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OneVPN which is based in Hong Kong is established in 59 countries with over 390+ VPN servers. Zero logs policy with the best price! Read the review.

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Last Update: February 14, 2022

OneVPN Hands-On Review

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VPNs, or virtual private networks, are becoming an increasingly important part of our online lives. They allow us to access the Internet safely and securely from anywhere in the world. VPNs are also a great way to protect your privacy online. 

They are an effective way to stop websites, internet service providers, and government agencies from tracking what you do online. But unfortunately, not all VPNs are very good at protecting your privacy. 

OneVPN is definitely among the best VPNs that you can use to protect your privacy. OneVPN is a company that specializes in privacy protection and security. 

They offer servers in several countries, which gives you unrivaled access to the Internet from anywhere on the globe. In addition, the OneVPN client has numerous advanced features designed to increase your safety online.

Best OneVPN Features

OneVPN's super-fast and stable speed is one of its best features. A user can get super-fast and lag-free streaming speed on all online channels with the right settings for each device. 

While this VPN provider has all of the features that a reliable VPN product should have, it also has a few unique features that set it apart from the competition. 

One of OneVPN's most notable features is its Ad-Blocker Add-on, which prevents all online advertisements from appearing on the web. Anti-Malware is another useful feature. 

While numerous threats are waiting to attack an unprotected online user, the addition of an Anti-Malware tool ensures that the security guard is always ready to provide the best protection possible. 

Finally, the NAT firewall provides users with an extra layer of protection against various online threats. The best part is that all three popular features are currently available for free regardless of which package you choose.

The Pros

  • FREE Anti-Malware & Ad-Blocker
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 390+ Servers in 57 Countries
  • Very affordable
  • Compatible with all devices
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Dedicated Apps for Windows and Android
  • No Logs Policy
  • Routers compatible
  • 7-day money back guarantee

The Cons

  • No FREE Trial
  • Dedicated Apps for iOS and Mac not available yet

OneVPN Pricing

Onevpn pricing

Number of Devices Allowed & Platform Supported

OneVPN can be used on up to three devices at the same time. In addition, there are no restrictions on the types of devices that can be used. 

OneVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Routers, and Gaming Consoles, allowing multiple family members to use the VPN on their preferred devices. The multi-login feature is the icing on the cake, as the pricing is already unbeatable.

OneVPN and Logging Your Data

OneVPN is a high-quality VPN service that does not record or store any information about its users' online logs. Which is a good thing, as VPN Logs can contain an abundance of data. Many VPN services subject their users to monitoring, but OneVPN is not one of these providers. 

An enormous amount of information about the user can be found in logs, their IP address, and other information about them. 

OneVPN uses a virtual private network (VPN) tunnel to provide you with an encrypted connection from your device to the Internet, which helps protect your personal information. 

Besides offering a high-quality service, OneVPN also includes several security features that are both reliable and effective.

Why You Should Use OneVPN

A VPN is good for security because it provides an extra layer of protection that you can use to secure your data while browsing on public WiFi networks. 

Because the VPN makes all your internet traffic look like it's coming from the tunnel, it protects you against hackers trying to capture your info while traversing through less-secure connections. 

A VPN also masks the IP address provided by your ISP, making it more difficult for advertisers and hackers alike to find out more about you

A free proxy may abuse user privacy in any system which tries to access information from requests made using HTTP techniques, including cache policy requests and login action instance success notifications used in seeking additional data from a resource server. So what can I do with a VPN?

With a VPN, you can bypass censorship and geo-restricted content. You can also protect your data by using an encrypted connection. For example, if you are connected to public WiFi, anyone on the network can monitor your activity online. 

However, if you're connected through a VPN, all of your traffic will be encrypted. This means that nobody will see what websites or services you are using. 

The encryption used by VPNs is powerful because it uses high-tech cryptographic algorithms to encode data before sending it over the Internet. 

As such, even governments cannot decipher the contents of VPN traffic without having special access (which they often do).

Customer Support

OneVPN's customer support team is probably the most crucial reason people choose this VPN over others. The customer service team comprises highly skilled and experienced individuals who are incredibly polite and helpful. 

No matter what question you have or what time of day you ask it, the team can help you online 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a free VPN for torrenting / streaming?

Most free VPN providers will offer a limited number of bandwidth on their free service, and many services also have a throttle on the total bandwidth available. This limits the number of users they allow on their network at any one time, which means you can't get around throttling by using multiple devices or trying different locations from within the same provider's network. In addition, many free providers don't support P2P/torrenting at all.

Are VPNs legal?

It is entirely legal for individuals and organizations in most countries worldwide to use a VPN. If you are wondering about using a VPN at work, check with your employer! If you are considering setting up a VPN for use in your home or on your personal device, look into whether it is legal to do so in the country where you live. 

How often does Netflix block VPN services?

Netflix frequently blocks IP addresses for popular VPN services based on what country its users live in. So if you're trying to use a specific service, then it's likely that the website will detect what country you are located in and block your access. However, since VPNs allow users to choose different locations, it's fairly easy for them just to create new IP addresses that can be used to unblock the website again.

Is OneVPN Worth It?

Overall, OneVPN is a reliable VPN service. It is incredibly low-cost, feature-rich, fast, and easy to use. The VPN service is excellent for browsing and streaming and online privacy and security. 

The high-speed servers installed in 57+ countries (and counting) allow users to access their favorite content from anywhere in the world without sacrificing internet speed. This VPN service is highly recommended.

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