ExpressVPN Updates for 5 Simultaneous Devices

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ExpressVPN can seamlessly work across your devices – computer, router, tablets, or smartphones. The great news is that ExpressVPN has just changed its multiple-device policy to allow five simultaneous connections per subscription from the previous three devices per subscription.

The previous limit of three connections has caused frustrations with many users who want to connect as many devices as they could. Heeding this clamor from the subscribers, ExpressVPN adopted the new policy that will ensure that subscribers can enjoy the privacy and security they expect while covering as many as five devices.

ExpressVPN has ready-to-use apps that will work on WindowsMac, iOS, Android, and Linux. Subscribers can install ExpressVPN to as many devices they like as there is no limit to installations, but only to five simultaneous connections.

A virtual private network or VPN is a secure tunnel connecting your device and the internet. It is used to protect your online traffic from interference, snooping, and censorship.

ExpressVPN acts as a proxy to allow you to change or mask your location and surf the web anonymously from any location on the planet.

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network service by Express VPN International Ltd., a company based in the British Virgin Islands. The company software is available on the market as a privacy and security tool that masks the user’s IP addresses and encrypts his web traffic.

A VPN can help you in different ways:

ExpressVPN Update Security

Hide Your Location and IP

You can hide your location and IP by using ExpressVPN. There are 3000 VPN server locations across the Americas, Asia, Mideast, Europe, and Africa. The service is available in 94 countries worldwide.

Encryption of Your Communications

There is no more need fearing the use of Wi-Fi hotspots such as in cafes and airports because your passwords, photos, bank data, emails, and other sensitive information are secured and cannot be intercepted.

Watching Your Favorite Content

You can stream all your favorite shows and movies in blazing speed and HD quality on any device. ExpressVPN has optimized its network to allow the highest speeds without you having to worry about your bandwidth limits. You can download anything in a matter of seconds and have video chat without any buffering.

Unblocking Censored Websites

There are times when some websites and services are not allowed in your country. You can easily unblock those sites and services that may be prohibited in your jurisdiction such as Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Gmail, and YouTube. You can also access network that does not allow you to have access or impose a limit on your access such as an office or school network.

Prevent Throttling and Spying

If you constantly worry about government, network administrator, or your ISP snooping on your browsing, you can eliminate them simply by using ExpressVPN that will guard your online activities so that no one can see what sites you visited, what data you read, or restrict you from accessing some traffic such as streaming video.

Finding Deals and Flights ads

Websites will find it difficult to target you with advertisements or charge you with higher rates based on your location because ExpressVPN will mask where you are browsing from.

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