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ProtonVPN Free Trial: 7-Day & 30-Day Trials

Protonvpn free trial

ProtonVPN is quickly making a name for itself in the VPN industry. That’s because it has been able to gain a reputation for being capable of safeguarding its subscribers. On top of that, the provider has allowed them to browse the internet without being faced with pesky geoblocks.

At present, there are two ways to try ProtonVPN without risks. It offers a free-tier subscription on all the platforms that it’s available on. In addition to that, you can get the provider for free via the 30-day money-back guarantee VPN free trial workaround.

With all that being said, you should know that ProtonVPN once had a 7-day free trial available. However, this is no longer the case. The reason why is because the VPN service provider’s release of a free-tier subscription negated the need for it to have a free trial.

ProtonVPN Free-Tier Subscription

These are all the steps needed to obtain ProtonVPN using the free-tier subscription:

  1. Signup to ProtonVPN
  1. Choose its free-tier subscription
  1. Enter all the necessary information
  1. Download ProtonVPN’s application for your device
  1. Install the application
  1. Start using ProtonVPN all you want

Sad to say, the free-tier subscription plan of ProtonVPN doesn’t do it justice. How come? You’ll only be getting a dialed-down version of the provider. It won’t be possible for you to access its entire network or have multiple simultaneous connections. In addition, there’ll be a limit as to how fast your connection can get while paired to the service’s 23 available server locations.

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ProtonVPN 30-Day Trial

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Here’s how to get ProtonVPN via the 30-day money-back guarantee hack:

  1. Create a ProtonVPN account
  1. Purchase any of its paid subscription plans
  1. Download ProtonVPN’s application for your device
  1. Install the application
  1. Start using ProtonVPN all you want
  1. Request for a refund from customer service within 30 days

Keep in mind that ProtonVPN automatically bills you once your 30 days are up. Moreover, after the 30-day window is over, there’ll be no more way for you to avail of a complete refund. Thus, you must remain mindful so that you can avoid accidentally spending your money.

What Does The ProtonVPN Free Trial Include?

Simultaneous Connections

If you avail of ProtonVPN’s free-tier subscription, you’ll only be entitling yourself to a maximum of 1 simultaneous device connection. 

Meanwhile, getting the VPN provider using the 30-day money-back guarantee workaround shall entitle you to either 2 or 10 simultaneous connections. The exact number will vary on whether you opt for ProtonVPN’s basic or plus subscription plan.

Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

ProtonVPN’s free subscription plan grants you access to 23 of the VPN’s servers in just 3 countries. As a result, you’ll only get to unblock a mere 3 streaming service libraries.

In comparison, the basic paid subscription of ProtonVPN allows you to access more than 350 server locations in 40+ countries. Now if you want to unblock even more streaming libraries, it would be best if you get ProtonVPN’s plus plan, which lets you access up to 1400+ servers in 60 countries.


Unfortunately, torrenting won’t be viable if you get ProtonVPN’s free-tier plan. The reason why is because you’ll have no access to any of the provider’s P2P servers.

If you wish to torrent without risk using ProtonVPN, you must get it using the 30-day money-back workaround. With the provider’s basic and plus subscription plans, you’ll be able to access more than enough servers to meet all of your torrent downloading means.

Apps On Platforms

The means you utilize to get ProtonVPN without risks won’t matter. Whether you choose to get it using the free subscription or the 30-day money-back hack, you’ll still be able to use ProtonVPN on all of the platform’s that it’s available on.

Browser Extensions

Sadly, the people behind ProtonVPN haven’t gotten around to creating browser extensions. Due to that, your only option to use the provider will be through its applications regardless of how you avail of it. On the bright side though, ProtonVPN is fully compatible with all modern browsers. It only doesn’t work with Internet Explorer, which is very outdated.


All risk-free ways to get ProtonVPN grant you access to the provider’s network that’s completely RAM-based. On top of that, you’ll be able to encrypt your data using military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and all leading VPN protocols. And yes, that includes WireGuard.

Hence, it’s safe to say that you won’t be skimping on security even if you acquire ProtonVPN using free methods.

Kill Switch

How you get ProtonVPN risk-free is irrelevant. That’s because you’ll always be able to make use of the VPN service provider’s kill switch. If anything, this is great news since a VPN kill switch is a very useful feature that’ll guarantee that your private data won’t be exposed.

Live Chat

Sad to say, ProtonVPN’s developers haven’t implemented live chat support yet. 

However, even if you get the provider using free means, you’ll still be able to contact it via email. You see, like other major players in the VPN industry, ProtonVPN does not discriminate between paying or non-paying customers. 

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Overall Rating: 4.3 / 5.0
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Why Would You Need A Free Trial Of ProtonVPN?

Streaming: Getting ProtonVPN for free will allow you to access the unavailable libraries of your favorite streaming platforms. Because of that, it’ll be possible for you to tap into a plethora of interesting and new content that you would not otherwise be able to openly access.

Torrenting: Downloading torrent files on the internet can be rather dangerous. That’s because the activity leaves you open to hackers and other types of cybercriminals. 

Also, it’s heavily frowned upon in many jurisdictions due to the association of torrenting with copyright infringement.

With that said, a VPN like ProtonVPN can render you completely anonymous as you download torrents. Consequently, hackers as well as other entities will not get to determine your identity then make you a victim of cybercrimes or unwanted surveillance.

Privacy & Security: You can get ProtonVPN using free means and then instantly double your levels of online privacy and security. That is because besides making you anonymous online, the provider also encrypts your data using military-grade AES encryption, which is arguably secure. As a matter of fact, it’s the best kind of encryption that money can currently buy.

You should also know that ProtonVPN can also protect you from malware and dangerous ads. It does so using the dedicated ad & malware blocker that’s built into all of its applications.

Travel: One last thing that ProtonVPN for free can do is allow you to browse the internet as you normally would when you travel. It can get around geo-restrictions to grant you full access to websites and online services that aren’t available in the country that you currently are in.

ProtonVPN’s unblocking capabilities are so good that it can even allow you to freely access the web in countries like China. Such places have governments that have imposed strict online censorship policies that prevent their citizens from accessing the web how they want.


The free-tier subscription of ProtonVPN is great. 

However, it DOES NOT entitle you to all that the provider has to offer. You’ll only be able to use the provider on one device and it’ll not be possible for you to connect to all of its servers. Aside from that, it will not be possible for you to download torrents safely as none of its P2P-enabled servers will be accessible.

Anyone that wishes to unlock everything that ProtonVPN has to offer should take advantage of its 30-day money-back policy and get its plus subscription plan. That said, if you’ve got a very limited budget to spend upfront, the provider’s basic subscription plan will definitely suffice.

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