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We start our review with the popular multi-sport streaming website VIPRow.

VIPRow Sports is a free sports streaming website that offers its visitors access to high-quality links for various sports live streams.

Visitors to this website can watch almost all types of live sports action. Soccer, MMA, wrestling, boxing, tennis, golf, American football, basketball, cycling, racing, darts, handball, and volleyball are all available.

That makes VIPRow Sports one of the best live sports streaming sites for people that enjoy watching multiple sports.

The beauty of the website is that it also comes with TV channels that you can stream. So, you can enjoy other content aside from sports when there are no live games.


When it comes to appearance, the website does not disappoint with its elegant design. In the background, you will find a dark theme that is easy on the eyes, with icons arranged in front for easy access to all of your favorite sports.

This arrangement makes the homepage relatively clutter-free and easy to navigate through. So, finding your favorite sports content on the website shouldn’t be a problem, even if it’s the first time.

When it comes to video quality, VIProw does not disappoint either. You can expect high-definition video streams for all the content you watch on the website. The streams are also quite reliable. As long your internet connection remains stable, you will likely not experience any lag or buffering.

While VIPRow does its best to serve you, the website can be annoying sometimes. They run lots of obstructive advertisements that sometimes will disturb you from enjoying your live streams.

It’s so bad that any space on the website that does not have an icon is most likely an advertisement link that will redirect you to some landing page somewhere. But then, you can consider that as the small price you pay for premium entertainment on the website.

Stream2watch is another fantastic sports streaming website on the internet. This remarkable website offers its visitors the best of live sports streams and live television. Basketball, boxing, baseball, tennis, football, and cricket are available on the website.

One of the advantages of using this streaming website is that it works on all platforms. You can watch your favorite live games from your phone, laptop, tablet at any time. Simply go to the website, and that’s it.

You will enjoy the fact that the website gives you relevant information for your games. For instance, you will see the names of the teams, the players, and some team stats and information to keep you informed.

Live sports stream is not the only thing you can watch on this website. Streams2watch allows you to watch lots of famous TV channels to stream documentaries, news, and a variety of entertainment shows.

This review will not be complete without describing the website’s simple design and interface. On the website’s homepage, you will find the basic information about the website and information on upcoming live sporting event streams like their start times and the streaming links.

The popular sports are arranged in categories on the home page with proper labels to make navigation easy for you. If you are finding it hard to get what you need, you can use the search feature.

The major problem you might have with the website is that it does not have its content. Instead, it only acts as a host to find links to other websites for easy access. Unfortunately, some of the links don't work correctly, so you'll have to do some trial and error to find the correct one.

It takes time and has a significant disadvantage. Also, some of the links might not give you sports streams with high-quality video formats. You might also have to deal with intrusive ads while on the website.

Another issue you might have is that the site requires you to create an account. This requirement shouldn’t be a big deal, and it is well worth the effort because most of the links on the site are trustworthy.

Crackstreams is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular free sports streaming websites available.

Live streams are available on the website for a wide range of sports, including American football, soccer, baseball, ice hockey, MMA, basketball, boxing, and various racing sports. The website also offers a free live TV streaming service 24 hours a day.

The live TV options available include popular TV stations like ESPN, CBS, and Fox Sports, amongst other major television channels covering sports, news, entertainment, and documentaries.

The Crackstreams website has a clean and straightforward user interface that anyone will enjoy. The website seems to take its simplicity a little too far as there aren't many graphics to see there. However, that helps as the site always performs well.


The homepage loads quickly and without issues. As long as you have a good internet connection, you will experience minimal buffering while streaming on the website.

The website has been taken down several times because of its popularity, which means you cannot rely on them. Also, several mirror sites try to mimic the website, so you need to be careful.

At the moment, the website is back to life. So, we'll just have to wait and see how long that lasts. Another problem you might have is that there are a few dead links on the site. However, the majority of the streaming links are good and generally reliable.

From the name, it is easy to tell that Footybite is a free live sports streaming website primarily focused on international football.

Soccer fans can watch live streams from various leagues and tournaments, including the major and minor ones.

Soccer fans who watch matches in top leagues such as England and Spain and those who prefer leagues such as Croatia or Ukraine will find something to watch.

If you are not a football fan, you can still enjoy Footybite as it offers sports content for other sports. Fans of volleyball, basketball, professional wrestling, pool, ice hockey, and other sports can watch their favorite games online via working live streams.

Footybite has a smooth, easy-to-use user interface. The home page features a calendar of upcoming events and sections for news, streaming, and live TV.


Sky Sports, BT Sport, NBC Sports, and several other TV channels are available here in HD. But then, the news here is solely about soccer, and it isn't updated regularly.

The website is a third-party streaming website, which means they do not own their live streams. So, when you click "Watch" next to an event, you'll be taken to the video source.

Despite its simple appearance, Footybite comes with annoying pop-up ads. It can make the streaming experience very stressful, but a good adblocker or VPN should solve the issue.

FromHots is one of the internet's most popular free streaming sites.

The website provides its visitors with links, providing extensive coverage of live sports matches in various categories.

It includes live matches from American football, soccer, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, boxing, and golf. You can also view highlights and replays of significant events that you may have missed.

The website also functions as an IPTV directory, directing you to other websites to watch live TV channels.

None of the links on the website are hosted here. When you click on any of the links for an event, you will be taken to another website where you can watch the event live.


None of the links on the website are hosted here. When you click on any of the links for an event, you will be taken to another website where you can watch the event live.

The issue with this website is that it appears cluttered and unfriendly at first sight. They have large headers that represent major sports categories. If you prefer to get all of your sports matches in one place, this site may not be the best option for you.

On the other hand, if you want a sports index that can move you to almost any event, try FromHots.

How do these free sports streaming sites make money?

Free sports streaming sites are websites or services that allow users to watch sporting events online live and for free.

That raises a question of profitability because it costs money to own and maintain a website.

These websites make money. Although there is no official data to show how much they make it. The majority of the money these websites make comes from the sales of cheap ads via services like PopAds.

These services offer the owners a small amount of money for every 1,000 impressions from their website.

For most website owners, that is a meager income. But then, there are website owners like the ones we mentioned that make a good income from the ads.

sports football

These websites take their ads very seriously. Some of them can even go as far as pausing the game you're watching to show advertisements, then resume playback. While this practice is highly irritating, it’s the price you pay to watch your live games for free.

Meanwhile, free streaming websites are changing and becoming more professional these days. Some of them now offer paid subscriptions so you can stream live sports for free and watch your favorite sports channel like Fox Sports, BBC iPlayer, etc., without any intrusive ads.

Even then, the price you would pay for ad-free streaming is only a fraction of what you would pay for a cable subscription.

Why you should Never Use a Proxy with Live Sports Streaming Websites

Streaming live sports for free is frequently considered piracy in the US. Therefore, some internet service providers(ISPs) monitor their users to see that they are not accessing these websites. Therefore, you might experience buffering while watching your free live streams.

People generally use VPNs or proxies to avoid having the government, your ISP, or any unwanted third-party spying. A web proxy functions almost the same way as a VPN and can even assist you in circumventing certain restrictions.

As a result, many users find themselves confused about which one they should use to access free live streaming sports websites. If you are considering using a proxy, we recommend that you don’t.

The issue with proxies is that they do not employ encryption. Therefore, your internet service provider (ISP) and other unwanted third parties can still see what you are doing.

Instead of using a proxy, consider getting a VPN. Interestingly, you don't have to break the bank to use a VPN these days. Several low-cost premium VPNs will protect your privacy and security for a few dollars monthly.

Is it Safe to Watch Sports for Free Online?

Your safety online depends on what you do, how much information you share about yourself, and the settings you allow the website to access on your device. This problem is similar to free sports streaming websites. Therefore, you should be careful when using them.

The list above contains websites that we have tested, and we can assure you of their safety to some extent. If you come across any free streaming website that asks for your banking or personal details for you to stream sports for free, you should avoid such sites.

The chances are that you might pay for a service and not get anything in return. In the worst-case scenario, they might use your information for something more dangerous.

watching online

Why you should Use VPN when Visiting Live Streaming Sports Sites

There are numerous reasons why you should use a VPN to watch sports online. The internet is not a secure environment, and your privacy and security can be jeopardized. More so, free streaming of sports is not a legal activity in the US.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will come in handy if you want to stream anonymously. It will reroute your sports streaming traffic through private servers, avoiding insecure public servers. This service helps to protect your data from prying eyes.

A good VPN also improves your security by encrypting your internet traffic. With a good AES 256-bit encryption, if someone intercepts your sports streaming connection, they will only see a jumble of random numbers and characters.

Finally, VPNs replace your actual IP address with the server you use. It will make you appear to be physically located in the country where the server is located. In other words, you'll be able to access any free sports website you want, even if the website is blocked in the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best free sports streaming website?

We have selected a few live sports streaming sites above that do not require registration and can be used to watch sports online for free. Selecting the best amongst them is left to you as it depends on your preferences.

However, you can use any of these websites to watch sports matches online without hesitation.

Some of them may offer additional features upon registration, so it is up to you whether or not to register.

Are free sports streaming sites legal?

The legality of free streaming sites is quite unclear and very questionable. Free sports streaming services, unlike paid services, do not have broadcast rights to air sporting events.

Instead, they rely on discovering open streams in various countries around the world.

Because they are unofficial, there is a chance that the streams available on these sites are pirated. As a result, you might want to take extra caution while using these sites.

What is the best free footbal streaming site?

All the websites we described above have live streams options to watch football in major and minor leagues in the world.

Like we said earlier, picking the best is up to you. Since the services are free, you can test as many as you want to find the service that suits your needs.


We hope by now you must have found a suitable website where you can stream your favorite sporting events for free. We trust the websites we have recommended, and we believe they are relatively safe.

We advise that you get a decent VPN service as you stream to keep you fully protected for your total protection.

In addition, we advise that you get a good ad blocker to avoid being disturbed as you stream online. Finally, do not give out any of your sensitive information on any free streaming site.

By: Michael Miller
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