a small impact on my base internet speeds. On top of that, while using them to play World of Warcraft, not once did I encounter any sort of lag or sudden game-breaking drops in frames per second.

Privacy & Security: Security and privacy are ExpressVPN’s two utmost priorities. The provider shows that it’s true to this by having a massive RAM-based network. As a result, it’s completely not capable of storing your logging info. If anything, that means that it is completely trustworthy.

Like many of its closest competitors, ExpressVPN utilizes military-grade AES-256 encryption to encrypt your data. Besides that, it maintains support for a broad range of VPN protocols. Quite interestingly though, it does not let you use WireGuard. Instead, the service has Lightway - a proprietary ExpressVPN protocol that’s been dubbed by experts to be just as fast and secure.

ExpressVPN doesn’t have much in the way of features. Its applications only have an automatic kill switch and split tunneling. To date, they still lack an ad & malware blocker or anything else that would make them stand out. I’d have to say this puts ExpressVPN at a big disadvantage.

Pricing: Many say that ExpressVPN is an expensive provider. I beg to disagree because for the $12.95 that it charges per month, the service offers so much. It even has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy and support for a max of 5 simultaneous device connections per subscription.


3. Surfshark

Surfshark screenshot


Unblocking & Speed Capabilities: Surfshark is an excellent VPN to have for WoW. It can let you download and play the game from wherever you are in the world. It’s even capable of getting around very difficult censorship systems such as the Great Firewall of China.

You’d find it difficult to find a VPN that’s faster than Surfshark. My experience with the VPN has been excellent. I could download content quickly and stream all my favorite movies flawlessly. Most importantly, the VPN let me play World of Warcraft without hassles.

Privacy & Security: Surfshark is very secure. It has a RAM-based network that’s made up of more than 1300 servers. Furthermore, it utilizes AES-256 military-grade encryption and has support for every leading VPN protocol including WireGuard - the best option for WoW.

All Surfshark applications are an absolute breeze to use. In addition, they aren’t difficult to fiddle with. Thanks to that, you’ll be able to easily tailor your Surfshark experience to your liking. With that said, I’d also like to mention that Surfshark’s apps are loaded with useful security features.

Perhaps the one thing that makes Surfshark stand out the most is its support for unlimited simultaneous connections. Because of that, all you’ll need is one account to provide every person you know with a VPN service provider.

Pricing: Surfshark charges $12.95 for a basic 1-month subscription plan. If you ask me, this price is extremely fair. After all, Surfshark has a plethora of things to offer. On top of that, it supports unlimited simultaneous connections and has a 30-day money-back refund policy.


Why Use A VPN For World of Warcraft?

I'd like to start by saying that you need a VPN for World of Warcraft to access it wherever you go in the world. You see, a capable provider can mask your IP address and fool cybercensorship systems into thinking that you’re using the internet from someplace you really are not.

A virtual private network’s ability to do what’s stated above is a great help to Wow players. That is because it’ll let them download and play the game in places like China. For those who don’t know, China has long banned World of Warcraft and made it very difficult to obtain the game.

Besides what’s stated, a VPN for Wow can keep you safe. It shall encrypt all your web traffic as you play using military-grade AES encryption together with the most advanced VPN protocols. That way, nobody will get to intercept any of your private information.

Like I said earlier, capable VPNs also mask your IP address with that of their server’s. By doing this, they render you completely anonymous when you go online. As a result, even the most well-equipped entities shall find it next to impossible to determine your legitimate identity.

One last thing that a World of Warcraft VPN service can do is enhance your gaming experience by improving your base internet connection speeds. How? Unbeknownst to many, a lot of VPNs have servers that can get rid of the bandwidth throttling that is secretly established by your ISP.


How To Use A World of Warcraft VPN

Don’t know how to utilize a World of Warcraft VPN service? Simply follow these steps:

  • Get Yourself A VPN

Begin by getting a VPN service. You have got hundreds of options to choose from on today’s market. It would be wise to stay away from ultra-cheap or free providers unless you’ve got a budget that’s absolutely low. The reason why is because such VPNs often lack the needed means to access WoW from anywhere and facilitate a hassle-free online gaming session.

To avoid any sort of disappointment, go with one of the three providers that we talked about earlier. Each one of them has everything you need to access World of Warcraft from literally anywhere and play it.

  • Install It

Your next move should be to install your new VPN’s application. World of Warcraft is exclusively available for Windows and macOS. Hence, you’ll need to set up your VPN devices that function on these operating systems. Don’t worry as doing so is incredibly easy. All you will need is to hit the download button then designate an installation folder.

  • Pair With A Server

After installing your VPN provider’s app, open it. Choose a server to pair with. The server you select must be located in a country where WoW is available to download and play. In addition, you should also go with a server that is not too distant from your actual location.

For those wondering, a nearer VPN server is better because it’s more likely to be faster. You see, the speed of a VPN server is often dictated by how far it is. As such, the closer the location you choose, the likelier you are to have a better WoW playing experience.

  • Activate Your VPN’s Kill Switch Feature

Once you’ve paired with a suitable server, activate your VPN’s kill switch feature. Don’t skip this step because it’s absolutely necessary.

A VPN kill switch is an essential safety feature. With it activated, you’ll get to safeguard yourself from accidental online exposure. How? The feature works by cutting off your device’s link to the internet if its connection to your VPN’s server becomes hampered in any manner.

  • Open World of Warcraft Then Start Playing

When you’ve finally done everything mentioned above, it’s finally time to open World of Warcraft and start playing. Don’t forget to have fun while you’re doing so.

Furthermore, do not forget to always stay connected to your VPN service provider’s servers. That way, you’ll get to avoid game-breaking disconnection notices while you’re playing.


How We Ranked These World of Warcraft VPNs

It was easy to rank our top VPN providers for WoW. The first thing we did was test out what we believe would work best with the game. Our testers looked into their speed, security, privacy, and actual gaming capabilities.

After everything, we compared the prices of our top World of Warcraft VPNs. That way, we could properly determine which of them provided the best monetary value. If anything, this process was very important as price is the most important deciding factor for most buyers.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.