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Is VyprVPN Good For Amazon Firestick?

VypyrVPN for Firestick

VyprVPN isn’t a good VPN to have on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. Its native application for the platform cannot pair with the provider’s VPN servers. When using it, you’ll only be met with no ending lag, which can be very frustrating, to say the least.

I recommend Surfshark instead for your Firestick. It's our #1 recommendation for the device.

We simply can’t recommend VyprVPN to anyone who’s planning to use it together with their Fire TV Stick. It shall only disappoint because it’s completely not capable.

Instead of it, you’re better off with almost any of the provider’s major competitors. If anything, this is rather unfortunate as VyprVPN isn’t all that bad. In fact, it has many a handful of great things going for it.

  • User-friendly applications
  • Works in China
  • Superb connection speeds
  • Decently priced
  • Useless Firestick Application
  • Small server network
  • Allows for few simultaneous connections
Overall Rating: 3.4 / 5.0
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Does VyprVPN Work On Firestick?


Nope. Despite its claims to do so, VyperVPN doesn’t work on Fire TV Stick. 

The service’s native application is completely broken on the platform. To make things worse, sideloading an Android APK of the provider’s application doesn’t help. You still will not be able to utilize it on Fire Stick.

Why Use VyprVPN For Firestick?

Using an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you’ll be able to transform your TV into a modern entertainment hub for your home.

Through it, browsing the webchecking social media, and doing online shopping will all be possible. More importantly, you’ll get to watch from these sites:

  1. Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Roku
  5. HBO Max
  6. Hulu

A VPN such as VyprVPN can theoretically bypass the restrictions of each streaming platform that’s listed above. By connecting to its servers, you’ll get to access otherwise unavailable foreign libraries and watch a plethora of new shows, movies, and documentaries.

Something like VyprVPN can also protect you whenever you use your Fire TV Stick. It achieves this by replacing your IP address with that of its servers. When that’s done, cybercriminals and other types of malicious third parties don’t get to discover your real identity or current location.

VyprVPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick may sometimes improve web connection speeds. How? By freeing you of any bandwidth throttling that’s secretly caused by your internet service provider.

Reports have consistently stated that VyprVPN is capable of bypassing the Great Firewall of China. Thus, those who have it on their Fire TV Sticks can use it to browse the internet with zero restrictions when in the country or anywhere else where the internet is highly censored.

How To Install VyprVPN On Amazon Firestick

There are two ways to install VyprVPN on your Amazon Fire Stick. Don’t worry as both methods are easy to do. Nevertheless, if you ever need help, the customer service representatives of the platform have got your back. When contacted via chat or email, they’re very quick to respond.

Here are the essential steps to installing VyprVPN on Fire TV Stick:

1. Purchase A VyprVPN Subscription

Vyprvpn review screenshot

VyprVPN doesn’t have a free trial period available. Because of that, you’ll have to purchase the provider before getting to use it. Don’t worry because it’s one of the most budget-friendly VPNs out there. Moreover, it has a straightforward 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

The subscription plans of VyprVPN are best-suited for those wishing to commit. Apart from paying by the month, you also have to option to make annual or biennial payments. For the greatest value, I suggest that you buy the 2-year plan as it’ll only cost you $2.50 per month.

Here’s a breakdown of VyprVPN’s pricing schemes:

Subscription Lengths - 1 Month ($12.95/Month) , 1 Year ($3.75/Month) , 2 Years ($2.50/Month)

Highest Price Per Month - $12.95

Lowest Price Per Month - $2.50

One Year Price - $45 (18 Months)

Special Offer - 80% discount for an 2-year subscription / 71% discount for a 1-year subscription

2. Download VyprVPN To Your Firestick

App Store Installation

You can download VyprVPN’s Fire TV Stick application on the device’s app store. Installing from there is our favorite method since it’s easy, quick, and convenient. Moreover, it’s very safe to do. You’ll not be risking your safety unlike with the next method that we shall talk about.

APK Installation

Amazon Fire Stick operates a special version of Android. For that reason, it’s capable of running a lot of Android APKs. You may install the Android APK file of VyprVPN’s application. However, you should note that this method isn’t entirely safe. More importantly, isn’t as easy to do.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to do APK installation:

  1. Go to the Developers Options section on your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s setting menu and enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  1. Search for the Downloader application on the homepage.
  1. Download the app, install it, then see if it works.
  1. Paste or type in the URL of VyprVPN’s Android APK on the search bar of the Downloader app. Get it from

(Many websites provide VyprVPN Android APKs. Avoid getting yours from these sites at all costs. To make sure you’re 100% safe, use the URL that VyprVPN provides on its website.)

  1. Start downloading VyprVPN. Once that’s done, install it onto your Fire Stick. Make sure to follow every prompt that appears.
  1. Open VyprVPN and check if it’s working properly. If there’s anything wrong, repeat the installation process.

3. Install VyprVPN

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Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
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How To Use VyprVPN On Firestick

As stated, the application of VyprVPN on Fire Stick is unusable. That’s because it can’t connect with VPN servers successfully. With that being said, the application can still be opened up, browsed upon, and configured to meet your exact needs as a subscriber to the VPN.

This is how to use VyprVPN on Amazon Fire TV Stick:

1. Open VyprVPN’s Firestick Application

Open up VyprVPN’s application on your Fire Stick. Log in and then look around to learn how to navigate and discover everything it has to offer. You may also alter the default settings and select a better protocol or activate the automatic kill switch security feature.

2. Pick A Server

VyprVPN maintains over 700 servers across the globe. While this might seem awesome, other providers have networks composed of thousands of servers. Due to their size, they’re able to avoid getting overloaded. Furthermore, they can provide more connectivity options. Sadly, VyprVPN can’t do the same because its network is simply too small.

If you’re wondering what VyprVPN to pair with, do yourself a favor and connect to a location that isn’t far away. That way, you’ll be able to maintain good internet speeds.

3. Start Browsing Or Streaming

The only thing left to do after connecting to one of VyprVPN’s servers is to start using the web without limits. Go and visit those websites that you normally couldn’t and watch content found only on otherwise restricted streaming service libraries.

Surfshark Not Connecting On Firestick?

firestick connection invalid

If you somehow manage to connect to one of VyprVPN’s servers, chances are that you’ll get an error message like the one above. That kind of error message appears when the application or website you’re visiting detects that you’re using a VPN and blocks you. Fortunately, there are two ways to continue browsing without any restrictions when this problem comes up.

For starters, you can try accessing the content you want using a different server that’s set up within the same area. If that fails, try reinstalling VyprVPN’s Firestick application.

Is VyprVPN Good For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Nope. Sadly, we can’t say that VyprVPN is a good VPN to have on Amazon Fire Stick. Its app simply can’t connect to servers, making it unusable. Moreover, the provider’s server network needs growth to be able to reliably meet the needs of any VPN user.

We absolutely don’t recommend VyprVPN for use on Fire Stick. If you’re out looking for a VPN for the streaming device, it’s not the one. You’ll be better off with Surfshark, which is our number one pick.

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By: Erwin Caniba
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