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PureVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

PureVPN is what many experts consider to be one of the most underrated VPNs.

The reason why is because, despite its exceptional security, torrenting, and unblocking capabilities, it isn’t held in as high regard as similar VPNs like Surfshark or NordVPN.

The biggest PureVPN discount promos of the year occur from November 25 to 28. In this guide, I'll tell you everything there is to know about the subject. That way, you’ll know how to get the service at its lowest possible price, and therefore, save the most amount of money possible.

Best PureVPN Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals

You’ve got two options when it comes to getting a PureVPN at a discounted price during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. Let’s talk about each one of these deals below:

Deal #1 PureVPN 1-Year Deal 74% Discount

The first deal that’s available is a 1-year PureVPN subscription at a 74% discount. If you take on this promo, you’ll be paying $3.32 per month and a total of $35.88.

Normally, for the same subscription, those paying by the month will need to shell out a total of $131.04 per year. How come? Because PureVPN charges $10.95 for a monthly subscription.

Deal Price
Regular Price
Money-Back Guarantee
1-Month Price

Every transaction with PureVPN entitles you to a 31-day money-back guarantee. Consequently, getting a refund if ever you’re unsatisfied with PureVPN after your purchase is a piece of cake.

Deal #2 PureVPN 2-Year Deal 82% Discount

PureVPN’s second and most significant deal entitles you to a 2-year plan with an 82% discount, which equates to $2.04 per month and a total of $47.76. Without this discount promo, you’ll need to pay a rather exorbitant $262.04 for 24 months to get the same experience.

Deal Price
Regular Price
Money-Back Guarantee
1-Month Price

Remember that all PureVPN subscriptions are backed by a 31-day refund policy. Hence, if you ever find that $47.76 unsatisfactory, then you may always ask for your money back.

Quick PureVPN Overview

PureVPN Review Screenshot

PureVPN is uniquely based in Hong Kong, which is a special territory of China that’s not subject to widespread internet censorship like the rest of the country. In addition, Hong kong doesn’t fall under the jurisdiction of any leading world surveillance alliance.

As such, any VPN that operates from the special territory doesn’t need to follow any restrictive copyright and privacy laws. Laws that would potentially hinder a provider’s capacity to operate.

The zero-logging policy of PureVPN is solid. However, its 6500 servers aren’t RAM-based like those of its closest competitors. Be that as it may, I believe that PureVPN is still a safe bet, especially given that it has got no record of ever compromising private user information.

Much like the rest of the key players in the VPN industry, PureVPN makes use of AES-256 tech to encrypt your data. Together with that, it supports protocols like WireGuard and OpenVPN.

PureVPN has optimized P2P-enabled servers that you can use for torrenting. For the most part, the provider’s speed capabilities are good. That means you’ll get to download quickly, play online games smoothly, browse the web seamlessly, and stream without interruptions.

Speaking of which, PureVPN has excellent unblocking capabilities. With its help, you may gain access to the foreign libraries of most streaming platforms without difficulty. Moreover, the VPN can get around China’s Great Firewall.

The apps and browser extensions of PureVPN are crafted in such a way that almost any kind of user will appreciate them. They’re all very user-friendly thanks to their simple interfaces. On top of that, they’ve got a plethora of features that allow you to increase your levels of online security.

I should also mention that PureVPN supports a maximum of 10 simultaneous connections. That means that with one subscription, you’ll be able to secure all your internet devices.

One final thing to note is that PureVPN has superb customer service. It has representatives that are on-call 24 hours a day. These representatives are cordial and concise when they deliver answers to your questions. You may get in touch with them using either email or chat.

How To Claim PureVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

For you to avail of PureVPN’s biggest deals of the year, go to the homepage of its website. After you have gotten there, an advertisement showcasing the two promos that we talked about should be present. Simply pick the deal you want then purchase the service provider.

Keep in mind that PureVPN releases discount promos several times a year. Of course, all these promos are inferior to the provider’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. Needless to say, they’re still recommendable if you’re in a rush to get yourself the utmost levels of security.

When Does PureVPN Deals End?

PureVPN’s special biggest deals of the year don’t necessarily end after Cyber Monday. The provider gives you a few additional days to take advantage of its biggest yearly promos.

Which VPN Plan Should I Choose?

The 1-year 73% off deal of PureVPN is a good choice for those that don’t want to dedicate as much time to the service provider. However, if you aim to safeguard your digital life for the foreseeable future, then I recommend the 82% off for a 2-year subscription plan deal.

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