How Much Does a VPN Cost in the UK?

How much a vpn cost in UK

For the past years, we have considered setting strong passwords and installing antivirus software as the bare minimum of cybersecurity. But that is not the case today. With the number of threats like hackers, ISPs that constantly monitor networks as well as online habits, and other third-parties, using a VPN or virtual private network is necessary for protecting the privacy of your online practices. There are a lot of reasons behind this, and these reasons are very crucial. However, many of us don’t realize them and still concern about how much does a VPN cost in the UK without thinking that this is one of the investments that they need to deal with.

VPNs can be described as a secure tunnel between your device and your destinations on the internet. As soon as your device, such as a laptop or smartphone, is connected to a VPN server, it is acting as if it is on a similar local connection with the VPN, making it look like you are in a different location. When it comes to those websites, you will be seen as someone who is browsing from the geographical location of the server, and your real location will never be revealed.

Every time you browse the internet using a VPN, every data that you transmit and receive will be encrypted, and this will prevent anyone, such as hackers and government agencies, from getting access to your online activities.

Why would you need a VPN in the UK?

This is one of the most common questions in the UK, and we will give you the tops reasons why you need to choose a reliable VPN from the wide number of VPN providers around the globe. One reason is to gain access to geo-blocked or geo-restricted content and streaming services such as US Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Using a VPN is also very popular and essential if you want to keep your security and privacy from cyber thieves, advertisers, internet providers, and even the snooping UK government. If you want to keep your identity from all these third-parties, you need to conceal your IP address and location with the help of a VPN.

The best value VPN will give you an extra layer of security and privacy, and eavesdroppers will a hard time sneaking into your online activities and other sensitive information. As you use a VPN at home, or anywhere you are, you can free yourself from the worries of online fraud and phishing, especially if you are connected to a public Wi-FI or café shops and hotel lobbies.

Secure Browsing and Privacy with a VPN

If you are worried about your IPS trying to snoop in your location and other sensitive data, or a hack who has been consistently bagging your internet connection, then you badly need a VPN to keep yourself protected from these concerns.

An effective and reliable VPN is using encryption technologies like Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2YP), IP security (IPSec), and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), in creating a virtual encrypted “tunnel” between the device that you are using and a VPN server. As you use a fast VPN server while browsing the internet, your IP address will be concealed, your location will be hidden, and everything that you do online will be kept in private, making it extremely difficult for others to snoop in.

Downloading and Streaming with a VPN

While you are connected to the internet via a VPN service, your connection will be forwarded to the VPN server location that you chose to get connected to, and most of the time, they are from the other side of the world. Whichever server location you prefer to have, your VPN will make it appear like you are not at home, and you are somewhere else. This manipulation of the IP address is not only beneficial for keeping your privacy and security. It will also give you the chance to access various streaming services that are geo-restricted from your actual location.

Since copyright laws and other agreements are currently being discussed, various streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu disabled the broadcast of some of their contents to those locations outside the US. This means that internet users from the UK and other parts of Europe will never have any access to many popular shows and movies.

But if you are using a VPN, and your IP address is being masked while you are connected to a VPN server, you can make it appear like you are browsing from the USA, and you will now have access to any content and material that is only available in a US location. That’sThat’s how helpful VPNs are.

Cost of VPN in the UK

You have two options when using VPNs – you can go for a free VPN or a paid VPN. For the paid options, you can choose to pay a fee in a month to month basis or purchase a longer term of the plan from different VPN service providers. If you want to save more than 50% for your VPN cost, we recommend that you pick a long-term plan, which can range from £1.64 to £6.71 per month for a 1-year plan.

Some VPN providers also offer a 2-year plan or 3-year plan, which increases your savings as well. The cost of your VPN in the UK will depend on the VPN service provider that you choose.


When you are curious about how much does VPN cost in the UK, it is very important that you take some time and carefully research your options. It is very easy to get overwhelmed with all the available VPNs in the market today. However, you can sort out the right VPN service for you as long as you take your time in the process of looking for a reliable and effective VPN.