Should I Get a VPN if I am in the UK?

Should i get a vpn in uk

When we talk about VPNs, we should skip the question, “should I get a VPN?” There are a lot of popular reasons why you should use a VPN while getting connected to the internet, especially if you are in the United Kingdom. One good reason is to gain access to geo-blocked content and streaming services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer. Another reason is to protect your privacy from cyber thieves, advertisers, government agencies, and even from your internet service provider.

Last November 2016, people who are living in the United Kingdom woke up the news about the Investigatory Powers Act. This means that the surveillance of every resident has been legalized. Your online activities will be tracked by various shadowy government agencies. They will have the power to determine anything and everything that you do online. Though you are not doing any illegal acts, this idea will still make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s enough reason to use a VPN in the United Kingdom.

VPN services are highly recommended for if:

  • You are very concerned and protective of your privacy, although you have nothing to hide from the authorities.
  • You are handling sensitive data that many cyberthieves might be interested in.
  • You are a good friend of Edward Snowden.

VPN services are not recommended if:

  • You are doing illegal activities, and you want to cover it up. We should remember that illegal is illegal, and there is no way that VPN services will allow these actions. If you are going against the law, you cannot escape from the possible consequences of your actions because the authorities have their way to catch you, with or without a VPN.
  • You have a slow internet connection. If you have an unreliable internet connection at home, using a VPN can slow it down more, and this software will become more of a burden than a help.

What Do I Do With a VPN

Using a VPN will give you a lot of benefits that you can do from the comfort of your home. You can do any online activity without any trace, and there are more. Below are a few of the interesting things that you can do if you are using a VPN in the UK.

Avoid ISP tracking and ISP throttling

Boost Security while connected to any public Wi-FI

Streaming your favorite movies and shows from Netflix

Secure your torrenting activities

Boost your Kodi experience

Is a VPN really Necessary?

Yes, VPN or virtual private network is necessary because of so many reasons. You will need a VPN best because browsing online is getting more dangerous nowadays, with the increasing number of cyberthieves and hackers who are only waiting for the right time to fool other people.

Aside from them, you need to protect yourself from government agencies who are doing surveillance with what you do online. Even your ISP gains interest in your personal information, so you need to protect your online privacy and security online with the help of reliable VPN providers.

Which UK VPN is Best?

If you are looking for a fast VPN service in the United Kingdom, the best choice is NordVPN. This VPN service provider offers more than 5500 servers from 59 countries, and more than 400 of these servers can be found in the United Kingdom. With this number of servers, you will never have any trouble watching Netflix or streaming BBC. You also get to-notch encryption and security with NordVPN, which means you can stay protected regardless of your location.

NordVPN offers a risk-free subscription through its 30-day money-back guarantee. If you want to try their service, take advantage of this feature and see whether this service meets your needs and expectations for the best UK VPN.


Should I get a VPN? The answer is undeniable. Yes! You need to use a VPN, especially if you are living or traveling to the UK. This country is known as one of the most nations with heavy surveillance, and they have an intelligence agency that is legally allowed to snoop and monitor everyone’s online activities constantly. You need to protect your online privacy and security from this, and the best solution to do that is by using it.