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IPVanish Coupon Code: Discount, Promo & Deals

IPVanish is a VPN the doesn’t cease to impress. For many years already, the provider has been safeguarding its subscribers by providing the utmost levels of privacy and security. In addition, it also circumvents geo-restrictions to make the internet a freer place.

Despite its premium status, IPVanish doesn’t have premium rates. Be that as it may, many still find it too far beyond their financial reach. Fortunately though, the developers of the VPN are aware of this problem. To mitigate it without permanently lowering their rates, they regularly release discount promotion coupons that allow prospective users to get huge discounts.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how to get IPVanish for less using the coupon code promos that it offers. Aside from that, I’d also like to go over everything else that’s relevant to the subject.


IPVanish Coupon Codes

All of IPVanish’s promotional coupons are only available temporarily. In fact, they seldom last for more than a few weeks. Because of that, we advise you to grab the provider’s deals ASAP before they expire and you become forced to avail of it for a more expensive price.

If you wish to know what the current official coupon promos of IPVanish are, click this link.

You may try this working coupon code: SAVE20NOW

You may also try these old coupon codes:

  • vanish30
  • wait
  • offers20
  • vanish15
  • offers25
  • tpx70
  • newtech
  • nexttimetech

IPVanish Free Trial

Immediately spending on any provider without getting to know it first is an unwise move. Due to that, we highly suggest that you try IPVanish first before buying it. You see, the VPN has a free trial for iOS that lasts for 7 days. Sadly though, that free trial isn’t always available. Because of that, it is recommended that you utilize the 30-day refund workaround instead to get it for free.

Those that want to know more about getting IPVanish for free can read this article. It will guide and teach you everything that you need to know about.


What Is IPVanish?


IPVanish has a rather long history.

It was founded by Mudhook Media way back in 2012. Since then, the provider has gone through many owners. As of writing, it’s currently owned by J2 Global, which is a very large publicly traded information technology company that is headquartered in the United States.

As you might have already guessed, like its parent company, IPVanish is based in the US. As a result, it falls under Five Eyes Alliance jurisdiction. This disadvantage has caused the service to get embroiled in a scandal that happened not too long ago.

One Reddit post made by a respected member of the tech community divulged that IPVanish went against its no-logs policy and disclosed private user info to local authorities. It did this because it was subpoenaed to help in a then-ongoing criminal investigation.


Why IPVanish?

Despite its tarnished reputation, many people still believe that IPVanish is a good VPN service provider. Below are some of the reasons why:

Privacy & Security: IPVanish utilizes AES-256 encryption, which is military-grade. In addition to that, it also maintains support for a broad array of VPN protocols. Sadly though, the service still doesn’t allow its subscribers to use WireGuard - the fastest and safest VPN protocol.

Another thing to know is that IPVanish has decent applications that anyone can learn how to navigate and configure. Each one of these apps comes with a kill switch and a proprietary “scramble” feature that routes your internet traffic through multiple servers.

Speed: The lack of speed isn’t something you need to worry about with IPVanish. Its more than 1400 servers are all decent performers. Although they aren’t the fastest VPN servers out there, they’re certainly capable of providing you with a buttery-smooth internet browsing experience.


Torrenting: IPVanish is torrent-capable. All of its servers are P2P-enabled. On top of that, they do not leak when subjected to testing using Last but not least, these servers are quick enough to allow you to finish your torrent downloading sessions almost immediately.

Streaming: Streaming from the restricted libraries of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and other major platforms is possible using IPVanish. Sadly though, the provider isn’t the best choice for the job. It can only reliably grant full access to libraries in the US.

Travel: IPVanish can be quite useful when you’re traveling.

Its servers can provide you with access to online services and websites that you would not be able to tap into locally. Moreover, they may help you get the best prices available when you’re shopping online.

Unfortunately, IPVanish isn’t a VPN that allows you to bypass the Great Firewall of China. As such, it’s not the best provider to have when you’re visiting the country.


How To Avail of the IPVanish Discount?

Are you dying to get that IPVanish discount? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Head over to this page to avail of IPVanish’s available coupons
  1. Choose the coupon you want and click the apply code button. Please try this one: SAVE20NOW
  1. Select a subscription plan and create an account
  1. Download IPVanish’s application then install it on your device
  1. Open your device’s IPVanish app then start using the provider

I’d like to once again state that IPVanish’s promotions aren’t permanent. Because of that, your best course of action would be to avail of a good deal once you see one. That way, you’ll be certain to get that deal before it expires.


To conclude this article, I’d have to say that IPVanish is a decent VPN that’s definitely worthy of consideration. Needless to say, its current rates are not within the reach of many. As such, it is essential for those with low budgets to take advantage of the provider’s promo coupon codes.

If you want to learn more about IPVanish before buying it, go ahead and read our review of the provider. Also, we suggest that you try it first using free means before spending any money to make sure that it’ll meet your needs as a user.


By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.