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HMA already has soaring 1100+ VPN servers in 190 countries. They have more than 93, 000 IP addresses built with strong anonymity.

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HideMyAss is held by the Privax Company, which is one of the global leaders of VPN and security options. The company is known for its strong online security systems and caters to many countries. Privax is in fact a leading company in the online security market.

The HideMyAss VPN has over 1100+ servers that are scattered around 290+ locations around the globe and still growing. HideMyAss also has more than 93,000 IP Addresses that are evenly distributed throughout the 190 countries.

Hot Features

The HideMyAss VPN has a 256-bit encryption. It makes use of three protocols, which includes L2TP, LLTP, and OpenVP. What make the HideMyAss VPN rather unique would be its secure IP binding feature as well as its IP address changing feature. Most VPN providers would just block your IP address and replace it with a fake one so that hackers or trackers won’t be able to see it.

HideMyAss VPN takes things a notch higher by actually changing your IP address regularly. In fact, it will even change your IP address automatically with another fake one from the server once it detects a threat. This is an added security feature that will provide even more safety for the users. With this feature, you will not have to worry about anyone trying to steal your IP address because the software will do a good job in confusing the third party hackers.

There are various ways that you can make a payment. You can do it through Paypal, MasterCard and Visa cards, UnionPay or Bank Wire Transfer. Another cool thing about HideMyAss is that it will provide you with an auto renewal option that will automatically renew your account so you don’t need to pay again. Of course, it is entirely up to you whether you want to activate this option or not. This is great for those who want to continuously use the product.

The Pros

  • 3 efficient protocols
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Very user friendly interface
  • Port forwarding feature
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • IP address changing feature
  • Secure IP bind feature
  • Load Balancing Feature
  • Supports for DD-WRT

The Cons

  • Logs certain data from the users
  • Allows torrent but with a number of restrictions


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Number of devices allowed & platform supported

The HideMyAss VPN system can support 2 devices at the same time. It also supports several operating systems such as Windows, Android, Mac, and iOs systems.

Customer support

If there is one thing that the HideMyAss VPN can really brag about, it is their customer support. However, although there is a live chat and phone support that is very efficient, it is not available for the whole day. Despite that, their chat system remains exceptional. It has a ticketing system where you can direct your queries. What makes it even better is that it can address your concerns right away. There is also a customer support website connected to the mother site where you can address all your queries with regard to the system.


The HideMyAss VPN system has a lot of cool features that would make your browsing very safe from attackers that come from the internet. These features will allow you to protect yourself from the external threats that the internet presents. You can have a good time browsing sites from other parts of the country, too. HideMyAss’ customer support is superb as well. Bring all of these features together and we can safely hail HideMyAss as an absolute VPN provider.

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