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Is CyberGhost Good and Safe for P2P Torrenting?

Cyberghost for torrenting

Yes. CyberGhost is very popular for torrenting. It is safe to utilize and has the largest network of any VPN. With that said, the size of the service’s network isn’t the only thing that makes it great for torrenting. 

These are what I think are the up and downsides of CyberGhost when used with torrents:

  • Has many P2P servers
  • Many unique features
  • User-friendly applications
  • Massive server network
  • Most security features are platform-specific
  • Doesn’t work in China

Does CyberGhost Allow P2P Torrenting?

Yes. CyberGhost allows for torrenting activity on its network. It has an extensive collection of P2P servers that facilitate safe downloading. Moreover, it lists these servers on its desktop applications for convenience’s sake. 

If anything, the VPN service only discourages the use of its network to download copyrighted or prohibited content. Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise because the same can be said for every one of its closest competitors.

How to Use CyberGhost for Torrenting

1. Install CyberGhost


Before installing CyberGhost, you shall l need to create a user account then buy it. Following that, you must download its native app for your device on the provider’s website. Since every one of CyberGhost’s apps is light on memory, downloading should take no time.

After downloading, you must install the application. For most operating systems, this process occurs automatically. However, sometimes, you’ll need to do things by yourself. Do not worry though as app installation nowadays is easy and can be done by just about anyone.

2. Start CyberGhost Before Starting your Torrent Client

Never open your torrent client before opening your VPN’s app. Doing so can lead to you being compromised by hackers and other types of cybercriminals. Keep in mind that being safe is always better than being sorry, especially when it comes to the internet.

3. Activate Kill Switch


Upon opening CyberGhost’s app on your computer, go to the settings menu then activate the provider’s automatic kill switch feature that’s off by default. Always be sure to do this before having a downloading session. Trust me, you won’t regret doing so.

A kill switch is a safety feature that prevents your legitimate information from accidentally getting exposed. It works by getting rid of your device’s internet connection if ever its connection to your VPN gets disrupted. For those with an unreliable ISP, it can be an absolute lifesaver.

4. Connect to CyberGhost P2P Server


Once your VPN’s kill switch has been activated, go choose from the many P2P servers that are listed on CyberGhost’s app. Pair your device with one that you picked. If possible, go with a server that’s geographically close to you because it’s more likely to be faster.

5. Verify for Leaks


Make sure to verify for leaks after connecting to a CyberGhost P2P server. Many sites can be used to do this. However, I recommend that you use, which is without a doubt the best. If it detects your IP address during the torrenting leak test, do not proceed. Rather, go connect to another server since doing so usually mitigates the problem.

If still manages to discover your legitimate IP address, don’t push through. The best thing to do in this scenario is to simply go with another VPN provider that doesn’t leak.

6. Start Torrent Client and Download Torrent

When everything goes as planned and CyberGhost doesn’t leak, you may start downloading the content you want. Open your torrent client then pick a magnet link from your preferred source. It should be noted that torrenting takes time and your VPN should never be closed.

Is CyberGhost Good and Safe for P2P Torrenting?

Yes. Besides not leaking and having many P2P servers, CyberGhost is good for downloading torrents because it’s based in Romania. There, no copyright and privacy laws encumber it from operating with absolute freedom. Nothing stops it from maintaining your privacy.

No Logs Policy, Security Features

CyberGhost has a firm no-logs policy that prevents it from disclosing your private user data. It should be noted though that the VPN hasn’t been audited by a third-party. Furthermore, it has yet to transition to using RAM-based servers, which are incapable of storing logs.

As mentioned earlier, CyberGhost has the largest server network of any VPN. The service has more than 7000 locations across the globe. In fact, it even has an active presence in countries like China, which are known to be unfriendly towards VPNs.

In addition to a kill switch, CyberGhost has its own ad & malware blocker that’ll protect you from intrusive pop-ups when browsing torrent sites. Moreover, it also maintains other features such as split tunnelingdedicated IP, a password manager, and NoSpy servers.

Sad to say, despite having a massive network, CyberGhost cannot bypass the Great Firewall of China. As such, it’s not an ideal VPN service provider to have if you plan on downloading content via torrent in China or anywhere else where the internet is highly restricted.

Speed Capabilities

My experience with CyberGhost has always been positive due in large part to the VPN service’s speed capabilities. While it is not the fastest provider around, it has never made my connection painfully slow. Thanks to that, everything from gaming to downloading torrents was pretty much seamless and hassle-free.

Compatibility, Simultaneous Connections

These are the platforms that CyberGhost is compatible with:

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Linux
  6. Chrome
  7. Firefox
  8. Tor
  9. Selected Routers

As seen above, CyberGhost is compatible with nearly every mainstream operating system. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox and can be used alongside the Tor browser. The service also has router support, meaning that its subscribers can utilize it with any device that accesses the internet.

CyberGhost allows for a maximum of ten simultaneous connections. Apart from that, it is 100% compatible with VuzeDelugeBitTorrentuTorrentqBittorrent, etc. Furthermore, and every other leading torrent client.


The prices and planning schemes of CyberGhost have recently improved. Until a few months ago, the service was much more expensive. It also has less flexible plans. Fortunately, things have changed for the better and nowadays, anyone can get it.

Here’s a breakdown of CyberGhost’s plans and prices:

Subscription Lengths: $12.99/Month , 1 Year ($3.99/Month) , 2 Years ($3.49/Month) , 3 Years ($2.25/Month)

Highest Price Per Month: $12.99

Lowest Price Per Month: $2.42

One Year Price: $47.88

Special Offer: Special Offer: 3 months free after buying a 3-year subscription

You may try CyberGhost for free for a day. However, if you wanna use the VPN for longer with no risks, you may purchase a subscription then ask for a refund. There’s a 7-day money-back guarantee for 1-month subscriptions and a 45-day money-back guarantee for all others.

Putting It All Together

CyberGhost is one of the best VPN solutions for torrenting. Besides being very safe, it also boasts a large network that consists of many P2P servers. Furthermore, the service boasts many useful security features and has decent speed capabilities.

The applications of CyberGhost on all platforms are excellent. However, they’re best on desktop since only the service’s desktop apps list down what P2P servers can be used.

If anything, the only drawback of CyberGhost that I can think of is its inability to work in China. Sad to say, the service cannot bypass the Great Firewall, meaning that anyone who plans on downloading torrents in the country using the service is out of luck.

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