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Is VyprVPN Good and Safe for P2P Torrenting?

Nope. Sad to say, VyprVPN isn’t good for torrenting. For the most part, online security experts advise against using it for the task. How come? Because of a lot of reasons. To know them all, go ahead and continue reading this article.

Here are the pros and cons of VyprVPN:

Pros Cons
User-friendly applications Leaks when torrenting
Works in China Small server network
Superb connection speeds Compatible only on a handful of devices
Decently priced Allows for few simultaneous connections


Does VyprVPN Allow P2P Torrenting?

Yes. VyprVPN explicitly states that it allows for P2P torrenting activity on its network. The VPN even has dedicated servers to facilitate safe downloading sessions. Sadly, it doesn’t provide a list of these servers on its website or applications.


How to Use VyprVPN for Torrenting


1. Install VyprVPN


The first thing you should do is create a VyprVPN subscription and create a user account. After that, you can then download the provider’s app for your device on its website. Once that’s over with, install that application. It should be light and not take up much storage space.

Installing VyprVPN’s apps is easy. For some devices, the whole process is automatic. Thanks to that, practically anyone can get it done. Even non-tech-savvy individuals will not have problems.

2. Start VyprVPN Before Starting your Torrent Client

VyprVPN must be started before you open your preferred torrent client. When that’s done, you’ll be creating a gateway that hackers can use to do you harm. Even for a second, they shall be able to obtain your IP address, and therefore, your current whereabouts.


3. Activate Kill Switch


Upon opening VyprVPN’s app, you should then head over to the settings menu and activate the service’s kill switch that’s turned off by default. Not doing so will leave you in a vulnerable position without a safety net. The chances of being hacked will be much higher.

A kill switch is a feature that removes your device’s connection to the internet in the event that its link with a VPN server gets cut. It comes especially in handy if you’ve got an unreliable ISP or are in an area that experiences frequent power outages.


4. Connect to VyprVPN P2P Server

Following the activation of VyprVPN’s kill switch, you can finally connect to one of the provider’s P2P servers. As stated earlier, the service doesn’t provide a list of torrenting-friendly locations that you may pair your device with. Nothing is listed on its apps or website.

Hence, you’ll have to do your research or ask customer service for assistance. If anything, this can be a major inconvenience on your end. This is especially true considering the fact that many VPNs have fully enabled P2P networks or lists of torrenting servers to utilize.


5. Verify for Leaks

After finding a good P2P server then connecting to it, verify for leaks using If the testing software detects your IP address, don’t proceed with downloading. Instead, pair to another P2P server. Once that doesn’t mitigate the problem, go with another VPN.

During my tests, none of VyprVPN’s P2P servers were able to hide my IP address. Thus, I’d have to say that the service is not suitable for torrenting. After all, it couldn’t keep me fully anonymous, and therefore, was useless for torrenting.


6. Start Torrent Client and Download Torrent

In case VyprVPN passes your test, it’s now safe to start your torrent client and select a magnet link from your favorite torrent site. Note that downloading content via torrent often takes time even if your internet connection is fast. As such, you’ll have to keep VyprVPN on for long or risk being infiltrated by cybercriminals and other parties with malicious intent.


Is VyprVPN Good and Safe for P2P Torrenting?

No. VyprVPN is not safe for downloading torrents. Though it has P2P servers and is based in Switzerland, which is a VPN-friendly country, my tests have proven that it leaks. When using it, you’ll leave yourself open to being watched, targeted, and victimized by hackers.

No Logs Policy, Security Features

VyprVPN doesn’t keep logging information but hasn’t been audited by a third party yet. Hence, there’s no way to really know if it keeps your data safe. Additionally, you should keep in mind that the service doesn’t operate RAM-based servers that are 100% secure.

The split tunneling and malware blocker features of VyprVPN are present on all its apps. Sadly, it only maintains an automatic kill switch for Windows and macOS. If anything, this is rather unfortunate as a kill switch is a necessary feature that must be used when torrenting.

Since it’s relatively new, VyprVPN hasn’t had the time to develop a large infrastructure. Due to that, it boasts a small network that consists of a little over 700 servers. As a result, the service doesn’t provide a lot of connectivity options and is quite prone to becoming overloaded.

Unfortunately, VyprVPN doesn’t support port forwarding as of this writing. The reason why is simply because its developers simply haven’t gone around with incorporating the feature yet.


Speed Capabilities

Online experts claim that VyprVPN is one of the fastest VPNs available. During my time using it, not once did it cause my internet to become unusable. In fact, the VPN sometimes made me forget that I’m using it. Consequently, I can safely say it’ll give you fast download speeds.

Compatibility, Simultaneous Connections

Here are what VyprVPN works on:

  1. Windows
  2. macOS
  3. Android
  4. iOS
  5. Tor
  6. Selected Routers

VyprVPN doesn’t have applications for Chromebook OS and Linux. Also, it lacks extensions for any web browser. Fortunately, the VPN may get installed on a wide selection of routers then utilized with game consoles or just about any device that accesses the internet.

If you’re wondering, VyprVPN is compatible with VuzeDelugeqBittorrentuTorrentBitTorrent, and all other mainstream torrent clients. Of course, this shouldn’t be surprising as many competing VPN service providers can also say the same.


The prices of VyprVPN’s subscriptions aren’t expensive. Rather, they’re some of the cheapest of any high-ranking VPN service. For a mere $2.50 per month, you may use the provider. This is great as many other competitors charge twice or even thrice that amount.

Subscription Lengths 1 Month ($12.95/Month)
1 Year ($3.75/Month)
2 Years ($2.50/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $2.50
One Year Price $45 (18 Months)
Special Offer 80% discount for an 2-year subscription;
71% discount for a 1-year subscription

Currently, no free VyprVPN trial has been made available. Despite that, you may still try it out without risks. How? By purchasing a basic subscription then taking advantage of the VPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee if you ever have regrets.

Putting It All Together

VyprVPN is a decent service, especially for its price. Be that as it may, it’s not good for anyone that plans on using it to download torrents safely. Aside from leaking when being used for the job, it also doesn’t list down what P2P servers can be used. Moreover, its network is rather small and inadequate for providing you with maximum privacy and connectivity options.

I’d recommend VyprVPN to those who are on a budget and don’t torrent. That’s because it has decent security, applications, and can work in China. Furthermore, the VPN service provider is blazingly fast. You can even compare its speed capabilities to that of Surfshark or NordVPN’s.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.