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How To Get American Netflix In Ireland

Netflix US is available to watch in Ireland. However, because it’s restricted, you’ll need a good VPN to bypass the streaming website’s geoblocks. Our top recommendations are NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN. Each provider is fully capable of reliably working around restrictions without introducing any sort of lag to your internet connection.


I’d like to kick things off with a basic overview of how to get American Netflix in Ireland. After that’s done, we’ll then move on to talking about everything relevant to the subject. And now, here are all the steps you must take to stream Netflix USA while in Ireland:

1. Get A VPN

For starters, you must procure a VPN. While there are hundreds of choices out there, you should opt for either NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN. By picking them, you’ll be getting excellent value for money. Moreover, it's very unlikely that they’ll leave you disappointed.

2. Install It

The next thing you’ll need to do is install your VPN. It won’t matter what kind of device you are using as this step should be easy to perform on any contemporary operating system.

3. Connect To A US Server

Connect your device to a US server. Remember to avoid pairing with distant locations. Only go for servers that are nearby because they make a lesser impact on your internet speeds.

4. Open Netflix USA And Start Watching

Open Netflix’s application or website then begin watching Netflix US with no restrictions. When doing this, remember to never disconnect from your VPN as you shall immediately get blocked.

How To Watch US Netflix In Ireland


There are two ways to access Netflix US in Ireland. Apart from a VPN, you may also make use of proxies. However, before doing this, you must know that proxies are vastly inferior to VPNs because they only work locally on your browser, and therefore, aren’t as reliable or secure.

Virtual private networks have much higher rates of dependability. The servers of a high-ranking VPN can consistently circumvent Netflix’s restrictions without encumbering internet speeds without breaking a sweat. If anything, that makes them better for any kind of web user.

Bypassing Netflix USA’s restrictions with a VPN can be done by anyone. Go follow these basic steps and you’ll find yourself watching without limitations in practically no time:

Step 1: Get A VPN To Watch American Netflix In Ireland

Avoid opting for the cheapest VPN that you can get your hands on. Instead, pick a highly-rated provider such as NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark. By doing so, you’re sure not to have any regrets after making a purchase. To understand why, let us talk more about each VPN.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN screenshot

NordVPN is our top recommendation because it has a large server network in the United States that can make short work of Netflix’s geo-restrictions. More importantly for many, that server network has exceptional speed capabilities, making NordVPN the fastest VPN available.

Despite being once hacked, many claim that NordVPN’s security is superb. It supports all major VPN protocols, including a modified version of WireGuard. The provider also has lots of one-off features that’ll level up your level of protection when being used.

Sadly to say, NordVPN only allows for up to six simultaneous connections. This puts it behind a lot of its major competitors in the VPN industry. On the bright side, the provider’s apps are great on all platforms. In addition to that, it has good 24/7 chat, email, and ticket support.

Below is a table that summarises NordVPN’s prices:

Subscription Lengths 1 Month (€9.56/Month)
  1 Year (€3.93/Month)
  2 Years (€3.30/Month)
Highest Price Per Month €9.56
Lowest Price Per Month €3.30
One Year Price €39.6
Special Offer 68% off for a 2-year plan 58% off for a 1-year plan


2. Surfshark

Surfshark screenshot

Surfshark bypasses Netflix just as well as NordVPN. Also, its servers have comparable speed capabilities. What makes the service different though is the fact that it allows for unlimited simultaneous connections. This makes it great for anyone with a large household.

The security of Surfshark is impeccable. Not once during the provider’s existence has it ever been breached. It has also never disclosed private user information to third parties that make requests. A large reason why is because its entire network is 100% RAM-based, making it not capable of tracking, collecting, and keeping logs.

Surfshark is available on every major operating system. Its apps look great and are easy to use. The provider’s customer service is also rated as one of the best in the VPN industry. Moreover, its prices are fair and well within the reach of average consumers such as yourself.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of Surfshark’s pricing schemes:

Subscription Lengths 1 Month (€10.68/Month)
  6 Months (€5.35/Month)
  2 Years (€2.05/Month)
Highest Price Per Month €10.68
Lowest Price Per Month €2.05
One Year Price €66.36
Special Offer 81% discount for a 2-year subscription / 50% discount for a 6-month subscription


3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is a major player in the VPN industry for good reason. It reliably unblocks Netflix USA anywhere in the world. The provider also has commendable speed capabilities. Also, it boasts a rather large server network that’s RAM-based, and therefore, completely secure.

Besides having a RAM-based network, ExpressVPN also maintains support for nearly all major VPN protocols. However, the provider lacks exclusive security features that would give it an edge over competitors. Apart from that, it also doesn’t have a built-in ad malware blocker.

With one ExpressVPN subscription, you may connect up to five devices simultaneously. As you probably might’ve guessed, the provider’s apps all have wonderfully crafted interfaces that are incredibly easy to use. To make things better, its customer service is a breeze to deal with.

The table below shows all of ExpressVPN’s present rates:

Subscription Lengths 1 Month (€10.98/Month)
  6 Months (€8.47/Month)
  1 Year (€5.65/Month)
Highest Price Per Month €10.98
Lowest Price Per Month €5.65
One Year Price €67.8
Special Offer 50% off for a 1-year subscription


Step 2: Install The VPN On Your Device


Every virtual private network has applications, which must be installed on your device.

Contrary to what some would like to believe, VPN installation isn’t difficult. It can be done by all sorts of people without the help of others. With that being said, some may still need help doing installation. As such, it’s best to get a provider that has highly rated customer support.

For Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

You may download your VPN’s macOS, Windows, and Linux applications from its website. After you’re done, installation can be done either manually or automatically. Only select automatic installation if you want to specify the file location of your VPN service provider’s app.

  • App Store

The app stores of Android, iOS and a few streaming devices often play host to your provider’s applications. Installing from these app stores is extremely convenient since installation goes forward automatically downloading. That’s right, you won’t need to initiate any prompts.

Every commonly-used operating system on the market has a dedicated NorVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN app. Hence, users of any platform won’t be left out by choosing any of the three.

For Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Any VPN that’s worth its salt has at least one browser extension.

We believe that VPN browser extensions are inferior to apps. That’s because they only work on the browser level, making them not as secure. More importantly, they also frequently don’t have important features that their app counterparts readily maintain. With that aside, it should also be noted that VPN extensions serve as great alternatives when apps are unavailable.

  • Firefox Add-Ons and Chrome Web Store

The Firefox and Chrome extensions of our recommended providers can be downloaded from the web stores of each browser. Like app store installation, VPN extension installation is completely automatic, and thus, very quick and easy to do.


For Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc.

Many popular devices such as gaming consoles lack VPN apps. Fortunately, there’s still a way to use your provider with them. The only thing you’ll be needing is a configured router.

  • Router

All high-ranking VPNs maintain router support. That means these providers can be installed on compatible routers. Unfortunately, installing VPNs on routers is easier said than done because the process can get very technical.

Thankfully, all our top VPNs sell pre-configured routers that shall provide you with a hassle-free experience that’s completely out of the box.

Step 3: Connect To A US Server


Open your VPN’s application then pair your device to a US server. Don’t choose just any server though. Pick the location that’s closest to you because it’s likely to be the fastest option. When using it, the chances that you’ll suffer from buffering, lag, and quality drops shall decrease.

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all operate a large network of servers in the US. For that reason, certainly, you’ll not find yourself out of connectivity options when using any of the three VPNs. If anything, this is great as having many choices is always better than having few.

NordVPN US Servers

nordvpn server selection

NordVPN has almost two thousand lightning-fast servers in the US. The majority of them have no trouble bypassing Netflix. My personal experience with them has generally been awesome. Only once have they failed to work around Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

Unfortunately, not all of NordVPN’s servers are RAM-based. That means the provider’s network isn’t fully secure as it could still be utilised to gather logs. Nevertheless, you should also know that NordVPN has never been recorded disclosing the private information of its subscribers.


Surfshark US Servers

Surfshark desktop

Surfshark maintains five hundred servers in the US. All of which can bypass Netflix without any issues. Furthermore, most of these locations affect bandwidth very minimally. In fact, when connected to them, not once did my internet speeds drop to a significant degree.

As mentioned earlier, the entire global server network of Surfshark is RAM-based. Due to that, it is very secure. When paired to it, you’ll not have to worry about your privacy being breached.


ExpressVPN US Servers

ExpressVPN hasn’t disclosed exactly how many servers it operates in the US. With that said, it is known that the provider lets you connect to over twenty American cities. Therefore, we can safely say that ExpressVPN maintains a massive server network in the United States alone.

Like Surfshark, ExpressVPN’s entire network is RAM-based. Hence, you can be sure when using that service that your digital privacy shall remain intact.


Step 4: Open Netflix and Enjoy Its US Library

After pairing with a US server, it’s time to open Netflix and start watching. To know if you have successfully bypassed the streaming platform, check its homepage. There, you should see a banner displaying the #1 title in the United States today. In addition to that, verification is also possible through searching for an exclusive title such as Spotlight.

Sometimes, even the highest-ranking VPNs lose at their game of cat-and-mouse with Netflix. If ever that happens while you’re trying to watch, an error message will appear. You won’t get to your desired piece of content. Luckily, several workarounds may possibly allow you to continue accessing Netflix USA freely.

1. Change User Profile

Try resetting Netflix by switching to another user profile. Often, this method circumvents Netflix’s blocks successfully. However, one downside is that it requires you to use two user profiles, meaning you’ll have to ask permission from the people you share your account with.

2. Sign Out Then Sign Back In

A good alternative to the first method we discussed is to sign out then back in. Doing this also resets Netflix, causing its blocks to get eliminated. The only hassle is that you may potentially have to manually enter your login credentials again, which could be a major hassle to do.

3. Transfer To Another US Server

The last and most reliable workaround is to transfer to another US server. It works 90% of the time and is very easy to do. Moreover, it doesn't require you to change anything on Netflix. As such, we cannot recommend any other method besides it.



Is Netflix Different In The US and In Ireland

Yes. Netflix US and Netflix Ireland share many similarities but also have lots of differences. In general, the former has more Hollywood blockbusters. Meanwhile, the latter is home to lots of local and British content that’s often unavailable elsewhere.

Why Can't You Access Netflix's US Library In Ireland

Netflix USA can’t readily be accessed in Ireland due to licensing restrictions.

To put it simply, Netflix purchases the rights for a show or movie by the country. When it hasn’t acquired the rights for a particular piece of content for a given place, the streaming platform can’t legally show it. Hence, whatever isn’t available in Netflix Ireland that’s available in the United States is not available because Netflix hasn’t bought the rights for Ireland yet.

How Does A VPN Let You Access Netflix's US Library?

Netflix uses the country code of your IP address to determine where you’re at. With that info, it imposes the necessary restrictions on your account.

VPNs fool Netflix into thinking you’re someplace else by changing your IP address. Needless to say, not all virtual private networks are created equal. Some have no trouble fooling Netflix whilst others struggle or even completely fail when doing it.

Is It Illegal To Watch American Netflix In Ireland?

No. Ireland has liberal internet laws that don’t restrict the use of VPNs. Hence, there's nothing stopping you from freely watching American Netflix in the country. If anything, this is great as there are countries like Russia that have very strict VPN restrictions.

How To Choose A VPN To Access American Netflix In Ireland?

Selecting the right VPN for watching Netflix US in Ireland is easier said than done. After all, it‘s difficult for average consumers to settle on the right provider with so many options available.

That said, when looking for a VPN, always consider these factors:

  • Unblocking capabilities
  • Network size
  • Speed
  • Pricing

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all have superb unblocking capabilities, large networks, and fast servers. More importantly, they’ve each got fair rates. Hence, you should have no reason not to go for them. With either one, you’ll surely not end up disappointed.


Summing It Up

I’d like to have a quick recap of how to unblock Netflix US in Ireland. As stated, getting this done isn’t hard by any means. Even kids and the oldest members of your family can learn how to do it quickly. The only thing needed is for these four steps to be followed:

  1. Get a VPN (preferably NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN)
  2. Install your VPN
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Start your Netflix and enjoy the US library

Remember not to get dismayed when Netflix blocks you. Simply turn to one of the workarounds that we discussed earlier to continue watching freely with a VPN.

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