Best VPN for Android Devices in Canada

Android VPNs are essential to ensure your Android device is kept secure from prying eyes and other sorts of online threats.

Last Update: March 31, 2022

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
  • Unlimited P2P and Torrenting
  • High-End Military-Grade Encryption
  • Confirmed Zero Logs Policy
  • Ad-blocker Feature
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Unblock 400 Streaming Services
  • 100% diskless encrypted RAM servers
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Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Strict No logs Policy
  • AES-256-GCM Encryption
  • Very Secure Protocol
  • Fast Torrent Speed and Unblocking Netflix
  • Unlimited Devices
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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Unblock Any Content
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • Confirmed Zero Logs Policy
  • Unbreakable Encryption
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Best VPN for android Devices

VPNs can be used for various purposes, but they are most commonly used to protect your online privacy and security, which is why they are so popular.

There are numerous VPN services available, but not all are suitable for Android devices.

Even though many VPNs claim to be the best, only a select few can provide adequate speeds and security on Android devices.

This blog post will look at some of Canada's best VPN services available for Android users. To begin, here are a few of the best VPNs for Android devices.

Best Android VPNs in Canada

NordVPN screenshot

When it comes to NordVPN's virtual private network (VPN) service, the company's affordability and feature-richness are two critical factors in its success as an android VPN.

Despite its low price, it is widely regarded as one of the most reasonably priced and feature-rich options currently available on the market.

As a result, NordVPN offers military-grade security features that allow you to surf the web anonymously while also protecting your data from prying eyes.

There are several dedicated servers for streaming, downloading, and gaming on the VPN. In addition, several shared servers are included for added flexibility.

The NordVPN VPN service is an excellent all-around option for those who want more from their VPN service than just browsing the web safely and anonymously.

NordVPN also has the ability to connect to six devices at the same time, making it an excellent choice for both large families and small businesses.


NordVPN employs military-grade encryption to protect all data from prying eyes. NordVPN also adheres to a strict no-logs policy, which means that no user activity is ever tracked. This is ideal for users who are concerned about their online privacy.

NordVPN also includes a kill switch, which prevents unencrypted data from being transmitted if the VPN connection is lost. Finally, DNS leak protection redirects DNS requests to the VPN server.


With over 5,000 servers in 59 countries, NordVPN has a large number of server locations. So, whether you want a fast connection or to avoid geo-restrictions, NordVPN is likely to have a server that meets your needs. In contrast, the NordVPN network is constantly expanding.


The NordVPN customer support team can be contacted via a number of different channels. The quickest and most convenient way to communicate with the company is through live chat on the company's website. When you connect, a customer service representative will help you troubleshoot the problem. Their customer service is among the best and most responsive in my experience.


NordVPN, one of the most popular VPN providers, offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of all of its customers. The most basic package costs $11.99 per month, while their yearly package costs $99.00 per year. Customers who are dissatisfied with their purchase may also request a refund from NordVPN within 30 days of purchase.

NordVPN logo in white color
Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
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Surfshark screenshot

When it comes to Android users in Canada, Surfshark VPN is an excellent choice. Netflix still supports it, and it offers a good selection of features at a reasonable price.

Surfshark is a newcomer to the virtual private network (VPN) scene, but it has already made an impact.

It has over 3,200 servers in over 65 countries, which is more than most other VPNs can claim. Furthermore, Surfshark is one of the few VPN services that adhere to a strict no-logging policy to ensure the security of your data.

As a result, your data is never stored or monitored, and your privacy is always protected. Surfshark is an excellent choice for a dependable VPN for Android devices in Canada. It's quick, dependable, and has a lot of features for a low price. It's fast, dependable, and has many features at an affordable price.


Surfshark provides a comprehensive set of features at a reasonable price, and it is dedicated to privacy and security. Surfshark's policy of unlimited simultaneous connections is one of its most appealing features. This means you can use the VPN on an unlimited number of devices, which is ideal for families or small businesses.


Surfshark VPN servers are designed to keep your internet connection safe and secure. Their servers can help you improve your internet speed by providing a faster Internet connection. Whether you're streaming video or downloading files, a Surfshark server can make your online experience faster and more efficient. With over 3,200 server locations in more than 65 countries, Surfshark provides one of the world's largest networks of VPN servers.


Surfshark's VPN service is fast, dependable, and simple to use. If, on the other hand, you're having trouble connecting to a server or accessing a specific website, their customer support team is always happy to help. Furthermore, their live chat feature is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can always get help when you need it, which is unlikely, but it is available if you do.


Surfshark provides a variety of pricing options to meet the needs of its customers. Individuals can get started for as little as $12.95 per month on the most basic plan. Furthermore, if you choose the yearly plan, you will be charged an additional $59.76. Surfshark, in addition to providing unlimited data and bandwidth, also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its plans, making it risk-free.

Surfshark logo in white color
Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
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Expressvpn screenshot

Look no further than ExpressVPN for an Android VPN service that is both fast and dependable, as well as safe and secure.

There is a good reason why ExpressVPN is one of the most popular VPN services on the market.

Because it has high-speed servers in 94 countries, it's an excellent choice for those who want to browse the Internet anonymously from anywhere in the world.

The company's most distinguishing features are its dedicated streaming and torrenting servers, which, along with its military-grade security, are among its most distinguishing features.

Connecting up to five devices at the same time is also an excellent feature for multitasking, making this VPN an attractive option.

Moreover, ExpressVPN offers a comprehensive set of features at a low cost, making it the best VPN for Android smartphones and tablet computers.


ExpressVPN is a feature-rich VPN that provides users with numerous advantages. In addition to military-grade encryption and a kill switch feature that ensures your data is always secure, ExpressVPN has a no-logs policy, which means that your browsing history is never saved or shared.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN is regarded as one of the best VPNs for accessing geo-restricted content.


With 3000 servers in over 94 countries, ExpressVPN is one of the largest and most popular VPN providers. That means that no matter where you are in the world, an ExpressVPN server is likely to be nearby.

Furthermore, because ExpressVPN has such a large network, it can provide fast speeds and low latency even when connecting to servers in remote locations. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for anyone, with servers in major cities around the world.


ExpressVPN has a team of experts available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any issues. If you're having trouble connecting to a server or simply want to learn more about ExpressVPN's features, the support team is always willing to assist.

In addition, ExpressVPN offers a live chat service so that you can get help in real-time. ExpressVPN's comprehensive support options make it simple to get the help you need when you need it.


Customers can select from a number of different pricing packages provided by ExpressVPN in order to meet their specific requirements. The company's monthly subscription fee of $12.95 per month is the most affordable of the plans currently available. The annual plan is only $99.95 per year, which represents significant savings if you intend to use it for a long time.

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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Private Internet Access screenshot

After several years of using Private Internet Access (PIA), I can say that it has been a tremendously positive experience. Aside from being extremely cheap, this provider's download and upload speeds are also lightning-fast and dependable.

They also provide excellent customer service, responding quickly to any questions or concerns I may have about Private Internet Access (PIA) for Android.

Many VPN service providers claim to provide the best possible service in my experience, but when it comes to dependability, PIA is the only name you need to remember.

Furthermore, their security features are top-notch, which is essential for anyone who wants to keep their online activity private. Furthermore, they are simple to use.

Therefore, looking into this VPN provider is definitely in order, especially for those looking for a dependable and reasonably priced alternative. Additionally, PIA is one of the most reliable VPN services available when using a VPN on an Android device.


Private Internet Access is a VPN service that encrypts your internet connection and conceals your IP address, ensuring your online privacy and security. PIA has a number of features that make it an appealing choice for a VPN service.

First, PIA encrypts your traffic with AES-256 encryption, protecting your data from prying eyes. Besides that, PIA has a strict no-logs policy, which means that your data and activities are never stored or tracked.


One benefit of PIA servers is their speed and dependability. Second, because PIA servers are less heavily used, there is less congestion and downtime. Public servers are frequently less secure and private than PIA servers, and PIA providers monitor their servers for illegal or malicious activity.

As a result, you'll have a more secure and private Internet experience. They have 30,000 servers spread across 75 countries.


PIA's customer support is responsive and knowledgeable, in addition to its extensive feature set. Representatives from PIA are available to assist and answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, whether you're having trouble connecting to a server or need assistance troubleshooting an issue, PIA's customer support team is always ready to help.


Private Internet Access provides a number of different plans. If you sign up for a monthly subscription, you will pay $9.95 per month; if you sign up for a yearly subscription, you will pay $39.95 per year, depending on the length of the subscription.

When it comes to security, the cost of Private Internet Access is well worth it because it is widely regarded as one of the most secure VPNs available today.

PIA new horizontal logo
Overall Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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Tunnelbear Screenshot

TunnelBear is an excellent choice for a dependable and reasonably priced VPN service. TunnelBear offers fast and dependable service with over 3000 servers in 23 countries. What's more, they provide a variety of plans, including a free plan that provides 500MB of data per month.

TunnelBear is ideal for Android devices because it provides an easy-to-use and navigate app. The app is free to download from the Google Play store.
After installing the app, launch it and select the country to which you want to connect.

The app will connect to the fastest server in that country automatically. One disadvantage of TunnelBear is that torrenting is not permitted on their servers.

They do, however, provide an excellent service for those looking for a quick and dependable VPN for Android devices in Canada.

TunnelBear is an excellent choice for a dependable and reasonably priced VPN service. They offer fast and dependable service with over 3,000 servers in 23 countries.


Your data is encrypted and your IP address is hidden when you connect to TunnelBear. As a result, neither your ISP nor the government can track or monitor your internet activity. Furthermore, TunnelBear includes a number of features that make it both simple to use and secure.

TunnelBear, for example, includes a kill switch that will disconnect you from the Internet if your VPN connection is lost. This ensures that your information is always secure.


TunnelBear has 3000 servers spread across 23 countries. This gives users a diverse range of server location options. In addition to servers in the United States, users can select servers in Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries. Each country has multiple servers in various regions, giving users more options. TunnelBear also offers specialized streaming and gaming servers.


TunnelBear offers round-the-clock support to its customers. You can reach their highly skilled technicians at any time of day or night, regardless of the time. They understand how valuable your time is and strive to resolve your issue as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And if they are unable to resolve your problem right away, they will work with you until a solution is found.


TunnelBear is one of the most well-known VPN service providers on the market, and for good reason. In terms of pricing, their monthly plans are some of the most competitive in the industry, with the most affordable plan costing only $9.99.

They also have a yearly plan that costs $59.88 per year. In comparison to other providers who charge twice as much, this is an incredible deal.

Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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CyberGhost screenshot

If you need a VPN for your Android device, CyberGhost is a great choice. It's is an excellent option for those who want to browse the Internet anonymously from any location on the planet, as it has servers in 91 countries worldwide.

CyberGhost is an excellent all-around VPN service, with military-grade security and dedicated servers for streaming and torrenting. It can connect up to seven devices at the same time and comes standard with military-grade encryption.

Many of CyberGhost's features are not available from other VPN providers, distinguishing it as a truly unique and powerful VPN solution.

CyberGhost is a great option to consider if you want to use a VPN on your Android device that is both fast and dependable, as well as packed with features.


CyberGhost has a number of features that make it an appealing option for those looking for a VPN. Its strict no-logs policy is one of its most appealing features. This means that CyberGhost does not store any user data or activity, ensuring your privacy is always protected.

Furthermore, CyberGhost includes a number of security features, such as 256-bit AES encryption and a kill switch. This ensures that your data remains secure even if the VPN connection is lost.


CyberGhost is a virtual private network service offered by CyberGhost S.A. The service routes the user's Internet traffic through a network of 7,500 servers in 91 different countries, creating the illusion that the user is connecting to the Internet from that country.

This enables users to circumvent geo-restrictions and access content that may be restricted in their home country.


The exceptional level of customer service provided by CyberGhost is one of its most impressive features. If you have any issues with the service, the company provides live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is extremely convenient.


Monthly and annual plans are available, with the monthly plan costing $12.99 per month and the annual plan costing $51.48 per year, respectively. A free trial period is also available.

You can also try out the service without putting your money at risk because all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of data you can send or receive with any of CyberGhost's plans.

CyberGhost logo in white color
Overall Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
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How We Test Android VPNs: Our Approach


When it comes to VPNs, speed is a fundamental metric to consider. Everything from browsing the web to streaming video and downloading large files is affected by the speed of your computer.

By connecting to servers in Canada, the United States, Europe, and in other countries, we can determine the speed of each VPN we review.


When we look at the security features of a VPN, we want to see features like military-grade encryption, no logging policy, and a strict zero-knowledge DNS.

We also look at things like an automatic kill switch, which will prevent your device from connecting to the Internet if the VPN connection is lost.

If you're using a VPN on your Android device in Canada, these are the security features you should be looking for.


The Netflix app is always our first port of call when testing VPNs for Android. If a VPN can stream Netflix, it is an excellent choice for streaming.

All of the VPNs on our list are capable of unblocking Netflix in Canada and providing you with access to its massive library of content from any location in the world, regardless of your location.


Another thing we test for is torrenting. We know that many of our readers use VPNs for this purpose, so we must include them in our testing.

First, we try downloading a large file using UDP and TCP protocols for each provider. We also check if the provider offers special features specifically for torrenting (such as SOCKS proxies).

Finally, we ensure that the provider doesn't block any popular torrenting sites. So far, ExpressVPN has been the best VPN for Android devices in Canada regarding torrenting.


When evaluating VPN options, we also consider the cost. An excellent Android VPN should provide customers with a choice of pricing plans and the ability to add additional features as required.

We prefer service providers who do not require contracts or hidden fees and allow you to cancel your subscription without incurring any charges. It is also advantageous to offer free trials.

Customer Support

Customer support is a big factor when looking at what VPNs are good. If you have problems with your VPN, you want to be able to get in touch with customer support and get help fast.

  • ExpressVPN has some of the best customer support we've seen. You can contact them 24/7 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat or email.
  • NordVPN also has excellent customer support. They offer 24/7 hour live chat and have a detailed FAQ section on their website.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, the reviews that customers have left should be mostly very positive. This is a great way to ensure that you get a product worth your money. There should be a small handful of complaints, but the good reviews should easily outnumber them.

This is another area where PrivateVPN shines – their customer service is excellent, and they have ironed out most of the kinks that users have reported.

As a result, you can feel confident that you get a quality product when choosing PrivateVPN.

How to Choose The Best Android VPN App

Some characteristics to look for when selecting a VPN to use with your Android device are as follows: You will need a virtual private network (VPN) that is both fast and dependable, as a first and foremost requirement.

First, you don't want to be stuck with a connection that isn't fast enough or that drops too frequently, which are both problems you can avoid.

Second, you want a simple VPN to use and has a graphical user interface that is simple to navigate through, such as NordVPN.

In addition, whether or not a VPN provider provides excellent customer service if you encounter any difficulties is a third factor to consider. Also advantageous is that it allows you to try out a VPN without taking any risks with your financial information.

Is There a Free VPN For Android?

There are many free VPNs on the Google Play Store to utilize if you live in Canada. However, we do not recommend using a free VPN for Android. Free VPNs generally have lower security standards and can sell your data to third-party advertisers.

If you are looking for a free VPN for Android, we suggest using TunnelBear. TunnelBear is a reputable company that has a strict no-logs policy in place.

Additionally, their free plan only allows 500MB of data per month - enough for light browsing but not much else.

If you need more than 500MB of data per month, we recommend signing up for one of the paid plans from NordVPN or ExpressVPN. Both NordVPN and ExpressVPN offer excellent security features and have servers located in dozens of countries. Paid VPNs will always provide a better experience all-around. Plus, there are plenty of cheap VPNs if you want to save a few bucks per month.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does a VPN do on Android?

Your online traffic is encrypted and routed through a VPN server located in a different location than you, giving the appearance that you are browsing from a different country when you are browsing from your home country.

By doing so, you will have the ability to circumvent censorship filters, gain access to geo-restricted content, and maintain your privacy by hiding your true IP address, to name a few.

How to use VPN on Android?

In most cases, all you have to do is visit the Google Play Store and search for a VPN application that meets your requirements.

Following your discovery and installation of the app, you will be able to sign in using your Facebook credentials (if required).

Next, find the country or location to which you wish to establish a connection and tap on it to begin the connection process with that location. After that, the VPN will establish a connection between you and the server, encrypting all of the data you send and receive.

How to change VPN on Android?

If you're looking to change your VPN on Android, there are a few things you'll need to do. First, you'll need to find a new VPN provider. There are many great VPN providers, so take your time and find one that suits your needs.

Once you've found a new provider, sign up for their service and download their app. Once you have the app installed, open it and sign in with your account credentials.

After you're signed in, look for the option to change your VPN server. Then, select a server from the list and connect to it.

How safe is my android phone?

This is a question that many people ask themselves, especially when they hear about all of the data breaches and malware attacks that seem to be happening more and more frequently. The answer, unfortunately, is not as simple as we would like it to be.

While there are some measures you can take to help protect your device, such as installing a reputable security app or using a secure VPN service, there are no guarantees.

So if you're looking for a little extra peace of mind when it comes to your Android device's safety, investing in a good VPN is worth considering.

Can you stream on Android using a VPN?

Yes, you can stream on Android using a VPN. A VPN for Android will allow you to access blocked content, including streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. A VPN will also encrypt your traffic, which will protect your privacy.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a VPN for Android. First, make sure that the VPN has servers in Canada.

Second, check to see if the VPN offers a money-back guarantee. This will allow you to try out the service and make sure it works well for you.

Finally, make sure the VPN has strong encryption and security features. One of the best VPNs for Android devices in Canada is ExpressVPN.

Which VPN is best for watching Netflix on my phone?

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services globally, and it is available in a large number of countries around the globe.

However, not all content is available in all countries or regions due to licensing restrictions.

This is where a VPN comes in handy, as it can trick Netflix into believing you are accessing the service from a different country, allowing you to view more content. It’s important to choose a VPN with plenty of speed to help avoid any buffering, such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN.

Can I use a VPN on more than just my android devices?

You can use a VPN on more than just on your android devices. Using a VPN on all internet-connected devices is the best way to ensure that your online activity is private.

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a server in another location, making it difficult for anyone to track or spy on your activity.

There are many different VPN providers, so it's essential to research the one that best meets your needs. Consider price, speed, security features, and customer support when choosing a VPN provider.

Bottom Line

Android virtual private networks (VPNs) are a great way to keep your data private and secure while on the go. You can use a virtual private network (VPN) to remain safe and anonymous online, regardless of your location.

However, given many Android VPNs available to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

Therefore, we've done the legwork and compiled a list of the best Android VPNs currently available to make things easier for you.

We believe that none of the options on our list are bad choices, but if you're looking for the best, we recommend ExpressVPN.

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