Turkey VPN: Best VPN for Turkey

Turkey is one of the least VPN-friendly countries in the world. While the country’s government hasn’t made using VPNs illegal, it has blocked most leading service providers.

Last Update: May 2, 2022

Overall Rating: 5.0 / 5.0
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  • High-End Military-Grade Encryption
  • Confirmed Zero Logs Policy
  • Ad-blocker Feature
  • High-Speed Servers
  • Unblock 400 Streaming Services
  • 100% diskless encrypted RAM servers
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Overall Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
  • Strict No logs Policy
  • AES-256-GCM Encryption
  • Very Secure Protocol
  • Fast Torrent Speed and Unblocking Netflix
  • Unlimited Devices
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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
  • Unblock Any Content
  • Internet Kill Switch
  • Split Tunneling
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Turkey is one of the least VPN-friendly countries in the world. While the country’s government hasn’t made using VPNs illegal, it has blocked most leading service providers. On top of that, local government authorities there have been known to imprison people caught using VPNs, even if they weren’t necessarily doing anything illegal.

While it’s unsafe to use a VPN in Turkey, it is more unsafe to browse the internet in the country without one. However, what service should you get? Below are my top five picks:

Later, we’ll talk more about these VPN services. For now, I’d like to go over all the reasons why you’d need and want to use a virtual private network service in Turkey:

Why Would You Need a VPN in Turkey?

VPNs come in handy in Turkey for more reasons than one. After all, they aren’t just online security tools. That being said, let’s now go over the three main things you can use a VPN in Turkey for:

  • For Streaming

Your best bet when it comes to unblocking streaming platform libraries is a VPN because it’s far more reliable than a proxy. Sadly though, not all virtual private networks can circumvent the blocks of websites like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, and HBO Max.

Good streaming VPNs have networks that are made up of lightning-fast servers that don’t have problems with working their way around online restrictions. Besides that, they seldom fail at providing you with access to the geo-blocked streaming libraries that you want to watch.

  • For Torrenting

Despite its prevalence, it is illegal to download copyrighted content in Turkey. Hence, to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, you must make use of a VPN.

Virtual private networks keep you safe when torrenting by hiding your IP address. Needless to say, not every VPN can do this. Because of that, you must opt for a service that does not leak and has a dedicated fleet of specialized P2P-enabled torrenting servers.

  • For Privacy & Security

Privacy and security. These two things are essentials that every VPN must provide. Of course, not every provider succeeds at doing this. As a matter of fact, some even bring about danger. How so? By secretly gathering your logging data then selling or giving it away to third parties.

If safety is your utmost priority, make sure to get a VPN that’s got a concrete zero-logging policy along with a RAM-based network to back it up. On top of that, it should employ AES encryption and have support for all leading VPN protocols. Finally, the provider that you select must-have apps that are equipped with every safety feature that you’d ever need.

What are the Best VPNs for Turkey in 2021?

1. NordVPN

Netflix: NordVPN is a godsend if you’re tired of the content on Turkish streaming libraries. That is because it excels at unblocking the otherwise restricted foreign libraries of everything from Hulu to Netflix. On top of that, it does so without introducing lag or slight quality hiccups.

Torrenting: The torrenting capabilities of NordVPN are not to be underestimated. Although not all of its servers are P2P enabled, the provider still aces at providing you with a safeguarded and fully anonymous torrenting experience. This is because it has an amazing assortment of P2P servers that don’t leak and cause your internet speeds to drop.

Privacy & Security: It’s no secret that NordVPN was once hacked. Fortunately, no subscriber information got stolen during the incident. Hence, the only real damage done was to the good reputation of NordVPN that was, until then, untarnished.

The developers of NordVPN have been striving to redeem their VPN. They’ve announced their plans to move to RAM-based servers soon. Moreover, they’ve begun a successful bug bounty program. Finally, they have also created a protocol known as NordLynx.

Pricing: Despite everything going for it, NordVPN has chosen not to charge a premium for its many subscriptions. You can avail of the VPN service provider for a mere $8.84 per month, which is an incredible steal if you ask me.

2. Surfshark

Netflix: Surfshark can easily bypass whatever streaming platform geoblock you throw at it with relative ease, especially Netflix. More importantly, its 3200+ servers are all faster than average, making them perfectly suited for all your entertainment needs. After all, they don’t cause buffering or incredibly long loading times, which is great for people who value reliability.

Torrenting: Each of Surfshark’s thousands of speedy servers are P2P enabled, and therefore, perfectly suited for torrenting. And yes, if you’re wondering, they don’t leak when tested with software such as IPLeak.net. Thus, you may download all you want without worries.

The stance of Surfshark towards torrenting is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t condone the use of its network for the illegal downloading of copyrighted material. Nevertheless, it actively encourages its subscribers to use its server network for torrenting purposes.

Privacy & Security: Surfshark is safe. The provider has recently become the second VPN ever to fully transition to using RAM-based servers. Hence, you can be sure that it shall remain true to its zero-logs policy under whatever circumstance. Plus, even if it gets hacked, the provider won’t be able to give off your info as it’s unable to store it in the first place.

Pricing: The value that Surfshark provides is second to none. For $12.95, you’ll be able to get access to the service for an entire month. As expected, you will be entitled to all of Surfshark’s features and allowed to connect an unlimited amount of devices simultaneously.

3. ExpressVPN

Netflix: Once you use ExpressVPN with Netflix, it’s guaranteed that you’ll never look back. The provider will be the only one you’ll need because it unblocks the streaming platforms with great consistency. As a matter of fact, during my time with it, not once was I met with Netflix’s classic error screen.

Another thing you should know is the ExpressVPN’s servers are all blazingly fast. Regardless of where you’re paired to, it is sure that you will not suffer from painfully sluggish internet speeds. For binge-watchers and cinephiles, this is wonderful as they’ll get to have an uninterrupted viewing experience every time they watch Netflix or any other streaming website.

Torrenting: ExpressVPN supports torrenting on its network and certainly has the means to. It’s fully compatible with leading torrent clients like Vuze, BitTorrent, uTorrent, and Deluge. Aside from that, it doesn’t leak and is equipped with a large 100% P2P enabled server network.

Privacy & Security: ExpressVPN is a pioneer in RAM-disk technology. It is the first VPN ever to have a network that’s entirely RAM-based. Even more, interestingly, it also is one of the first VPN providers to have itself subjected to annual independent security audits.

The apps of ExpressVPN, unfortunately, lack an ad & malware blocker. In addition, they also do not have any sort of unique features that other VPNs frequently offer. As such, if you wish to get a VPN that’s packed with exclusive offerings, then ExpressVPN isn’t the service for you.

Pricing: ExpressVPN is one of the more expensive VPNs out there. A basic monthly plan will cost you a hefty $12.95. While this is the same as what Surfshark charges, you should remember that Surfshark allows for unlimited simultaneous connections.

4. CyberGhost

Netflix: Not every CyberGhost server is cut out for streaming purposes. Needless to say, with over 7500 locations, you’ll certainly find the right location to use. This is especially easy given the fact that CyberGhost’s desktop apps list down what servers are good for streaming, including Netflix.

Torrenting: As you might’ve expected, CyberGhost hasn’t made its network 100% P2P enabled yet. However, this hasn’t stopped it from being a wonderful torrenting VPN solution. That’s because it doesn’t leak when tested and has a large collection of torrenting servers.

Like when it comes to streaming, the desktop applications of CyberGhost make picking and pairing to the appropriate torrenting server an absolute breeze. With the VPN, it won’t be necessary to research to find the right location to connect to, which is awesome.

Privacy & Security: CyberGhost provides a decent level of protection against malicious parties that wish to endanger you. It utilizes military-grade AES encryption and has recently started rolling out support for WireGuard across all of the platforms that it’s available on.

The amount of security features that CyberGhost has is rather impressive. However, some of these features have limited availability. For example, the provider’s secret photo vault is exclusively available for iOS, which is a definite bummer for loyal Android users.

Pricing: A 1-month CyberGhost subscription is quite expensive at $12.99. For that reason, it’s recommended that you avail of one of the provider’s long term plans. That way, you shall be getting the greatest value for your hard-earned cash.

5. PureVPN

Netflix: PureVPN is great at unblocking Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and a myriad of other streaming sites. Of course, this shouldn’t come as a surprise since the provider has the world’s second-largest VPN network, which consists of 7000+ servers.

Though my tests have shown that PureVPN isn’t the fastest VPN, it’s still quick enough to meet the needs of avid cinephiles like myself. As a matter of fact, the provider only introduced buffering, quality drops, and lengthy loading times on a few occasions.

Torrenting: PureVPN has enough torrenting servers to satisfy anyone who gets their content primarily via torrent. To add to that, it’s completely free of leaks. Therefore, it’s a guaranteed viable option for anyone out there that’s seeking out a secure torrenting VPN solution.

Privacy & Security: Your privacy and security are bulletproof when using PureVPN. Its incredibly large server network makes it able to easily keep your IP address hidden. Additionally, the VPN provider’s use of AES encryption and support for all common protocols help allow you to add another layer of security to your already very secure VPN experience.

Pricing: PureVPN is cheaper than CyberGhost but not as cheap as NordVPN. A 1-month plan will set you back $10.95, which is a fairly decent rate. With that being said, I don’t think that PureVPN offers the greatest value. Nonetheless, it’s still a decent option for big savers.

Ranking Criteria

I came up with my rankings by tediously researching to find out which VPNs performed best in Turkey. Besides that, I also conducted polls on Facebook and Reddit to get feedback from actual users in the country. That way, I could be 100% certain of all of my choices.

As you might’ve already guessed, sheer performance wasn’t the only thing I looked at. After all, I’m well aware that affordability and value for money are two other things that ultimately dictate whether a VPN service provider is getting it or not.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.