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Free Sports Streaming Websites to Use in 2021

using kodi without vpn

Some netizens have confused all free torrent clients' use with crime and copyright issues. Understandably, they have the right to think so because some of the content torrent clients use has somehow infringed on copyright laws.

However, connecting the rise in torrent websites or torrent client use to a straight law violation is incorrect. The rise of free torrent clients usage is not for anything suspicious or criminal but because of the inability to access specific files. These files are significant.

Downloading huge files is the specialty of the best of free torrent clients. These files can be a video, software, or anything at all.

When a file or document, especially the newly released ones, is uploaded on a host server. Several things can be the cause of slowing down the download speed, some of which are the size of the file or the people accessing the site simultaneously.

What free torrent clients do is that they give their users access to that same file on another server. It means the file can be downloaded on the torrent downloader faster than any host server. You can download piece by piece from different servers or people joining them all together.

Every free torrent client, no matter how good, has different strengths and features. We have helped you with understanding these features. InThisost will help you explore every inch of the best free clients property, from the most basic to the most advanced features.

Top Free Torrent Client of 2021

After considering every major customers' preference, ranging from frequency of ads, safety, number of file extensions, user interface, ease of download, plugins, and so on, we believe this post will surely interest you. You can dive with us as we explore the best performing torrent client of 2021.


Since BitTorrent was introduced in 2005, uTorrent has hit the mark. It is arguably the most used BitTorrent client in 2021, with about 150 million recorded users around the globe and 42 million visitors monthly.

Some of these users are in China. They know this torrent client as Xunlei. As a torrent introduced by BitTorrent, its user interface looks very similar to BitTorrent and shouldn't be strange to BitTorrent users.

Its reputation took a dip in 2015 when a cryptocurrency miner was associated with the app. The company has bounced back and provided some mouth-dripping features that you can take a look at below.

  • The app is compatible with Android, macOS, and Windows.
  • It supports peer-to-peer exchange with other torrent clients. Hence, it is a p2p client.
  • IPV6 and tunneling support are available.
  • The free torrent clients have magnetic links.
  • uTorrent has exclusive full proxy server support.
  • It also supports the HTTPS tracker.
  • Users have the choice to schedule their bandwidth usage as well as limits.
  • The open-source torrent client is available in 67 languages for a better user interface.
  • It is also a search bar that can be customized depending on the user's level of visibility.
  • It is a lightweight app that uses as little as 14 MB of the RAM processor. Therefore, users need not worry about memory clogging up.
  • It has encryption that can bypass torrent blocking that is set up by most websites.
  • Transfers resume quickly as soon as it is interrupted.
  • There is a WebUI plugin that allows users of uTorrent to control the application on one computer from another.
  • Ads are present, but they are so tiny that they can't be noticed.
  • It works well with a good VPN.

Generally, uTorrent is a good VPN, and it is sometimes used as an alternative to BitTorrent or vice versa because the user interface is technically alike. The same team also manages maintenance, repair, and monitoring.

However, it is advisable to check every detail of the application before installation. Recent app updates have come up with annoying advertisements and bundled software. Therefore, check out the software you don't want along with the app on installation and install an ad blocker to keep you safe.

Torrent clients are also not entirely safe without the use of a good VPN. They are laced with malware, trackers, dangerous viruses, and hackers bait links.

It is advisable to use every torrent client together with an outstanding VPN.

Let's quickly add that the various free uTorrent features highlighted and noted are slightly different from the paid or pro plan.


The app, which is about a year younger than uTorrent, is an open-source torrent client which is also free to use. When a torrent is open-source, it is transparent with every coding and building protocol.

qBittorrent has an excellent torrent but simplified user interface. It is neither complex nor straightforward. It can serve almost every user without draining your resources. Therefore, its user interface is reasonably average.

The application is quickly listed as a top-performance Torrent Client with frequent updates, no ad, malware, and easily customizable features.
There are other features highlighted below that show that this is a torrent to beat.

  • Torrent queuing, torrent content selection, and torrent client prioritizing are some of the many unique features of the torrent.
  • A bandwidth scheduler is also available to put a specific limit on Bandwidth usage.
  • Encrypted connections and Magnetic links are present in qBittorrent.
  • IP filtering and private torrents are available to protect the privacy of users.
  • It supports IPv6 or Ipv4: cannot use both at the same time.
  • qTorrent can download in sequence and order.
  • Remote usage through a secure user interface.
  • It is available in over 70 languages.
  • Annoying advertisements and promotions are absent.
  • The user interface is okay, and it is easily customizable.
  • It contains a UI lock that refuses other access to your torrents except they have the combinations.
  • Unlike most torrents, there is no bundled software.
  • File types and extensions are limited.
  • Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux only
  • RSS feed support

qBittorrent is a reliable client that has no history of malware or adware. The torrent excels when it comes to customizing experiences. Users can customize every angle of their torrents, especially the searching option, where a simultaneous search for multiple files can be done.


Have you heard of the saying 'Old is Gold'? Here comes the oldest and historically most reliable torrent client in the world. Earlier, we have established how alike uTorrent looks when compared with the app. Many of the features are also similar.

Most developers call it the mainline because it serves as a template that most torrents clients follow. Since version 6.0 has been released, it has been more of a modified version of uTorrent.

The software is no longer open-source, and it is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. The features are identical to that of the uTorrent. Searching or downloading torrent files is done and maximized using the browser, saving memory space and slow download.

The client can currently run parallel downloads and enables users to do multiple things in the background while the download is ongoing. Also, an automatic recovery system is present. It recovers automatically when a download is improperly canceled.

IP filtering is added for maximum security. However, just like uTorrent, it contains ads and bundled software. You can upgrade to the paid plan to avoid ads or bundled software.

When it comes to the application's features, it is only reasonable to highlight the ones listed for uTorrent and vice versa.


The specialty of this client is its ability to provide a P2P sharing repository. It offers one of the best services in file sharing and searches discovery.

Bitlord was produced in 2004 by using deluge's interface and programming as a template. Many updates have made it different in use and service provision to deluge, though.

A download organizer option is available to help you arrange your downloads in the order of priority. The download progress is also easily monitored in the lower part of your taskbar or screen. You don't need to click on icons before you know what is going on with your downloads.

Users can make torrents at any time. The client is password protected to help users sieve out prying torrent users properly.

Bitlord is a friendly application for beginners and pros on the torrent client because anyone can operate the application simply on intuition. It comes with a built-in search engine, automatic subtitles that runs together with the video while streaming.

Although it is an easy-to-use software, it has some history of adware, malware, and even browser hijacking apps. The types that automatically replace your default search engines or browsers with one of their own.

It has evolved into bundled software, where third-party software is downloaded along with the client.

The application also runs an inbuilt version of VLC that allows you to stream video online. Some ads pop up occasionally on the free-to-use software.


Vuze is a BitTorrent client descended from Azureus. It is used to transfer files, especially high-definition DVDs and videos, through the BitTorrent protocol.

Vuze is unique as it is the only torrent client that makes video files available on clearnet and I2P. If a torrent file is available on clearnet, Vuze users will access it on I2P and vice versa.

The I2P is not necessarily different from the p2p sharing activity, nor does it discourage its use. However, it encourages it because eventually, users need to share the files that are made available.

The torrent has a clean, clear, and easy-to-use interface. Therefore, users do not have to worry about navigating through the website as it is easy to surf through.

Vuze has a potent search engine where you only need to enter specific phrases associated with the title of the torrent files. All results are brought out without breaking a sweat. This feature is not common in all the clients, which has made the 'toad- icon' software unique.

User proficiency is divided into tiers, and most Vuze users fall into the intermediate and advanced sections. Selecting a tier will have a lot of influence on the functionality and performance of the torrent client.

Most of its extra features come as plugins and are not built-in. However, there are some basic enjoyable features you can enjoy.

  • One of such is the bandwidth scheduler that enables the user to put the right amount of control on bandwidth usage.
  • Magnetic links are present.
  • Media playback and excellent streaming service
  • IP filtering is also present.

On the other hand, some features are present in the Vuze torrent software that most torrent clients or internet users generally see as annoying such as online advertisements. The advertisements are considerably many and can slow down your system or device using an older version.

A feeling of complete ownership is one of many things deluge torrent clients can offer. It is arguably the most customizable torrent client in 2021.

Deluge is an open-source, accessible, and cross-platform enabled BitTorrent client. Users can use it independently or remotely access the application via a website.

It comes with some features, which are highlighted below.

  • It supports several plugins that need to be downloaded eventually.
  • No advertisement or bundled software
  • The interface is complex, and learning how to use it is a little tricky.
  • Since it uses little memory space in the processing unit of most devices, it is compatible with old devices.
  • It has several plugins that leave the torrent clients at the mercy of the users for easy customizing.
  • It has bandwidth adjustment and scheduling that enables users to monitor their bandwidth usage properly.
  • IP filtering and blocking for the safest and secure experience
  • Deluge also has an end to end encryption that guarantees security.
  • Peer to peer sharing
  • No ads or bundled software

Apart from the complex user interface that makes it difficult for users to get used to the app, downloading the extra plugins may be a hassle in the long run. Searching, selecting, downloading, and updating each plugin takes time, almost the same as getting a torrent file itself.

How to Choose the Best Torrent Clients

If you intend to choose any torrent client, many things may be of priority to you for consideration. Check below some things to consider before choosing a torrent client.

Choose a Simple Client

The complex user interface looks fantastic and bulked up until the users get stuck in a section of the application.

Apart from not quickly learning the ropes of the application by intuition, when a client is complex, it makes the device processor get used up and slows the device.

If you are a fast learner and your device is top-notch, you can choose a complex client. Otherwise, a simple torrent client is the best.

Efficient but Lightweight

An essential feature of an excellent torrent downloader is that they are easy to install and do not use up the device processor space.

You can only enjoy a torrent client if it can run in the background without gobbling up the device's performance.

Therefore, what you should look out for is how far a client can go without diminishing efficiency.

Please Pay Attention to Useful Features

Before downloading or installing any torrent clients, make sure you go through what they have to offer you.

It is unwise for someone who hates ads or bundled software to go for an application that offers such. On the other hand, some torrent clients have a bandwidth adjuster, download organizer, etc. that helps your experience in the torrent clients.

Getting to know these features can be of significant help to its users.

Easy to customize

Most torrent client users need to have a feeling of being in control which easy customizing can provide. Removing and adding features that you think are very useful to you through third-party extensions and plugins gives you a personalized view of your torrent clients.


You should pay attention to the device and the operating system you have on them. Check how compatible the torrents clients in question are with the device.

Some torrent clients are optimized for Android, Windows, and iOS, while others are not.

Some torrent clients give you the freedom to choose between a desktop or application version of a torrent client or a web client. You have to look out for what works best for you.

Best Torrent Program to Use with VPN

Listing the best torrent programs or clients is only half a job done. It is better and safer to let you know that it is dangerous for you and any person to use torrent clients without a good VPN.

Without this software, your IP address is open to the world of hackers, virus peddlers, and criminals who can extract information about your location and use it illegally. Therefore, it is advisable to use torrents and VPNs to give the most secure experience while torrenting.

A good VPN properly masks your IP address and provides a fake one to the ISP and anyone monitoring it. They are good options in defending you against both adware and malware that can infiltrate your device.

Utorrent Logo

We recommend ExpressVpn or NordVPN, depending on affordability and personal preference. They give lovely services that can hardly be rivaled when talking about speed, privacy, and protection of p2p sharing.

The above torrents, in no particular order, form good pairs with VPNs. Deluge, uTorrent, qTorrent, and BitTorrent are beautiful examples of torrents compatible with the best VPNs.

What Torrent Client to Use with iPhone

Torrenting is highly restricted on iOS devices, and it has been backed up by copyright laws, terms, and conditions that have made it near impossible to do.

Therefore, many people resort to extreme means of jailbreaking their iPhones or iOS devices to enable certain features like torrenting, which generally they can't access.

Torrent application is inaccessible on iTunes or any official website that's related to the apple fruit franchise. What people do is to get an app on iTunes that allows access to torrenting. Users can now use torrents as an app within an app.

Applications like documents by readdle, iDownloader, or iTransmission can serve this purpose. On these apps, don't mistake directly downloading the links.

You can copy the magnetic links of the torrents after opening the torrent sites. Then visit, where you paste the links and then download.

The Best Free Torrent Software Download Sites

Downloading large software files cannot be compared to videos or movies. It is much more complicated.

Most prominent software is inaccessible on their regular sites, and when anyone wants to get from other sites, they come with bugs and viruses.

On any safe torrent client sites, as listed earlier in this article, you can download your software safely:

On this website, you can download movies and software safely. The problem with the site is that it does not have a friendly user interface and has a lot of ads which can be very annoying.


It is another torrent site where you can download software safely and conveniently. It has a friendly user interface, and it is intuitive in use.

However, it works only for the Windows system. Even though the interface is friendly, the lack of excellent graphics makes it a little dull.

It has amassed quite a reputation in the torrenting world as another site with various videos, files, and software catalogs.

In cases where specific files are absent, they share magnetic links to other torrenting sites where you can download them. However, downloading is a bit slower than average on this site.

Pirate Bay

It is an established torrent site that has a long history of consistency. There are a lot of files present on the site.

However, it would be best if you were careful which link you use. There may be malicious intent in any link.

Regardless of the recommendation of any torrenting sites, make sure you use a VPN, install strong antivirus, and set up a good firewall. You can never be too careful when torrenting.

Which Free Torrent Client is the Best?

Which Free Torrent Client is the Best?

There are some excellent torrent clients listed in this article. If we were to choose, however, we would choose uTorrent.

uTorrent has proven to be a reliable improvement of another reliable torrent.

There may be a history of doubts and inconsistency. However, their results in the past years cannot be hidden.

Are free sports streaming sites legal?

Free sport streaming sites are legal if the host site has secured permission from the broadcaster or the sports company before streaming. Otherwise, it is illegal.

In the USA, a consolidated appropriation act of 2021 was passed into law in December 2020. The law protects lawful streaming and tightens the noose on illegal ones, especially on a large scale.

It is even considered an act of misdemeanor. Hence, a felony charge can be set against the provider of such sites.

Is qTorrent better than uTorrent?

There are a lot of features that need to be appropriately studied before a winner can be drawn out.

  • Ads: uTorrent has many ads that occasionally pop up while qTorrent does not. uTorrent users need to upgrade first before ads can be stopped.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use of both torrent clients is basically on the same level.
  • Free: qTorrent is entirely free, while uTorrent's free mode has limited features unless it is upgraded.
  • Plugin support: Plugins are not available on uTorrent.
  • Cross-platform: For qTorrent, it is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux except for android. While on uTorrent, it's available on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android inclusive.

From this comparison, we can easily declare qTorrent the better torrent. However, this doesn't mean uTorrent is bad outrightly. On a personal level, I prefer uTorrent to qTorrent.


There is a need to emphasize the need for a VPN when using free torrent clients. The legal issues of torrenting can be safely avoided if you steer clear of pirated files.

But what about the criminal minds who intend to steal your information because you clicked a link? A good VPN is crucial when torrenting.

By: Michael Miller
Michael is the CEO of VPN Online, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the cyber-security space. VPN Online was started in 2019 after Michael consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and saw the lack of understanding about cybersecurity many of their employees had.