Last Update: October 18, 2021

Best Kodi Alternatives to Use In 2021

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Kodi is a wonderful media streaming tool that offers its users a variety of helpful features, addons, and builds. As far as media streaming is concerned, there are few media Kodi alternatives that are as versatile as Kodi.

The app allows you to organize and manage your media catalog beautifully. It also gives you the unique ability to stream almost anything on the internet using its numerous third-party addons.

While Kodi is popular and has high functionality, the media software can be complex to understand, especially if you are using the application for the first time. Kodi also has a lot of addons. Many have stopped working at the moment because copyright holders and internet service providers believe that a lot of these third-party addons breach copyright laws.

Kodi itself does not break any law, and the availability of these addons on the platform puts it in the spotlight. However, due to mounting pressure from many copyright holders, the platform had to deactivate many third-party addons. The deactivation led to frustration and it is one of the reasons many people are looking for better options today.

Thankfully, Kodi is not the only media streaming platform on the internet. Several other platforms can compete as Kodi alternatives. These platforms have a friendlier user interface and allow you to use some of the addons that are presently inactive on Kodi.

In this article, we will show you three great platforms that you can use as alternatives to the Kodi App.

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Top Kodi Alternatives in 2021

The following are some of the best alternatives to Kodi. However, before we go any further, there is something you must know. Kodi and all the other alternatives listed here are not illegal applications. They are online media players.

However, some third-party addons on these platforms might be illegal because they share copyright content. Depending on the country where you are, these addons can be a very serious issue. Specifically, if you are a resident of the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, you might want to be careful with using third-party addons on these applications.

That said, the following are some of the best alternatives to Kodi in 2021.


Stremio is one of the few media platforms that have a lot of things in common with Kodi which makes it a good replacement for Kodi. Not only that, it is one of the few platforms on the internet that gives you an experience similar to what you get on high-end streaming platforms like HBO Go, Roku, and Netflix.

If you are a fan of high-quality videos, this is probably the platform for you. You will enjoy the fact that the platform ensures that it has content that you can view in HD. So, if you are looking for videos with 720 P or more, this is the platform to use.

Like Kodi, Stremio supports video streaming (official and unofficial) and utility addons. The main difference however is that you cannot install addons locally on Stremio like you would on Kodi. You have to install the addons online and have them linked to your Stremio account.

That means, if you use Stremio on different devices, you won't have to install addons on all of them. Once you have installed the addons on a device, they will be available across all your different devices. This is perhaps one of the reasons some people feel Stremio might be easier to use compared with Kodi.

Stremio's media center has a great recommendation system like Netflix. As you watch movies on the platform, the system tries to learn about your preferences so it can improve the suggestions that you get.

That way, you can always find the right streaming content that will appeal to your taste without any hassle. More so, you can group all of your favorite content into categories. That way, it is easier to find the shows and movies that you love so much.

One other thing about Stremio is that it comes with subtitle support. This feature not only makes it stand out amongst other streaming platforms, but it also enhances the experience for you.

To cap it all, the app has a notification system that sends you alerts when there are new programs for you on the platform.

The only issue you might have with Stremio is that it is not as versatile as Kodi. The number of addons on Stremio is only a handful compared to the numerous Kodi addon types available. More so, you cannot customize the interface that you have on Stremio.


Kokotime is probably the least popular Kodi replacement on the list. That is because it is a new platform. Even though the platform is new, it offers just as much functionality as the other platforms and will do well as an excellent alternative to Kodi.

Kokotime acts as an excellent home entertainment center as well as a media organizer. To make things interesting, the app has an artwork section where you can customize your display. More so, Kokotime helps you load the corresponding subtitles for your streaming content as you watch on the platform. There is also a place where you can check for reviews and ratings so you can know ahead if you should watch something or not.

Kokotime works with third-party addons. Even though the platform is still new, you will find a lot of community addons you can use to watch Live Tv, Tv shows, movies, and other related media content online.

The good part is, there is an addon store on the platform where you can download all the addons.

A little problem that you might have with Kokotime is that it is only available on Android devices at the moment. But then, we can expect this to change soon because the app is relatively new and it is still under active development.

That also means you can always expect the developers to add new features as their users will request.

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Popcorn tv

This is one of the best alternatives to Kodi that one can get out there. Like Kodi, Popcorn Time is a third-party streaming platform where you can watch free movies and Tv shows. It is an open-source media center that comes with a friendly user interface and beautiful design.

At the initial stage, Popcorn Time was only available on Android devices and Android TV. Today, however, Popcorn Time is available on Windows, Mac, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and iOS. It comes in free and paid versions that are all easy to use.

The free version of Popcorn time gives you access to basic features like you will get on streaming services Kodi and Netflix. However, when you pay, you get access to more exciting features on the platform.

You should however note that Popcorn time does not own any of its content. Instead, it works as a content aggregator allowing you to organize your content for easy access. You will have to be careful while streaming on the platform. A good idea might be to download a VPN so your ISP will not be able to monitor your activity.

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Factors to Consider when Choosing a Kodi Alternative

If you must find the right Kodi alternative that suits your needs, you need to do things the right way. That is, you need to set your priorities right and consider your needs. While at it, you can now create a list of important factors like the following:


This is a huge factor that you must consider before picking a Kodi alternative. While Kodi is compatible with all devices, most of its alternatives are android based only. That means, except you get a compatible android device, such an alternative remains useless. Therefore you must consider the compatibility before anything else.

Organization and Playback

One of the reasons why Kodi is popular today is because it can import files and save them in a media library. Following that same line, your ideal alternative for Kodi should be a streaming app that supports all media types and allows you to sort and filter them.

Online Services Integration

Most Kodi alternatives are limited in this capacity. Some of them do not have the extensive depth library of official and non-official addons that you have on Kodi. But then, the good ones allow you to integrate with third-party services and use cloud sync. That way, you can import cloud libraries and do more amazing things.

Extra Features

This part is personal and it concerns those features that you find interesting in Kodi. The truth is, there is no app out there that can give you all that Kodi will give you. However, some of them can meet certain needs that you might have.

For instance, the most important extra feature for you might be finding HD videos. It means your priority will be to look for top alternatives that can offer you HD videos. If you have kids, you might be looking for TV apps that have parental control options.


Finding a streaming platform that beats Kodi is going to be a difficult challenge. The app is extremely versatile with content and offers several options for customization. However, some of the Kodi alternatives above should offer you most of the great features of Kodi. To even get a better experience, you can use some of them alongside Kodi.