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Is TunnelBear Good For Amazon Firestick?

Tunnelbear for Firestick

No. We cannot recommend TunnelBear as a VPN for Amazon Firestick. The reason why boils down to the fact that the provider doesn’t have an official app for the platform. With that being said, there is a way to use it with the streaming device. However, you will need to go through a somewhat complicated setup process.

Here’s what we believe are the major pros and cons of TunnelBear for the Firestick:

  • Bypasses the geoblocks of most websites
  • Decent speed capabilities
  • Very affordably priced
  • Supports cryptocurrency payments
  • No native Amazon Firestick app
  • Supports few VPN protocols
  • Based in a Five Eyes Alliance member state
  • Can’t reliably bypass China’s Great Firewall
Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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Does TunnelBear Work On Firestick?


Yes. TunnelBear does work on the Firestick despite not having an application for the platform. Sadly though, since it’s completely unoptimized for the streaming device, the service provider can’t effectively keep you safe on it.

Does TunnelBear Work On Firestick?

Your Amazon Fire Stick is the ultimate media consumption suite. Using it, you’ll be able to turn any old TV with an HDMI port into a very capable smart television.

Also, through your Fire TV Stick, it’ll be possible to gain open access to all these well-known online streaming platforms:

  1. Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Roku
  5. HBO Max
  6. Hulu

With the help of TunnelBear, you shall get to circumvent the geo-restrictions of all the mentioned streaming websites. Consequently, a literal ocean of new content will be open for you to watch. This is great for cinephiles who are tired of what’s available on their local streaming libraries.

TunnelBear on your Amazon Fire Stick can also keep you safeguarded. While connected to any of its 3000+ servers, you’ll be able to render yourself completely anonymous. Cybercriminals as well as government monitors and ISPs will not be able to find out your real identity and location.

How To Install TunnelBear On Amazon Firestick

The installation process of TunnelBear on Amazon Fire Stick is a bit more complicated than your usual VPN installation for the device. Why? Because the provider does not have an application for the platform. As such, you’ll need to set it up using its Android APK.

Below are all the steps needed to get TunnelBear running on your Fire TV Stick:

1. Avail of a TunnelBear Subscription


First of all, you must avail of a TunnelBear subscription.

The provider has many plans available, including one that’s free. However, it should be noted that TunnelBear’s free tier subscription has a bandwidth limit of just 500 MB per month. Thus, it’s not the best option for anyone who must stay connected to the VPN for prolonged periods.

Here’s a table showing everything you need to know regarding TunnelBear’s rates:

Subscription Lengths - 1 Month (Free 500MB/Month) , 1 Month ($9.99/Month) , 1 Year ($4.99/Month) , 3 Years ($3.33/Month)

Highest Price Per Month - $9.99

Lowest Price Per Month - $3.33

One Year Price - $59.88

Special Offer - Save 67% for a 3-year plan , Save 50% for a 1-year plan

2. Download TunnelBear To Your Firestick

APK Installation

The only way to download TunnelBear on your Amazon Fire TV Stick is to sideload its Android APK. You see, Amazon Fire TV Stick runs on a modified version of Android. Because of that, most of the operating system’s applications work on it without needing any modifications.

Perform these steps to set up TunnelBear on Amazon Fire Stick:

  1. Head over to your Fire Stick’s settings menu and go straight to the Developer Options section. After that, enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  1. Type in “Downloader” on the search bar on your home screen.
  1. Install the Downloader app then open it up.
  1. Navigate to the application’s search bar and paste the URL of TunnelBear’s APK.
  1. Download the service’s APK, run the installer, follow every prompt during installation. By doing the last instruction, you’ll be avoiding any potential installation problems.
  1. Once installed, Avast Secureline VPN’s application should be ready for use.

Head over to your Fire Stick’s settings menu and go straight to the Developer Options section. After that, enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.

Several websites play host to TunnelBear’s Android APK file. However, you should get it from the provider directly by contacting its customer service. That way, you shall avoid accidentally infecting your Amazon Fire TV Stick with malicious software.

3. Install TunnelBear

Even with APK installation, setting up TunnelBear is almost 100% automatic. If anything, you’ll only have to confirm a few prompts that may or may not appear. I’d have to say this is a great thing since everyone shall be able to enjoy the VPN provider on their Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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How To Use TunnelBear On Firestick

Follow these simple steps to make use of TunnelBear on your Fire TV Stick:

1. Open TunnelBear’s Firestick Application

Start by opening TunnelBear’s app on your Fire TV Stick. Don’t be afraid to explore and change the settings. We recommend that you activate the automatic kill switch feature. That’s because it will keep you protected from unwanted accidental exposure.

2. Pick A Server

Tunnelbear global

The next thing to do is pick a server. TunnelBear has more than 3000 servers in 41 countries and territories. As a result, it is guaranteed that you will never run out of places to connect to.

3. Start Browsing Or Streaming

Once you’ve done everything mentioned, there’s nothing left to do but to start streaming content or browsing. Remember to remain connected to TunnelBear at all times. That’s because disconnecting might result in you immediately getting blocked.

TunnelBear Not Connecting On Firestick?

firestick connection invalid

TunnelBear sometimes fails to connect on your Fire Stick. When this happens, there are several things that you can do to alleviate the situation. For starters, you may restart the streaming device. If that doesn’t work, try deleting and then reinstalling TunnelBear’s application.

Is TunnelBear Good For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Nope. Despite being the great VPN that it is, TunnelBear isn’t recommendable for Amazon’s TV Stick. The main reason why is because it doesn’t have an official app for the device. As such, it can’t be used properly on it. On top of that, it cannot provide you with the level of security you’d need.

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