How to Use HideMyAss (HMA)

HMA Installation guide

Almost everyone has appreciated the value of having VPN connection. It brings forth many advantages in terms of speed, security, and entertainment. There are innumerable VPN providers on the web, but there are only a few who can be truly relied on.

One of the most dependable among all existing providers is Hide My Ass. They have been on the market for quite some time and they have captured a considerably vast client base already. If you are a newbie in terms of VPN usage, this guide will help you in setting up your HMA VPN connection. Just follow the quick steps below and you’ll definitely be good to go.

#1 - Go to this download link:

#2 - Wait until the download gets complete. Then go to the folder where the installer has been saved. Click “Run as Administrator”.

HMA step 1-2

#3 - Begin the installation and wait until it’s complete.

HMA step 2

#4 - After the installation, you can now get hold of the HMA dashboard. Input your login details then start connecting to VPN.

HMA disconnected

#5 - Go to “Country Selection then start choosing the country you would like to connect.

HMA Country Selection

#6 - As you go to the IP Address Settings, you can see and verify your current IP address. You can also efficiently set your scheduled IP change. Your IP address will change in random depending on the time interval you personally set. It’s cool how you can hop from one IP to another in a pre-planned interval.

HMA IP address

#7 - Under the tab Secure IP Bind, you can set particular apps to function only when you’re connected to VPN. If your VPN connection is disabled, the chosen applications will also fail to function. This is best used in terms of BitTorrent. If you’re getting worried that your IP address is going to be visible after the periodical disconnection made by the Scheduled IP change, Secure IP Bind will get you secured no matter what.

HMA Secure IP

#8 - If you want to optimize speed better, check the Speed Guide. You can see here the fastest servers nearest to your location as well as the available protocols. This allows you to check the upload and download speeds of the servers together with their response times. This way, you can know which server works the fastest and you can enjoy VPN connection in a flash.

HMA Speed Guide

Hide My Ass has a lot of features that they take pride in. The Secure IP Bind feature is specifically unique to them and is very good in strengthening security to the highest extent. They also have other features similar to other providers.

This includes Port forwarding, DD-WRT support, and Load Balancing. When the specific server you’re presently using becomes too busy, this feature will instantly transfer you to a server that is less busy which offers the fastest speed. HMA doesn’t have any insufficiency in terms of providing compelling features.

This is probably why more and more people are trying it out. Now that you know the basics of using HMA VPN, you’re now ready to seize it and get the ball rolling.

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