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How To Get American Netflix In Australia

Watching Netflix USA in Australia is something that anyone can do. The only tool that you will require is a VPN. My team recommends using NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN as daily drivers for unblocking the streaming platform since they excel at working around its restrictions.


Before anything, let us quickly go over how to get American Netflix in Australia. Next up, we shall talk about everything there is to know related to the topic. And now, here’s every step necessary to watch America’s local version of Netflix in the land down under:

1. Get A VPN

Kick things off by getting a VPN. Don’t opt to use free providers as they often compromise your online security rather than improve it. Instead, use either NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN.

Even if they aren’t the most budget-friendly options on the market, they do provide great value for money, making them excellent for any bargain hunter.

2. Install It

Install the VPN that you got. This process should be automatic, and thus, extremely convenient regardless of what operating system your device is running.

3. Connect To A US Server

Find the nearest major US server to you then pair with it. Avoid pairing with distant locations as these locations are more likely to cause your internet speeds to drop.

4. Open Netflix USA And Start Watching

The last thing to do is open Netflix USA and start watching all the exclusive content on the said library. Remember to stay connected to your VPN until you’re through.

How To Watch US Netflix In Australia


VPNs are not the only tools that can be used to bypass Netflix’s US restrictions. Proxies can also be used for the job. However, we do not recommend them because they are somewhat unreliable. Additionally, they only function locally on your browser, making them not as safe.

The level of reliability that VPNs provide is quite high. Seldom do our recommended providers ever experience periods of downtime wherein their servers can’t bypass Netflix. And yes, it’s also seldom that they cause internet connection speeds to slow down in any significant way.

Unblocking Netflix US with a VPN is nowhere near difficult. Anyone with a little tech know-how may get it done. Simply follow these step by step instructions and you’ll be watching America’s local Netflix library in Australia immediately:

Step 1: Get A VPN To Watch American Netflix In Australia

When choosing what VPN to get, it’s best not to go for what’s free or most affordable. Why? These providers will likely do you more harm than good. On top of that, they’re often unable to bypass Netflix US due to their having incompetent server networks.

The best option for you is to choose either NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN. Let’s discuss each provider more thoroughly to understand what makes them so great.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN screenshot

NordVPN is a great VPN for unblocking Netflix in the US or just about anywhere else. It boasts an impressively sized network that’ll provide you with limitless connectivity options. Additionally, most of its servers in the US get around geoblocks consistently. Also, these servers hardly ever drastically encumber connection speeds.

Security is the main priority of NordVPN’s developers. Due to that, you can rest assured that the provider will keep your digital life 100% safe. It maintains support for all widely-used protocols, including WireGuard. More importantly, its apps are equipped with all the latest and greatest security features that were made to provide you with comprehensive online protection.

NordVPN has user-friendly applications and extensions. With one subscription, it allows for a maximum of five same-time gadget pairings. As expected from such a highly-ranked VPN, it maintains world-class 24/7 support. If you need assistance or have questions regarding the provider, you may get in touch with the provider via email or chat.

Here is a breakdown of NordVPN’s prices:

Subscription Lengths $8.84/Month
  1 Year ($4.92/Month)
  2 Years ($3.71/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $11.95
Lowest Price Per Month $3.49
One Year Price $59.04
Special Offer 68% off for a 2-year plan 58% off for a 1-year plan


2. Surfshark

Surfshark screenshot

Surfshark is the favourite of many cinephiles and binge-watchers. It unblocks Netflix very easily thanks to its very capable network of servers. And yes, these servers are all blazingly fast, making buffering, lengthy loading times, and drops in quality non-issues.

Your safety is guaranteed when using Surfshark. It is completely incapable of tracking, storing, and collecting logs because all its servers are RAM-based. Besides that, the provider is 100% equipped with every essential VPN feature you’d need to remain safeguarded.

Something that sets Surfshark apart from other VPNs is its allowing for unlimited simultaneous connections. Hence, it’s perfect for the entire family and anyone who wants to get the most value for their cash. After all, with just a single subscription, you shall be able to protect the digital lives of everyone you know.

Please refer to the table to know everything about Surfshark’s current rates:

  Surfshark (AUD)
Subscription Lengths 1 Month ($12.95/Month)
  6 Months ($6.49/Month)
  2 Years ($2.49/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $2.49
One Year Price $77.88
Special Offer 81% discount for a 2-year subscription 50% discount for a 6-month subscription


3. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN needs no introduction. The VPN is the preferred service provider of many casual internet users and online security experts alike. It doesn’t break a sweat when working around Netflix’s US geoblocks. Moreover, the service has many servers in the United States, meaning you’ll most likely not run out of connectivity options when using it.

All ExpressVPN servers are RAM-based. Therefore, the provider can’t store your logs even if it wanted to. While this may seem awesome, many people still like to criticise ExpressVPN’s security because it doesn’t have many essential VPN features like a malware blocker.

ExpressVPN only allows for five simultaneous device connections under one user account. This is rather disappointing, considering that many other competitors have better offerings. With that said, you should also know that ExpressVPN is available on every leading platform. Moreover, the service has superb customer service.

Below is a summary of ExpressVPN’s contemporary prices:

  ExpressVPN (AUD)
Subscription Lengths 1 Month ($12.95/Month)
  6 Months ($9.99/Month)
  1 Year ($8.32/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $6.67
One Year Price $99.84
Special Offer 50% off for a 1-year subscription


Step 2: Install The VPN On Your Device


Your VPN has an app, which must be installed..

Don’t worry because setting a VPN up is incredibly easy nowadays. It’s even possible for kids or older folks to do it without needing help. This is awesome given that not so long ago, setting up VPNs wasn’t as easy as there weren’t any user-friendly consumer-grade service services yet.

For Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

Your VPN’s Windows, Linux, and macOS apps can be downloaded from its site. After you finish downloading, an option to select between manual and automatic installation will appear. Go for the latter option if you wish to select where your VPN’s app will be saved on your device.

  • App Store

Android, iOS, and some streaming devices have app stores that host your VPN’s application. It is super convenient to download from these app stores as installation is always automatic afterwards. That’s right, zero of those prompts that’ll need your attention will appear.

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all have apps for every leading OS. Thanks to that, the platform you’re using won’t matter as it’ll be completely possible to remain safe on any device.

For Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, etc.

VPNs often have extensions for the most popular web browsers. Sadly, we cannot recommend these extensions since they work exclusively locally. Furthermore, they frequently lack the features that would otherwise be available on their app counterparts.

With that being said, VPN extensions do serve as excellent alternatives when installing your VPN provider’s apps can’t be installed for whatever reason.

  • Firefox Add-Ons and Chrome Web Store

Our recommended VPNs all have extensions for Chrome and Firefox. You may download them from the web stores of each browser. The installation process that comes after should be 100% automatic, saving you lots of time and effort.


For Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc.

Some electronic devices lack VPN applications. In spite of that, it’s still possible to utilize a VPN with them. To do this, you’ll need to have a VPN router.

  • Router

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all have router support, meaning each one may be set up on a compatible router. Sad to say, it’s not that easy to install a VPN on a router. Luckily, all of our recommended providers sell routers for those who wish to have an easy out-of-the-box experience.

Step 3: Connect To A US Server


Once you’ve finally got your VPN on your device, open its application. Select a US server to pair with.No matter what VPN or device you’re using, doing this should not be hard. After all, VPNs apps nowadays are so well-designed that even children can use them without difficulties.

All of our recommended providers have many US servers. Our advice is to always go with the location that’s nearest to you. By doing this, you’ll reduce the chances of having a bad internet connection that is not capable of facilitating lag and buffer-free streaming sessions.

NordVPN US Servers

nordvpn favorite servers

NordVPN operates over a thousand locations in the US. My experience with these servers has largely been positive. For more than a year, I have only suffered from slow web speeds a handful of times. Also, not once have I been unable to access US Netflix.


Surfshark US Servers

Surfshark servers

There are five hundred Surfshark servers dotted across the United States. Hence, users of the provider surely won’t have problems with choosing a location to unblock Netflix.

I’d have to say that the US servers of Surfshark deserve nothing but praise. Seldom are they unable to bypass Netflix. Moreover, it is rare for them to bring connection speeds down. As a matter of fact, they’re more likely to improve your internet by eliminating bandwidth throttling.


ExpressVPN US Servers


The exact number of servers ExpressVPN has in the United States hasn’t been disclosed by the provider. Even so, it’s guaranteed that users won’t run out of places to connect to. That’s because more than twenty US cities have at least one ExpressVPN server.

ExpressVPN’s US servers are what you’d expect. They’ve got excellent unblocking and speed capabilities that definitely won’t leave you disappointed.


Step 4: Open Netflix and Enjoy Its US Library

Now that you are paired to a VPN server, you go ahead and begin watching Netflix USA. To determine if you’ve successfully accessed the library, check the platform’s homepage, which should be displaying a banner of the most popular United States title today. As an alternative, you can also look for US-exclusive titles such as Superbad and Spotlight.

Even top-tier services like NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN fail to unblock Netflix. Luckily, several workarounds exist that allow you to watch without limits on the platform.

1. Change User Profile

First of all, you can try resetting Netflix by moving to another user profile. The rate of success of this method is reasonably high. However, it does alter the watch list of your account’s other users making it an impractical solution unless you’ve got multiple user profiles.

2. Sign Out Then Sign Back In

Try to sign out then sign back in if changing user profiles didn’t work. Like the first method, this too restarts Netflix’s website or app and works frequently. In addition, it does not alter the user profiles of those who you’re sharing your Netflix account with.

3. Transfer To Another US Server

One last thing you may try doing to continue watching Netflix US freely is to connect to a different US server.

This method is foolproof and has been proven to work more than 90% of the time. In fact, we cannot recommend any other workaround better than it.



Is Netflix Different In The US and Australia?

Yes. The Netflix libraries of the United States and Australia are different from each other. When browsing the former, you’ll come across more Hollywood blockbusters. Meanwhile, the latter is home to more locally produced content that’s available in no other Netflix library in the world.

Why Can't You Access Netflix's US Library In Australia?

Netflix US is inaccessible in Australia without a VPN or proxy because of licensing restrictions.

Unbeknownst to many, Netflix purchases the rights for its content by the country. Thus, anything that’s available on Netflix US that’s not in Australia isn’t available simply because Netflix has not bought the content’s rights yet.

How Does A VPN Let You Access Netflix's US Library?

All IP addresses have a country code. Netflix utilises that country code to find out where you are. With that knowledge, it imposes the appropriate restrictions.

Virtual private networks make Netflix think you’re accessing it from someplace else by switching your IP address with another one. Keep in mind though that only a handful of VPNs can bypass Netflix without issues. Most providers can’t because they have got inadequate server networks.

Is It Illegal To Watch American Netflix In Australia?

Nope. Australia has no laws that criminalise watching US Netflix with a VPN. Besides that, no local laws make the utilization of VPNs illegal. This should not come as a surprise, given that Australia is known for having some of the most liberal internet laws in the world.

How To Choose A VPN To Access American Netflix In Australia?

Choosing the right VPN to watch US Netflix in Australia is easier said than done. That’s because there are countless options on the market to choose from. Each of these options claims they’re the best for the job. However, in reality, only a handful really make the cut.

Here are some key factors of consideration when picking out a VPN:

  • Unblocking capabilities
  • Network size
  • Speed
  • Pricing

Our three recommendations can unblock Netflix without hassles due to their large networks that are equipped with speedy servers. In addition to that, all of them are priced within the reach of average consumers such as yourself. Thus, there’s no reason not to get them.


Summing It Up

Let’s again quickly go over how to unblock Netflix US in Australia. As aforementioned, doing this is not hard by any stretch of the word. Even non-tech-savvy people shall encounter no setbacks. The only thing that’s needed is for you to follow each of these steps:

  1. Get a VPN (preferably NordVPN, Surfshark, or ExpressVPN)
  2. Install your VPN
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Start your Netflix and enjoy the US library

VPNs are constantly playing a game of cat and mouse with Netflix. Often, they win and can bypass the platform’s geoblocks. However, sometimes Netflix is the winner. When that happens, simply use the workarounds we mentioned earlier to continue accessing Netflix United States.

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By: Kris Soliongco
Kris has two passions in life: writing and tech. He’s been building computers since he was eight years old and is knowledgeable about online security. The first time he was exposed to VPNs was in 2016. Since then, he’s used a plethora of services and has gained much experience. Follow him on Facebook.