The Most Secure Messaging Apps

Best Most Secure Messaging Apps

Secure messaging apps are a must now since we live in the world’s digital age where information travels around the globe in just a split of a second. This may sound a bit of good news, but what if this shared information includes the private ones, like the private message you just sent to your brother earlier, or the report you just sent to your boss’s email address or the resume that you passed online to apply for work?

It’s actually pretty much not just a “what if” because this awful thing really does happen on the internet these days. With the birth of high-speed computers, wireless devices, and other technologies that produce communication, companies can take full control and exploit of all your personal information.

In 2015, the report about NSA collecting nearly 200 million text messages every day got everyone realizing that our privacy on the internet and probably even off is indeed being invaded. Fortunately, there are genius messaging applications that keep all information intact and secure privacy throughout the end of every encryption.

You might have been wondering how we know these messaging apps are really safe to use? Well, we’ve tested them out for you. We explored several different messaging apps and confirmed just how secure they are as they claim to be. Before showing you these top 7 messaging apps, however, let us first discuss why you really need secure messaging apps.

Why do you need secure messaging apps?

According to the test conducted by EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), nearly all of the messaging apps we use like Facebook Messenger, Kik Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, BBM, Hangout, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, and Snapchat, have failed to keep in line with most of the messaging security standards.

This study basically suggests that these messaging apps may be used by companies to collect personal information of each user with our private conversations and use it for advertising and marketing advantage purposes. These apps may do great in giving communication services, but the assumption, if not the fact, that they crave and actually take hold of our private messages is, for certain, a kind of an invasion of privacy.

Not only the commoners, but also different companies of different industries are not exempted from this internet phenomenon, and so they also have some reasons to really include secure messaging apps on their necessities. Legal and Advisory firms treat their clients as genuine gold that holds the success of their business. Everyone can see why they cannot afford to lose their clients just because of some client info leak out.

Health Care holds all the records of their patients. Having patient information leaked out would be a great danger. Finance, Banking, and Insurance industries are on top of the list of industries that badly need secure messaging apps. Since they hold very sensitive information of wealth and properties, more and more cybercriminals will come after.

Perhaps you’ve already found one or two reasons why you really need secure messaging apps. Now, you’re ready to check out the top 7 messaging apps we especially prepared for you and your info safety and privacy.

1. Threema Secure Messaging

Threema Secure

There are a bunch of messaging apps today that proudly and painfully, falsely claim to be the best in the market. Threema is certainly not one of them. This secure messaging app is one of the best. In fact, it is one of the most popular messaging apps today, and it certainly deserves to be.

Threema does what it claims to. It keeps private data away from just about everybody – may it be the government, organizations, or any other cybercriminal. Threema uses end-to-end encryption on private messages, group chats, shared media, and even public statuses. End-to-end encryption means there’s nothing in between a conversation. The encryption and decryption cryptographic keys are exclusively stored on the endpoints so there will be no in-between interference in conversations.


When using Threema, private information remains intact. It deletes messages on the servers as soon as they are delivered. Other details like personal and group contacts are stored on the local storage. To sum everything up, Threema is a messaging app that is designed to keep your precious private information away from the wrong hands.

In Threema, you don’t use any email ID or phone number. Threema provides a unique Threema ID for you so you won’t have to input any private information upon logging in. Another good thing about Threema is that it can send several different file types like doc, pdf, zip, gif, mp3, voice messages, and of course, SMS. On top of that, Threema has a transparent privacy policy, which is a very important feature every messaging must have.

2. Signal Private Messenger

Signal Desktop

Just like Threema, Signal very much deserves all the attention it gets. Signal’s goal is to give users worry-free conversations with their loved ones, but it seems like it is no longer a mere goal. It has now become an accomplished mission. Yip, over the years of its existence in the market, Signal has satisfied its users with its secure messaging features.

Unlike Threema, Signal uses a phone number. That’s not a problem at all. Signal uses end-to-end encryption in your conversations. The servers don’t save chat history and online activities. It uses cryptographic protocols to keep messages safe. Signal claims zero percent stored data. All those mentioned features appear to be the proof.


Signal isn’t just all about giving users privacy protection. It also makes sure you’re having a pretty good time navigating through the platform. Of course, as a messaging app, it can send texts and make voice calls, but it can do more than just that. From comprehensive group chats to highly-encrypted archive functionality, Signal sure has a lot to brag about for a free app.

3. Telegram Messaging


Who would even dare to forget Telegram, the biggest competitor of the popular WhatsApp. Just like any other messaging apps on this list, Telegram is also geared up with end-to-end encryption, but there’s one different thing about it – the Secret Chats. This self-destructing content feature is pretty much what brings Telegram to this list of top genius secure messaging apps.

Telegram Messenger Screenshot

Telegram works on many different platforms – mobile versions, web versions, and more. Aside from being secure, Telegram is also very fast and reliable. It is packed with comprehensive features such as broadcasts, group chats, cloud syncing, file sharing and media sharing. Plus, it’s got no size limitations. Telegram has no subscription fees. It’s free.

4. Wickr

Wickr App

Wickr likes to call itself as the “Top Secret Messenger”. Although it might not be all of a secret (as everyone can clearly use it), but it, at least, actually belongs to the top. Wickr is another messaging app that considers its users’ secure messaging experience as its priority. And one can clearly tell that just by checking out on the list of its features.

Wickr uses end-to-end encryption of plaintexts, pictures, videos, voice messages and other content on chat. Wickr also makes use of “Shredder”, which permanently deletes chat content from a device after use. Another Wickr feature that guarantees absolute security is the anonymity of Wickr ID.

This secures that a user will not have to input personal metadata information for privacy safety and privacy invasion prevention. Wickr also allows users to set the specified expiration time of messaging content. After the set date, the content will automatically be deleted. While Wickr gives you a platform for messaging, it claims not to read, collect, or own any personal messaging content displayed on Wickr.

Wickr phone

Wickr also has a lot to say about features other than just secure messaging. Wickr can, not only, send texts, images, audios, and videos, but can also create groups (although there is a little limit of ten contacts per group). It is designed to make the users’ messaging experience much cooler with graffiti, stickers, and photo filters.

5. Surespot


Surespot may not offer the best platform, but it sure offers the safest. Surespot Encrypted Messenger’s privacy and security features are just solid. Every message content is end-to-end encrypted and is designed with symmetric key encryption. In Surespot, you have full control of just about everything on the app.

Surespot Screenshot

Surespot allows its users to have multiple identities and different contacts for anonymity purposes. It keeps your identity anonymous as it promises absolute privacy security. Surespot may not be rich in graphical features, but it’s got all you need to secure your privacy and identity. It’s free, but it’s open for in-app purchases in case you want to available more messaging features.

6. ChatSecure


ChatSecure is another messaging app that really does secure your chat. It is designed with various security and privacy measures for its users. It features more of OTR (Off the Record) encryption than XMP (Extensive Messaging and Presence) Protocol. ChatSecure uses source code and cryptographic libraries for better security. It is armed with SQLCipher that encrypts conversation logs on the storage.

In ChatSecure, users are given a number of choices on ways of logging in. You can use Google or Facebook accounts in logging in, or you can create a new public account on XMPP servers, or you can use your own server to secure your account information.

Chatsecure Iphone

ChatSecure can really sound very complicated, but you’ll get a hang of it before long. The truth is, ChatSecure is just doing everything to make sure of the security of its users’ privacy. After all, that’s what it’s supposed to do like what its name suggests. Moreover, ChatSecure is available on iTunes and Google Play Store for free.

7. Cyber Dust


Cyber Dust is the coolest and probably the most distinct messaging app on this list because of its rather peculiar yet cute messaging concept. In Cyber Dust, messages are called Dust, while broadcast messages are called Blast.

All Dusts and Blasts are securely encrypted. Cyber Dust messages are encrypted in their unique 128-bit AES encryption with RSA 2048-bit security key. Like every messaging app on this list, Cyber Dust disables screenshots.

Dusts and Blasts are never stored in the storage. Sent messages disappear within 100 seconds. Unopened messages remain until 24 hours.

cyberdust preview

Moreover, Cyber Dust is not only a messaging app but also a social media platform. Users can follow and earn followers. They can also create and join groups of Cyber Dust users with similar interests. Cyber Dust also brings current news and updates about the life of your favorite celebrities.

Choose one and give it a try!

Is there at least one messaging app that somehow tickled your curiosity? Stop wondering. Explore! After all, there is no harm in trying. Choose one messaging app, install, and see for yourself. Better yet, try them all! By then, you’ll know just which is the best for you.