PureVPN Q1 2019 Updates Release Offer Safer Public WiFi Access

Q1 2019 Update - Purevpn

PureVPN is one of the fastest and most secure VPN services available. In various PureVPN reviews, its superior features set it apart from the competition.

It releases regular updates incorporating the latest security features. The widely awaited updates included requests gathered from user feedback. The major new features are listed below.

1. Get Access To The Popular ‘Channel 4’ Thru PureVPN

With the latest update, you can now enjoy access to the most popular and in demand streaming channel in the United Kingdom – Channel 4 — thanks to PureVPN’s Firefox and Chrome extensions. Now, enjoy Channel 4 and a 30 other popular streaming channels on your Android device!

PureVPN Channel 4

2. Straightforward and Secure Wifi Flow

With This Brand New ‘Secure Wifi’ Feature, You Can Rest Assured That Your Privacy Is 100% Secure. You Will Be Connected To PureVPN Automatically Whenever You Attempt To Access An Unsecured Public Wifi Connection. Enjoy A More Straightforward, Easy To Use, And Very Secure Wifi Connectivity.

PureVPN Before and After

3. IP Address Back On Display (Android)

PureVPN values customer’s privacy, which has made them the best Android VPN. Last year, they removed the displayed IP address on the connected screen. However, customers have requested access to this one extremely important information, and so the IP address is back on display again on the Android app’s dashboard.

pvpn before and after

4. Simplified User Login Access

PureVPN now provides an intuitive login screen. The fastest VPN keeps on improving its services to maintain their fast speed.  They have simplified the user login access on the Android app to make logging in and out of the system easier than ever.

PureVPN User

5. IP Address Display On Connected Screens (Windows)

PureVPN is considered as one of the best Window​​s VPN. In an attempt to offer enhanced privacy, the IP address displayed on the Android app was removed. Later on, PureVPN realized how extremely useful these are, and so they have brought it back in the latest update. Anyone will be able to see their IP address after they have connected to PureVPN.

Purevpn windows before
Purevpn Windows After

6. Connecting To Dedicated IP Made Easy

Previously, connecting to the dedicated IP mode can seem problematic, but now they have fixed the issue and simplified the process of connecting to a Dedicated IP. Users will now be able to log into the Windows app, choose the Dedicated IP mode, and it will instantly fetch the hostname.

Purevpn IP Before
PureVPN IP After

7. PureVPN App Now Remembers Dedicated IP Hostnames

For those who often use various hostnames for their Dedicated IP and often have problems remembering each of them, the new update of PureVPN is just perfect. The  new update now remembers the hostnames in the Dedicated IP mode.

It saves the last connected hostnames on the app’s dashboard, so you do not have to recall them every time. All you have to do is choose one from the available saved hostnames found in the app’s drop down menu. It’s that simple!

PureVPN App Hostnames

8. Favorites On Connected Screen

Before the update, the PureVPN app would show a star icon on top of the connecting screen. Whenever the app would connect to a particular location or channel, the star icon appears to the user so they can mark the said screen as a ‘Favorite.’

It is a very straightforward and useful addition for many users out there. Now, everyone can easily mark as favorite a specific location or channel on the same connected screen. You do not have to worry about finding your favorites or search for hours in vain, PureVPN made it all easy and accessible for you!

PureVPN onscreen Before
PureVPN onscreen After
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