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PureVPN vs VyprVPN

PureVPN is often pitted against VyprVPN. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as they are though to be two of the best VPN services right now. With that said, many agree that PureVPN is far better. How come? It’s essential for us to thoroughly review each service side by side to find out.



To begin, here’s a comparative table showing all that each VPN service has to offer:

  PureVPN VyprVPN
Logging Policy No Logging No Logging
Jurisdiction Hong Kong Switzerland
Encryption AES-256 AES-256 SHA-256 Hash Authentication
Protocols OpenVPN UDP OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 IPSec/L2TP PPTP SSTP OpenVPN UDP OpenVPN TCP IPSec/IKEv2 IPSec/L2TP PPTP WireGuard Chameleon
Ad and malware blockers Yes Yes
Kill switch Yes Yes (Windows & macOS)
Leak Tests No Leaks Found No Leaks Found
Speed Tests Fast Fast
Torrenting & P2P Yes (Optimized P2P Servers) Yes (Optimized P2P Servers)
Streaming Netflix Amazon Prime BBC iPlayer Firestick Roku (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV (Via Router) Android TV Netflix Amazon Prime BBC iPlayer Firestick Roku (Via Router) Kodi Apple TV (Via Router) Android TV
Gaming Windows Android iOS Xbox One (Via Router) PS4 (Via Router) Nintendo Switch (Via Router) Windows Android iOS Xbox One (Via Router) PS4 (Via Router) Nintendo Switch (Via Router)
Compatibility Windows macOS Android iOS Linux Chrome Firefox Tor Selected Routers Windows macOS Android iOS Tor Selected Routers
Simultaneous Connections 10 5
Servers 6500+ 700+
China Yes Yes
Split Tunneling Yes Yes
Additional Features Secure Wi-Fi Dedicated IP (Add-On Feature) Port Forwarding (Add-On Feature) DDoS Protection (Add-On Feature) VyprVPN DNS VyprVPN Cloud
Prices $10.95/Month $5.82/Month (1-Year) $3.33/Month (2-Years) Special Offer: $0.99 for a 7-day trial plus 47% off for a 1-year subscription $12.95/Month $3.75/Month (1-Year) $2.50/Month (2-Years) Special offer: 80% discount for a 2-year subscription; 71% discount for a 1-year subscription
Our Rating 4.6 4.3

Admittedly, there are few differences between PureVPN and VyprVPN. Needless to say, these differences are a big deal to many. Because of that, we must take a closer look to determine which of the two is best-equipped to meet your specific needs as a user.


Privacy & Security

PureVPN operates from Hong Kong while VyprVPN operates from Switzerland. Both of these locations don’t fall under the jurisdictions of the world’s surveillance alliances. Hence, the two services aren’t hindered by any restrictive copyright and privacy laws.

Encryption Comparison

Like most high-ranking services, VyprVPN and PureVPN utilize AES-256 encryption.

Differentiating them is the former’s use of SHA-256 hash authentication and the latter’s utilization of an undisclosed equivalent.

VPN Protocols

The two services support OpenVPN (UDP & TCP), IPSec (LT2P & IKEv2), and PPTP. What sets them apart is PureVPN’s support for SSTP and VyprVPN’s support for Chameleon and WireGuard, the newest and most secure VPN protocol.

Leak Protection

Below is a result of a leak test I conducted while paired to VyprVPN and its Singapore server:

IP Leak Test – VyprVPN Singapore

Now here’s how PureVPN along with its Japanese server did:

IP Leak Test – PureVPN Tokyo

Fortunately, both VPN services were able to mask my legitimate IP address with ease. Due to that, it’s now possible for me to recommend them to anyone who needs to remain under the radar whenever they access the web.

Server Security

The servers of PureVPN and VyprVPN are secure even if they’re not RAM-based. Why? Each service has a solid zero-logging policy that prevents them from collecting your data.

In Conclusion

While the two VPNs are, without a doubt, very secure, the winner of this round of our PureVPN vs VyprVPN match is VyprVPN. That’s because it supports WireGuard and Chameleon, which are both extremely secure and sought-out protocols.


Speed Test

Here’s a screenshot of a speed test I ran after connecting to VyprVPN’s server in SG:

Speed Test – VyprVPN Singapore

And this is how PureVPN’s Japanese server altered it:

Speed Test – PureVPN Tokyo

My internet connection speeds got way better after transferring to PureVPN. For that reason, it’s the winner of this crucial round of our PureVPN vs VyprVPN match.


Torrenting & P2P

Torrenting is allowed on VyprVPN and PureVPN’s networks. Even if the two don’t have fully enabled P2P networks, they’ve got many optimized servers for the job. Additionally, they’re compatible with every major torrenting client that’s currently available.

Below is the result of a torrenting leak test I ran while paired to VyprVPNs SG server:

Torrenting Leak Test – VyprVPN Singapore

Next up, this is how PureVPN and its server in Japan fared:

Torrenting Leak Test – PureVPN Tokyo

I was surprised to find out that VyprVPN couldn’t hide my IP address when torrenting. Because of that, the only service I can recommend between the two is PureVPN. After all, it’s the only one that was capable of keeping me 100% anonymous during my test.



PureVPN and VyprVPN can easily bypass the geo-restrictions of all major streaming websites without hitches. In addition, their superb speed capabilities prevent them from causing quality, buffering, and loading issues. Due to that, many use them for entertainment purposes.


I had to see if both VPN services could grant me access to Netflix’s foreign libraries. To do this, I paired to a US server of each service and tried to watch Spotlight, which is exclusively available on the American version of Netflix. Below is a screenshot of how VyprVPN managed:

Netflix US – VyprVPN

This is how PureVPN fared:

Netflix US – PureVPN

Neither VPN brought forth issues when it came to buffering and quality. Moreover, the two had no troubles with providing me access to Spotlight and many other titles that are unavailable in my region. Because of that, this VyprVPN vs PureVPN is ending with a tie.

Winner: Tie



My gaming experience with VyprVPN was excellent. I was able to play all of my matches on Call of Duty Mobile without any drops in FPS. Also, loading times were great, and it was super easy to get into my game.

The performance of PureVPN during my gaming sessions was also great. Like its competitor, it was able to allow me to play without issues. Besides that, the service granted me access to many foreign gaming servers, which I normally couldn’t tap into.

Since both services did not disappoint, I’m again ending this round of our VyprVPN vs PureVPN comparison with a tie.

Winner: Tie



Check out the table below to see what each VPN works on:

















Selected Routers

As seen above, PureVPN is compatible with far more operating systems. In addition, it also has browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome, which are the leading web browsers.


Simultaneous Connections

VyprVPN, PureVPN, and every other top-tier service allow for many simultaneous connections under one account. The difference is that PureVPN lets you connect up to 10 devices, whereas VyprVPN only lets you pair up to 5. As such, it’s the better VPN in this regard.



The server network of PureVPN consists of more than 6500 servers. Meanwhile, its competitor only operates 700+ servers. As a result, your best option for remaining anonymous and connected to more locations is, without a doubt, the latter service.



The Great Firewall of China is the most challenging obstacle that the best VPN providers face. Only a select few services can bypass it. Furthermore, even fewer can achieve the feat with consistency.

Luckily, reports are nearly unanimous in stating that PureVPN and VyprVPN can bypass China’s draconian internet censorship measures. On top of that, both get the job done reliably, meaning they’re perfect for anyone who’s looking to browse the web freely anywhere in the world.

Winner: Tie


Interface & Usability

VyprVPN’s native applications all have minimalistic interfaces that are easy to navigate. Besides that, they’re also highly configurable and aesthetically-pleasing. Individuals of all sorts will certainly appreciate them as well as master them rather quickly.

VyprVPN Interface

Although they all look great, the apps of PureVPN somewhat lack refinement. They are clunky and quite unresponsive. Thus, users shall need patience when first using them. On a positive note, all of them are super easy to download, install, and then setup.


PureVPN Interface


Additional Features

Users of VyprVPN can take advantage of two unique features.

The former is called VyprVPN Cloud. It makes accessing DigitalOcean, VirtualBox, and Amazon Web Services, and DigitalOcean much safer. Meanwhile, the latter is known as VyprVPN DNS. With it, you’ll get to further protect yourself from DNS leaks.

In comparison, PureVPN has a feature called Secure Wi-Fi, which keeps you safeguarded when you access any wifi hotspot. Moreover, the service provider lets you use port forwarding and DDoS protection to add a new layer of security to your VPN experience. Also, it lets you establish your own dedicated IP address to stay under the radar.

Because it has more useful additional features, the winner of this round is PureVPN.


Customer Support

Refer to the table below to find out what both VPNs offer in regards to customer support:

  PureVPN VyprVPN
Live Chat Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes
Phone Support No No
Ticket Support Yes Yes
Video Tutorials No No
Online Knowledge Base Yes Yes
Average Response Time 1 Hour 4 Hours

PureVPN has better customer support since it boasts a better average response time. Within an hour or less after getting in touch, you can expect a customer service representative to assist with any question or predicament you might have regarding the VPN provider.



Below is a table that shows how much each service charges:

  PureVPN VyprVPN
Subscription Lengths $10.95/Month $12.95/Month
  1 Year ($5.82/Month) 1 Year ($3.75/Month)
  2 Years ($3.33/Month) 2 Years ($2.50/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $10.95 $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $3.33 $2.50
One Year Price $69.95 $45 (18 Months)
Money-Back Guarantee 31 Days 30 Days
Special Offer $0.99 for a free trial plus 47% off for a 1-year subscription 80% discount for a 2-year subscription; 71% discount for a 1-year subscription

The prices of VyprVPN are much cheaper than that of PureVPN. However, the money-back guarantee of the latter service is better. Needless to say, if you’re looking for better value for money, your best bet is to go with VyprVPN.



Is PureVPN better than VyprVPN?

Yes. PureVPN is better than VyprVPN in almost every regard. It’s faster, more secure, allows for a greater number of simultaneous connections, and is compatible with more devices. Besides that, it also has superior customer support along with a drastically larger server network.


By: Kris Soliongco
Kris has two passions in life: writing and tech. He’s been building computers since he was eight years old and is knowledgeable about online security. The first time he was exposed to VPNs was in 2016. Since then, he’s used a plethora of services and has gained much experience. Follow him on Facebook.