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The Best & Free Online Encrypted Chat Services

Best free online encrypted chat service

Nowadays, there isn’t any certainty that your web chats will not be monitored. You never know? There can be somebody that is secretly tracking your everyday online conversations. If you’d prefer your privacy, it might be good not to disclose any private information, particularly if you’re chatting on public forums and website chat boxes.

Whenever your use of secure communication tools is restricted inside a shared atmosphere, or perhaps you are on the run, the best free online encrypted chat services below may be used to generate a makeshift secure chat with no technical understanding.

These websites can make an encrypted chat room with minimal registration details, and they may be utilized by anybody having an internet browser on their computer or mobile phone. However, the websites also need you to trust the server operator. Hence, you should not utilize them for high security unless, of course, you host the chat software.

I have tried personally a couple of from the sites below having a Virtual private network proxy to cover my computer IP, and that I didn’t have any problem getting this done, the only real condition is the fact that JavaScript always needs to be enabled as this is what’s accustomed to secure the messages inside your browser. These encrypted chat services are ChatCrpyt, Cyph, and NilTalk.

The 3 Most Secure Encrypted Chat Rooms

Here are the 3 most secure encrypted chat room services you can use for free today:



What’s ChatCrypt? It’s a simple web chat application that allows you to chat independently. Unlike individuals’ generally used web chat boxes, this web application includes military-grade AES-256 CTR file encryption.

Quite simple, this application will secure your chat messages to ensure that no other people may take a look at the conversations aside from individuals who have been permitted to do this. Besides, your password is needed in every chat room so that you can chat without exposing your private conversations with other people.

Not surprisingly, the ChatCrypt web application only does what it’s intended to do. You can’t really expect it to possess a large number of fancy tools featuring. Its primary aim would be to secure your chat messages. Therefore, it values your privacy above all else.

Also, this web application takes a simple method of online chatting. When you attend its website, search for its “Enter a Chat Room” section, and you complete the needed information. You will be aware when the details you have provided have effectively passed the net app’s standards since the emoticons can have a more happy expression.

Do be aware that the chat room name and password should be the same for those participants. The username, however, varies per participant so that you can freely choose your preferred username.

When it comes to a password, always make certain it contains greater than eight figures, and it ought to be a mix of figures, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters.



On the other hand, Cyph is really a surveillance-free chat experience that provides voice and video calling in addition to file and image discussion. Cyph works with desktops, laptops, smartphones, along other cellular devices.

To make use of this program, you send a hyperlink to your friend's chat room. And, if you are concerned about these conversations being logged forever, don’t sweat: Both link and log disappear just a short while once you terminate your session.

A couple of disadvantages exist here. One of the leading ones, ironically enough, may be the potential danger of truly anonymous chat. You’re at the whim of whoever you invite towards the conversation. Should you send sensitive information through Cyph, you’ve got no history, proof, or log of the conversation, which could help you with legal matters.

Also, if Cyph is really as secure because it claims, it may be utilized as a platform to go over unsound matters and stuff that really threatens our security. Cyph provides a platform by which that information could be transmitted after deleted from the web, eliminating the path that many online hackers have to sniff out their prey.

Going for a security-first approach, Cyph dedicated to finish-to-finish file encryption. Using proven technology like NTRU, Cyph ensures photos, files, conversations, and private data are secure from prying eyes. Cracking just one Cyph message would take more time than age the world, even while using the fastest supercomputer.

Cyph recognized the extra advantage of an open-key cryptosystem that’s completely tamper-resistant without any proven effective attacks and one that’s resistant against quantum computing attacks, making their system future-proof too. NTRU also ensures that Cyph communications are secure from “Harvest & Decrypt” attacks, where messages are stored today and decrypted once quantum computers become effective enough to interrupt conventional crypto solutions.



While Niltalk is really an online free application to produce password-protected forums instantly! You don’t need to register or anything. Create and share the hyperlink for your chat room, and your peers can join you in a discreet conversation along with you. When you’re done, take away the chat in the face of the Internet!

Without any idea of possession, any member can dispose of the chats whenever they would like to achieve this. This will make Niltalk so wicked and awesome that it’s ideal for “holding short and conversation with groups of people that have mutually decided to converse.”

Niltalk can also be guaranteed as all conversations happen over SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Neither will it steal your data regarding your IP addresses, messages, nor does peer handle.

Regardless of the possible risk, anonymous and secure chat sites are very helpful when confronted with money or charge card information on the internet.

If a person hacks into your email, they instantly get access to every message you’ve ever sent. Certainly, a couple of may include a charge card number, address, or any other sensitive private information that may be harmful within the wrong hands.

Key Benefits of Using Encrypted Message

Today, with rampant tracking and digital surveillance from advertisers, ISPs, the government, and nefarious hackers, it is more important than ever to take measures to protect your privacy. One of the ways to keep your messages safe and private is to use an encrypted messaging platform. The main benefit of using an encrypted messaging app or web chat service is that your data is protected.

Virtually, all truly secure messaging platforms come with end-to-end encryption. With e2e encryption, your data is completely shielded from prying eyes. Even if your encrypted message is intercepted in transit, it still won’t be compromised because only the recipient has the private key to decode it.

When your data is encrypted, you can confidently use public WiFi and not have to break a sweat about privacy and security. You don’t have to worry about your digital footprint being used to track you. You can switch from one device to another and even put your data on the cloud without compromising your security.

Many people underestimate the value of always using a secure messaging app. It is easy to just put it off and use an encrypted platform only when you’re logging into your bank account or sharing personal details. But this is the wrong approach. Advertisers can build a profile on you and sell your data just by assessing your messages. Also, hackers could easily exploit security loopholes in unencrypted messaging apps to launch malware attacks.

It is important to note that self destructing messages aren’t necessarily encrypted. If your messaging platform doesn’t support encryption, there’s a chance that your self destructing messages can be intercepted en-route.

Encrypted Chat Service’s Vital Features

Yes, it is important to always use an encrypted messaging app or chat service. But, not every platform has the same safety provisions. When you’re choosing an encrypted chat app, here are some key features to look out for.

Full Encryption:

Only choose a chat app that provides full, end-to-end encryption. Platforms that offer partial encryption are still susceptible to hackers as well as the prying eyes of companies and the government. Always cross-check and ensure that the messaging platform you choose provides full encryption with an advanced encryption protocol and other cryptography technologies.

Encryption on the Cloud:

Many instant messaging platforms store a backup of user data on the cloud. Always confirm that the cloud backup of the chat service you choose is also encrypted. If it is not, your data is not safe even if there is end-to-end encryption. Without cloud encryption, full encryption is ineffective because anyone can still access your chat backups.

Control Over Your Chat History:

Another important feature to look out for in a chap service is the option to delete your chat history. Even if your messages are encrypted, they are stored on your phone. So, if your phone gets into the wrong hands, your privacy could be violated. Thankfully, many platforms give you the ability to delete your chat history.

Confidential Messaging Using Public WiFi – Is It Possible?

Public wifi

Yes, confidential messaging on public WiFi is possible. But doing that puts your security and privacy at risk. Using an encrypted messaging app eliminates these security concerns so you can send a private message (even a voice message) with public WiFi. Thanks to end-to-end encryption, no one - not even the ISP or WiFi owner - can access the content of your messages.

It is super convenient to send messages (even confidential ones) regardless of where you are, even if you’re using the WiFi at the coffee shop or even on the bus. Normally, this is very risky because hackers and other people on the network can easily intercept your signal, access your device, and read your messages.

When you use a messaging platform with full encryption, your messages are scrambled into unreadable data before they are sent. When they arrive on the recipient’s device, a key code on the platform allows the message to be decrypted and readable. If the data packets are intercepted in transit, they won’t make sense to anyone who accesses them because they don’t have the key to decode it.

Apart from using an encrypted messaging platform, another thing you could do to secure your privacy on public WiFi is to use a VPN, particularly if you plan to share files. VPNs also come with end-to-end encryption and other security tools.

How To Make Sure You Have a Super Private Conversation

It can be difficult to have a secret conversation online today thanks to the increasing rate of surveillance. However, it is not impossible. There are many apps and technological tools available that can provide some level of privacy, but they are not all 100 percent effective. If you want to have a super private conversation, one of the underlying things to look out for in any app or chat service you choose is complete end-to-end encryption.

Without encryption, no app or website can provide true privacy. End-to-end encryption makes it impossible for anyone to read the content of your chat message even if your data is intercepted in transit. Only the recipient has the key to read the encrypted message. To guarantee that your messages are truly private, you need to change the settings of your app to ensure that there’s no backup of your messages on the cloud.

While encrypted chat online is effective for preventing people from seeing the content of your internet traffic, it does not prevent anyone from tracking your IP address to find your location or keeping tabs on you in other ways. For total privacy online, you need to use a proxy server or VPN in addition to a messaging app that supports full end-to-end encryption.

In addition to all these, set your messages to disappear after you’ve read them otherwise anyone who has your phone can access your private conversation.

Key Differences Between Regular and Encrypted Group Chat

The main difference between regular and encrypted group chat is the level of protection on your messages. With encrypted chat, your messages are encrypted before they are sent to the other people in the group chat. This makes it impossible for hackers, the government, or your ISP to intercept the traffic and see your messages. However, in regular group chat, these messages can be easily intercepted and accessed by anyone monitoring your internet traffic.

It is important to note that the other people in a group chat will be able to read your messages and communicate with you whether your messages are encrypted or not. Encryption protects your privacy and stops unauthorized persons from being able to hack your messages and see what you’re talking about.

Generally, it is advisable to use an encrypted chat service even if you are not talking about sensitive subjects. Otherwise, anyone can hack you, intercept your messages, and do anything with them.

If your favorite chat app does not come with full encryption, there's a chance it supports secret chat mode. In secret chat mode, your messages get extra protection, including full encryption. Also, they are not stored on servers and you can set them to disappear after some time.

End to End Encrypted Chat Reliability Comparison: ChatCrypt, Cyph, and Niltalk

End to end encryption

ChatCrypt, Cyph, and Niltalk are all popular disposable, web-based chat platforms that promise privacy for your conversations. But do they provide true privacy? Do these chat services provide end to end encryption?

Web chat platforms and apps with end to end encryption guarantee that your messages are not exposed to prying eyes. Without it, your internet traffic is open to hackers, the government, your ISP, and other prying eyes.

  • ChatCrypt provides end to end encrypted chat with AES-256 encryption and user data is not stored on the cloud. The service uses ECDH for key exchange and ChaCha20-Poly1305 for ciphering. When you send messages using ChatCrypt, they cannot be decrypted by third parties even if they hack your internet and track your data packets.
  • Cyph offers end-to-end encryption through the Castle messaging protocol. When you use Cyph, you enjoy complete encryption with Castle’s X25519, XChaCha20, Poly1305, and other security provisions. Its encryption technology is similar to what you get on Signal.
  • Niltalk does not provide end-to-end encryption. This means you’re not fully protected and anyone can intercept your traffic.

ChatCryph and Cyph both provide reliable end to end encryption. However, Niltalk failed in this test. It's important to note that Niltalk is no longer functional.

Quick Guide to Encrypted Communications

Have you ever wondered how encryption works and why encrypted communications are regarded as more secure? Well, here’s a brief guide to everything you need to know.

Encryption involves obfuscating a message to protect it from being accessed by unauthorized people. Encryption technology is based on an algorithm that scrambles the message using a unique key. When a message is encrypted, it is unreadable to anyone who doesn’t have the key. It is only when the message gets to the recipient’s device that it is decrypted and accessible.

There’s partial encryption and full end-to-end encryption. With partial encryption, only parts of your messages are encrypted. This doesn’t provide complete protection because it is possible to piece together your conversation using the bits of information gathered from the unencrypted data sets. With full encryption, all your data is protected from the moment it is sent to the moment it arrives on the recipient’s device.

There are different types of encryption and some are more secure than others. They include state encryption standard (DES), Triple DES, RSA, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), and TwoFish encryption. Basic encryption is not as effective as advanced encryption protocols. AES 256 bit encryption is the standard today for secure messaging platforms and VPN networks. Some platforms run on 128-bit encryption.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I encrypt my chat?

The only way to encrypt your chat is to choose a chat platform (web-based service or app) that comes with encryption. It’s virtually impossible to add encryption to a messaging platform because the encryption algorithm needs to be part of the code that the service runs on.

While you can’t add encryption to a web-based chat service or app, sometimes you have the option to turn on encryption as a feature.

What is the most secure chat app?

There are numerous chat apps to choose from today, and many of them are highly secure because privacy is becoming more important today. Signal and Cyph are arguably the most secure chat apps today.

Is Google Messenger encrypted?

Google’s Messenger app is the default option for Android devices. Unfortunately, this app does not provide end-to-end encryption. However, Google has announced that it is currently testing full encryption. In recent months, there has been a lot of criticism of the Messages app because it could potentially expose users to DNS attacks. 

What chat apps are encrypted?

A lot of apps available today offer some form of encryption. Some of the most popular chat apps that offer encryption include Cyph, Signal, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and Wire.

How do you do end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is based on an algorithm. Your messages are encrypted when you send them. The messages remain encrypted until they arrive on the recipient’s device where they are decrypted using a mirror of the same key code used to encrypt it.

The reason why end-to-end encryption is effective is that the key code is unique and impossible to emulate so no one can decode the encrypted message and read its content.

Conclusion - Best Encrypted Chat

Out of the three online chat platforms we’ve looked at in this article, Cyph is easily the best encrypted chat service followed by ChatCrypt and Niltalk – in that order.

Cyph was created by two former SpaceX engineers. The platform is designed to allow you to enjoy quick, safe, messaging online without having to go through the hassle of signing up. It comes with encryption and keeps you anonymous online. Cyph doesn’t log any user data so you don’t leave any footprints online. One of the things that set Cyph apart from the others is that it is not only available as a web-based service but is also an app.

ChatCrypt is a web chat service. It stands out for its high-level security including military-grade encryption. ChatCrypt allows you to chat on the web anonymously without leaving any data trails. The platform is lightweight and easy to use. While ChatCrypt gives you many of the same features you’ll find on Cyph, it isn’t quite as sophisticated.

Niltalk is no longer active. But, in comparison with the two platforms above, it does not provide end-to-end encryption and other advanced security features.

By: Michael Miller
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