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The Melbourne Grand Prix in Australia

After an unexpected hiatus in 2020 and 2021 due to the global corona crisis, the Australian Melbourne Grand Prix returned to the racing calendar in 2022. The 2023 race is scheduled for early April, about two weeks after the Jiddah Grand Prix. Fans can then look forward to the next highlight with the Azerbaijan GP in Baku.


Melbourne Grand Prix: Details of the track, the Albert Park Circuit

The race will be held at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne, one of the faster circuits on the Formula One calendar. The circuit, known for its numerous high-speed sections, includes 16 sharp corners, some of which have a 90-degree angle. This requires drivers to be extremely precise when steering and accelerating.

The 5.303-kilometer course is known for its rough bumps, which have cost many a top driver important points and placings. The course runs clockwise and covers a total of 58 laps, with the overall race being 307.5 kilometers long.

Melbourne Grand Prix - Records and challenges

Michael Schumacher holds the race lap record with a time of 1:24.125 set in 2004, while Lewis Hamilton holds the fastest ever lap with a time of 1:20.486 (2019).

Drivers must be prepared for high fuel consumption, as more than two-thirds of the track is run at full throttle. This also leads to increased wear and tear on tires and brakes.

In addition, weather conditions in Melbourne can make the race particularly challenging and demand a lot from both the drivers and the technical teams.

The Melbourne Grand Prix: a flashback

Since it was first held in 1985, the Australian Grand Prix has had many memorable moments. The years 1994 and 1995 were particularly notable, when Michael Schumacher won two consecutive world titles here.

The Melbourne Grand Prix has an impressive list of winners:

2022Charles Leclerc Ferrari
2021No Grand Prix raceMelbourne GP
2020No Grand Prix raceMelbourne GP
2019Valtteri Bottas MercedesMelbourne GP
2018Sebastian Vettel FerrariMelbourne GP
2017Sebastian Vettel FerrariMelbourne GP
2016Nico Rosberg MercedesMelbourne GP
2015Lewis Hamilton MercedesMelbourne GP
2014Nico Rosberg MercedesMelbourne GP
2013Kimi Räikkönen Lotus RenaultMelbourne GP
2012Jenson Button McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
2011Sebastian Vettel Red Bull RenaultMelbourne GP
2010Jenson Button McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
2009Jenson Button McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
2008Lewis Hamilton McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
2007Kimi Räikkönen FerrariMelbourne GP
2006Fernando Alonso RenaultMelbourne GP
2005Giancarlo Fisichella RenaultMelbourne GP
2004Michael Schumacher FerrariMelbourne GP
2003David Coulthard McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
2002Michael Schumacher FerrariMelbourne GP
2001Michael Schumacher FerrariMelbourne GP
2000Michael Schumacher FerrariMelbourne GP
1999Eddie Irvine FerrariMelbourne GP
1998Mika Häkkinen McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
1997David Coulthard McLaren MercedesMelbourne GP
1996Damon Hill Williams RenaultMelbourne GP
1995Damon Hill Williams RenaultAdelaide GP
1994Nigel Mansell Williams RenaultAdelaide GP
1993Ayrton Senna McLaren FordAdelaide GP
1992Gerhard Berger McLaren HondaAdelaide GP
1991Ayrton Senna McLaren HondaAdelaide GP
1990Nelson Piquet Benetton FordAdelaide GP
1989Thierry Boutsen Williams RenaultAdelaide GP
1988Alain Prost McLaren HondaAdelaide GP
1987Gerhard Berger FerrariAdelaide GP
1986Alain Prost McLaren PorscheAdelaide GP
1985Keke Rosberg Williams HondaAdelaide GP

Melbourne and its attractions

Melbourne is known for its diverse culture, architecture, and numerous attractions. Here is a list of the top attractions in Melbourne:

  1. Federation Square: A lively public square that serves as a venue for cultural events and a meeting place.
  2. Royal Botanic Gardens: A sprawling garden in the heart of the city that houses an impressive collection of plants and trees.
  3. Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG): One of the most famous stadiums in the world, home to many historic sporting events.
  4. National Gallery of Victoria (NGV): Australia's oldest art gallery with an impressive collection of artwork.
  5. Shrine of Remembrance: A war memorial dedicated to Australians who served in the war.
  6. Eureka Tower: A skyscraper that offers breathtaking views of the city. The skydeck floor is particularly famous.
  7. Melbourne Zoo: The zoo houses a variety of animals and offers a great experience for families.
  8. Melbourne Museum: A modern museum that showcases the history, culture and natural sciences of the region.
  9. St. Kilda Beach: A popular beach area with a lively promenade, restaurants and activities.
  10. Melbourne Aquarium: An underwater world with a variety of marine life, including sharks and penguins.
  11. Queen Victoria Market: A vibrant market offering fresh food, clothing and souvenirs.
  12. Great Ocean Road: While a bit outside of Melbourne, a popular day trip for its stunning coastal scenery.
  13. Flinders Street Railway Station: An iconic building and major transportation hub in Melbourne.
  14. Laneways and Arcades: Melbourne is known for its unique and artistic laneways filled with cafes, boutiques and street art.
  15. Phillip Island: Known for its penguin parade and the opportunity to see koalas, seals and other native animals.
  16. Yarra River: The river meanders through the city, offering opportunities for boat rides and picnics along its banks.
  17. State Library Victoria: An impressive library with a rich history and stunning architecture.
  18. Lygon Street: Known as the Italian heart of Melbourne, full of restaurants and cafes.
  19. Chapel Street: A popular shopping and nightlife district with a diverse mix of stores and entertainment options.
  20. Dandenong Ranges: A beautiful national park nearby, offering hiking, picnicking, and the famous Puffing Billy steam train ride.

These places offer a great mix of culture, history, art, food and nature that make Melbourne an exciting destination to visit.

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