ProtonVPN Review

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ProtonVPN is a privacy-focused service with many impressive features worth considering. We take an in-depth look and compare it with the competition.

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ProtonVPN Introduction

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ProtonVPN is developed and run by the same scientist at CERN and a Harvard Physics Ph.D. professor who initially developed the highly secure ProtonMail the world’s most extensive network for sending encrypted email. When both these giants put their knowledge of ProtonMail to develop a VPN service, the result in ProtonVPN. It is one of the few VPN services that I would consider using if I didn’t want Uncle Sam spying on my internet usage. Plus, I’d hate to find out that my ISP is keeping taps on me too but with ProtonVPN I have nothing to worry about!

We have put ProtonVPN through some rigorous testing over the past couple of months. One of the things that make ProtonVPN stand out from all other similar VPN services is that they only use the OpenVPN protocol. It may be less convenient than most other protocols, but it also guarantees that the connection is always highly secure. If that wasn’t enough the software passes traffic through another layer of security called the secure node protocol which adds yet another layer of protection. If anything, hackers will not be getting through anytime soon because the encryption is impossible to crack. We will discuss this feature in more detail below.

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The ProtonVPN Features

ProtonVPN offers a number of excellent features as compared to similarly priced VPN software. For starters, you have access to 1057 servers in 54 countries. The latest addition to the list is Brazil. But that’s just the tip of the ProtonVPN’s feature iceberg.

2x Traffic Encryption: ProtonVPN tends to route all traffic through many different servers before leaving the network. So, even if your traffic was monitored by the CIA’s high-tech geeks, the chances of your location being traced and traffic being intercepted are zero!

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There is also support for forwarding secrecy which is a fancy term to describe a system where the encryption uses a new key for every session. So, if one encryption key is compromised it can’t be used to decrypt any other traffic. It is this feature that puts PureVPN ahead on the competition in terms of its privacy features.

Strict no-logging Policy: We have found that many VPN services like to bury their logging policy in a lot of technical, legal jargon. In layman terms, this means that service does not log your original IP address or internet access sessions.

After having poured through all the fine print on ProtonVPN’s website we can safely attest that they have a strict no-logging policy. Pouring through all that legal speak is annoying as hell, but someone’s got to do it! There is no compromise on this policy.

After having poured through all the fine print on ProtonVPN’s website we can safely attest that they have a strict no-logging policy. Pouring through all that legal speak is annoying as hell, but someone’s got to do it! There is no compromise on this policy.

What SecureCore does is establish a connection through multiple servers. So, if you are connecting to a US VPN server, the connection is first passed through three or more servers in between. Which means that even if the US server were to be compromised the attacker has no idea what your real IP is and the information you’re accessing.

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No Leaks in the Connection: Now the internet isn’t like a leaking faucet in most instances, but regarding security it is. What that means is that both Web-RTC and DNS leaks are known to expose your real IP address. Revealing your real IP address indicates that anyone can track you down. Usually, in our experience, it is caused by a connection conflict that opens a tiny hole in the data stream.

While the gap is minor, it is still large enough for ISPs, governments and even lowery hacker to slip through which does away with the whole idea of using a VPN in the first place. Why in the world would you want to spend money on a VPN service that exposes your real IP address? We tested ProtonVPN, and their connection turned out to 100% leak free in over the dozen times we ran it.

A Linux Client: In addition to clients for Android, Mac, and Windows, tech-savvy uses unlike me can use ProtonVPN’s Linux client which also uses a command line tool allowing for you to connect with the server of choice quickly. It simplifies the process of connecting to serves in a few seconds.

Netflix Supported: ProtonVPN clearly states that users can access Netflix but only through specific servers. I was curious to figure out which of these so-called “certain servers” can fool Netflix into thinking I’m accessing the site from anywhere but the US. So, I set out on this quest putting each server to the test, and before I knew it, Vegas was able to access Netflix without exposing my New York IP.

I was also able to access Netflix’s Netherlands website via the Netherlands server. However, my advice is if you are buying ProtonVPN to solely use it for Netflix streaming of shows not available in your part of the world then it isn’t money well spent.

Netflix supported

Number Of Devices Allowed & Platform Supported

The basic plan is allowing 2 simultaneous devices but it can go up to 10 devices while using their visionary plan.

The Pros

  • P2P friendly meaning that it can be used for sharing files via torrent clients.
  • Built-in Tor support which enables accessing Onion sites without using the Tor browser.
  • Very easy to use on OS X, Android, iOS, And Windows.
  • A truckload of security features.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Consistent speeds.
  • Many Advanced security features.
  • A strict no-logging policy.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

The Cons

  • Their basic plan only allows having 2 devices connected simultaneously.

ProtonVPN Pricing (Based on Annual pricing)

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ProtonVPN has everything for a user who is concerned with their privacy. It has a healthy selection of mobile apps, the interface is straightforward, there are many servers to choose from, and there are many advanced features for tech-savvy users.

Unlike other VPN services, their focus on privacy is commendable, and it is one of the reasons why I use it. It also the reason why I’d recommend it to businesses because as a business your privacy is paramount. The only drawback as mentioned above is that Netflix does not always work. You may have to run through a few servers to find one that works. Plus, some may find the pricing to be slightly higher than the competition, but for the features, it offers I’ve found the pricing it worth it.

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