Best Kodi VPN for the UK

Those who are trying to find the Best Kodi VPN to use in the UK, this is the best review that can help them. Get to know the best Kodi VPNs in 2020.

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#1 Best VPN for Kodi in UK
Overall Rating: 4.5/5
$8.32 / month
Quick features:
  • Unblock Any Content
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
  • Confirmed Zero Logs Policy
  • Unbreakable Encryption

Overall Rating: 5/5
$3.71 / month
Quick features:
  • Unlimited P2P and Torrenting
  • High-End Military-Grade Encryption
  • Confirmed Zero Logs Policy
  • Ad-blocker Feature
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Unblock 400 Streaming Services
  • 100% diskless encrypted RAM servers

Overall Rating: 4.8/5
$2.49 / month
Quick features:
  • Strict No logs Policy
  • AES-256-GCM Encryption
  • Very Secure Protocol
  • Fast Torrent Speed and Unblocking Netflix
  • Unlimited Devices

Private Internet Access
Overall Rating: 4.4/5
$2.69 / month
Quick features:
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Port Forwarding
  • Free Socks5 Proxy Included
  • Torrents & P2P Allowed
  • Can Connect 10 Devices Simultaneously

Overall Rating: 4.0/5
$6.49 / month
Quick features:
  • 40,000+ shared IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • IKEv2, OpenVPN, and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols

Best Kodi VPN in UK

Best VPN for Kodi

Comparing Best Kodi VPN to use in the UK

If you are one of those who love binge-watching movies, TV shows, sports, or you only watch your content from your local hard drive, you have most probably downloaded and used Kodi. Kodi is considered as the best streaming software available today. This software is free and open-source, which means you can tailor Kodi to your needs.

But, did you know that there is a better way to improve your Kodi streaming experience? That’s when you learn the Kodi VPN to use in the UK. If you get to know one of those VPNs for Kodi, streaming your favorite content becomes more secure and possibly faster. Getting interested? This review will tell you more about the best Kodi VPN available in the market.

Here are the top 5 Best Kodi VPN to use in the UK. Check out their details and features:

1. ExpressVPN

Expressvpn screenshot

Kodi users who are using a VPN that offers reliable service and promising fast speed are familiar with ExpressVPN. This product is referred to as an all-around choice for every Kodi user who wants to bring their Kodi streaming experience to the next level. ExpressVPN supports popular platforms. The app even has a Linux version with a command-line interface available. ExpressVPN’s Fire TV-optimized version is also offered on the Amazon app store.

ExpressVPN is a very reliable unblocker of different geo-locked content and streaming services such as Netflix, BBC iPlayer, HBO Now and HBO Go, and Hulu. The software is proud of its best-in-class security standards, including the perfect forward secrecy and 256-bit AES encryption. ExpressVPN apps are available in Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Linux (command-line), as well as certain WiFi routers. If you have a Kodi device that cannot support any VPN at all, the pre-flashed WiFi routers with bespoke firmware of ExpressVPN could be the perfect solution for you.

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ExpressVPN Features

server icon

ExpressVPN Servers

support icon

ExpressVPN Support

pricing icon

ExpressVPN Pricing

1-month plan
per month
6-month plan
per month
Overall rating: 4.5/5
Visit ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN

NordVPN screenshot

When you are always worried about missing the next episode of your favorite TV show, you can free yourself from this thought because you now have one of the best Kodi VPNs that can offer you access to many video streaming sites. NordVPN is one of the most popular and most robust VPNs for Kodi, and you will only need to pay around $3.49 per month for its long-term plan.

Aside from its easy installation with any Kodi platform like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire, NordVPN also provides promising privacy features such as military-grade double encryption, DNS leak protection, and a kill switch. Every plan also offers a built-in ad blocker so you can easily remove those annoying pop-ups and protect you from malware.

Additionally, NordVPN gives you access to an exclusive security tool, which is referred to as “Onion over VPN.” This tool is responsible for routing you Kodi traffic and web traffic to the Onion network, so it will be more difficult to track it.

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NordVPN Features

server icon

NordVPN Servers

support icon

NordVPN Support

pricing icon

NordVPN Pricing

6-month plan
per month
1-month plan
per month
Overall rating: 5/5
Visit NordVPN

3. Surfshark VPN

Surfshark screenshot

Surfshark is a newcomer in the industry. But this British Virgin Island-based company maybe a year old, it is already gaining great reviews and making its way as one of the best VPNs in the industry as it offers unlimited simultaneous connections in different Kode devices.

Many VPN users find Surfshark’s blog useful because it features tons of useful tutorials and support resources, and that includes a detailed article that will help you in getting started and using Kodi. As soon as you have installed the Surfshark app in your Kodi device, you can enjoy various security features such as 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, an ad blocker, and DNS leak protection.

If you want more protection, there are two additional privacy features that you can add to your Surfshark plan – one is alerting you whenever your email address gets leaked, while the other is letting you perform an ad-free internet search anonymously. What’s even greater is you can get these features for only 99 cents every month.

tasks icon

Surfshark VPN Features

server icon

Surfshark VPN Servers

support icon

Surfshark VPN Support

pricing icon

Surfshark VPN Pricing

1-month plan
per month
12-month plan
per month
Overall rating: 4.8/5
Visit Surfshark VPN

4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access screenshot

Private Internet Access or PIA is one of the best Kodi VPNs that you can find in the market today. This VPN service provider has speeds that are ranging from blistering to fast enough, as well as an excellent reputation that was boosted by its no-log policy. PIA is the VPN for those people who are using Kodi.

Private Internet Access is a VPN provider that is based in the United States and offers a strong track record with security and privacy. VPN users who prefer this service can enjoy up to 10 simultaneous connections with different Kodi devices and platforms. Additionally, PIA comes with a good range of international endpoints. Private Internet Access is making its name as one of the most competitive VPN service providers in the industry.

tasks icon

Private Internet Access Features

server icon

Private Internet Access Servers

support icon

Private Internet Access Support

pricing icon

Private Internet Access Pricing

6-month plan
per month
1-month plan
per month
Overall rating: 4.4/5
Visit PIA

5. IPVanish

IPvanish screenshot

For those who are looking for a VPN that is swift enough to support HD streaming with its available servers, then IPVanish is a highly recommended solution as a lightning-fast VPN for Kodi.

When it comes to the speed tests, this VPN has gained a high score together with its unlimited bandwidth. Other great things about IPVanish is optional split tunneling, ultra-strong 256-bit AES encryption, and the support for up to 10 simultaneous connections for the Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, Amazon Fire, and other platforms. IPVanish users also enjoy the unlimited server switching instead of getting assigned to a random server. This means that if you are using IPVanish, you can choose any server that you want from the company’s moderate-sized network.

tasks icon

IPVanish Features

server icon

IPVanish Servers

support icon

IPVanish Support

pricing icon

IPVanish Pricing

1-month plan
per month
3-month plan
per month
Overall rating: 4.0/5
Visit IPVanish

Questions & Answers

In this part of this review about the best Kodi VPN UK, we will discuss the most common questions about this topic. 

Which VPN is best for Kodi?

A. Out of all those five best VPNs for Kodi that we have mentioned in this review, we can confidently say that the best VPN for Kodi is ExpressVPN. Though some users think that this service provider is one of the most expensive options in the market, considering all the features, security, and customer support that it can offer to every Kodi user, we can tell that these benefits are more than enough for its cost.

Is a VPN worth it for Kodi?

A. Yes! It is safe to say that a Von is worth it for Kodi. If you want to improve your Kodi streaming experience while keeping your anonymity and privacy online, you need to invest in a reliable VPN. Aside from this, using a VPN can also give you access to geo-restricted content and video streaming sites and other content, which is a very big plus for all Kodi users.

How do I get a VPN on Kodi?

A. Getting a VPN on Kodi is very easy. Given that you have a Kodi account, you need to purchase a plan from your preferred VPN service provider. If you are not sure about your chosen VPN, you can start with the available free-trial or take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

As soon as you receive your login and password details, the next step is to install the VPN client or app in your device. The best place to download the client is through the provider’s official website. You will need to get the VPN app that is compatible with your operating system.

Now that you have successfully downloaded and set up the VPN client, launch the app and log in using the credentials that were provided by your service provider. When the login attempt is successful, you will find the list of available servers. From them, you can choose your server, press the connect button, and you are ready to use your Kodi software with security and privacy.

Is the Best UK VPN also Good for Kodi

It is not necessarily true that the best VPN for Kodi in the UK is also the best UK VPN, however, the best UK VPN also happens to be good for Kodi. No matter what you consider as the best UK VPN, it would most probably support Kodi. Kodi is a standard in streaming appliances and almost all VPN services support it. It is not a coincidence that when a VPN service is among the best, it would be supporting almost all streaming devices.

How to choose the Best VPN Service for UK

There are several criteria for choosing the best VPN service for the UK. However, individual users do not have the same criteria as corporate users. Corporate users would require large bandwidth, but may not necessarily have a heavy use for geolocation services or servers located in other countries.

On the other hand, individual users would subscribe to VPN services on the strength of their personal requirements including entertainment via media streaming. There is a large number of Kodi users in the UK and they would most probably require Kodi support for their VPN services.


It is not easy to find the best Kodi VPN to use in the UK, but this review will be a big help, especially for those who are just starting in the world of Kodi and VPNs.

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