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Watch Champions League quarterfinals for free 23/24

I'll show you how to watch the Champions League quarterfinals for free. The UCL quarterfinals of the 2023/24 season will take place on April 9/10 and April 16/17, 2024. All you need is an internet-enabled device, a reliable internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps and a premium VPN service that can bypass geoblocking of foreign live streams. To watch the Champions League for free, I recommend either NordVPN* or the slightly cheaper CyberGhost*. These services have so far always been reliable in helping me watch Champions League on free TV and other great sporting events.

These are the streams abroad that stream UEFA Champions League quarterfinals for free:

This is how you watch UEFA Champions League quarterfinals for free:

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you stream the Champions League quarterfinals for free:

Total Time: 15 minutes

Get a premium VPN

To bypass the geoblocking of the free Champions League broadcasters, it is necessary to use a reliable VPN. Since these broadcasters are based abroad and probably only have regional broadcast licenses, geoblocking will be activated. A great option that I can recommend is the affordable and reliable VPN CyberGhost*. With this premium VPN service, you can easily and effectively bypass geoblocking and enjoy the Champions League for free.

VPN installation

Install the VPN service on your devices that you want to use to stream the UCL.

VPN server connection

If you want to stream the Champions League quarterfinals for free, I recommend you to choose a channel from the list above. After that, you should connect to the country where the broadcaster is located to get a local IP address. This will allow you to bypass geoblocking and unlock the UCL live stream.

Go to the UCL channel

Done. Now all you have to do is go to the live stream website and start the UCL stream. Have fun.

Insight into the UEFA Champions League perpetual standings

What soccer fan doesn't know about the UEFA Champions League? It is the most famous club competition in the world. A look at the top 50 of the CL perennial table gives an idea of which teams are the favorites to reach the Champions League quarterfinals again this year.

#TeamMatcheWDDef.GoalsScore diff.Points
1Real Madrid474283811101042:5205229301.96
2FC Bayern München3762247577790:3714197471.99
3FC Barcelona3311907665650:3373136461.95
4Manchester United2831526863508:2812275241.85
5Juventus Turin2971516878468:2971715211.75
6AC Mailand2591256767422:2481744421.71
7Liverpool FC2301284854432:2182144321.88
8SL Benfica2601156085426:3081184051.56
9FC Porto2571155884371:292794031.57
10Chelsea FC1971015244334:1811533551.80
11Ajax Amsterdam2151005065344:2391053501.63
12Inter Mailand195935052273:199743291.69
13Arsenal FC187884257302:215873061.64
14Atlético Madrid156734241217:149682611.67
15Borussia Dortmund164763355277:210672611.59
16Paris Saint-Germain139742738273:1621112491.79
17Dynamo Kiev186654180225:247-222361.27
18Manchester City117642429239:1311082161.85
19Olympique Lyon136583642214:165492101.54
20Celtic FC150602763208:20442071.38
21PSV Eindhoven163563968201:208-72071.27
22RSC Anderlecht163533575213:277-641941.19
23Valencia CF116483434167:123441781.53
24Olympiakos Piräus156472881172:261-891691.08
26Rangers FC131433157170:214-441601.22
27Roter Stern Belgrad98481436195:150451581.61
28AS Rom109412642147:157-101491.37
29Olympique Marseille110431849159:138211471.34
31Bayer Leverkusen107372545146:173-271361.27
32FC Schachtar Donezk112362650148:193-451341.20
33AS Monaco98352142144:13771261.29
34Spartak Moskau104342347144:167-231251.20
35Sparta Prag102332445128:152-241231.21
36CSKA Sofia86341537122:129-71171.36
37FC Brügge97312244113:142-291151.19
38Feyenoord Rotterdam79302227131:102291121.42
39FC Schalke 0473291727104:110-61041.42
40FC Basel82291538111:147-361021.24
41IFK Göteborg70301030115:10871001.43
42Sevilla FC6627182197:943991.50
43Sporting CP92281549123:163-40991.08
44Footbal Club FCSB87252240102:126-24971.11
45SSC Neapel58271516100:6931961.66
46Tottenham Hotspur61271321110:8723941.54
47ZSKA Moskau8623204396:139-43891.03
48Deportivo La Coruña5823152074:79-5841.45
49Rosenborg BK90212148109:172-63840.93
50SV Werder Bremen6023142395:98-3831.38

The dates for the 2023/24 Champions League quarter-finals

Here are the dates for the UCL quarterfinals and the following dates for semifinals and finals.

  • Quarterfinals: April 9/10 and 16/17, 2024
  • Semifinals: April 30/May 1 and May 7/8, 2024
  • Finals: June 1, 2024

FAQ - Questions and Answers

Isn't bypassing geoblocking illegal?

It is advisable to follow the applicable laws and regulations of your country of residence when using a VPN or bypassing geoblocking.
Note that bypassing geoblocking may violate the terms of service and policies of the platform or service you want to use. This may result in suspension of your account or other legal consequences.

Where can I watch the Champions League quarterfinals for free?

These are the foreign channels that stream the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals for free:
ServusTV (Austria) - German commentary - VPN connection Austria
RTE 2 (Ireland) - English commentary - VPN connection Ireland
ViX (USA) - Spanish commentary - VPN connection USA
RTL (Luxembourg) - Luxembourgish commentary - VPN connection Luxembourg
Canale 5 (Italy) - Italian commentary - VPN connection Italy
RTL Zwee (Luxembourg) - French commentary - VPN connection Luxembourg
Club RTL (Belgium) - French commentary - VPN connection Belgium
MatchTV (Russia) - Russian commentary - VPN connection Russia
M4Sport (Hungary) - Hungarian commentary - VPN connection Hungary

Stream the Champions League quarterfinals with a free VPN?

When looking for a free VPN service that allows you to bypass geographical restrictions, there are a few things to consider. Free VPN services usually have limitations on bandwidth, speed, and server locations. These factors can negatively impact your streaming experience, especially if you want to watch live sporting events like Champions League matches.
The limited bandwidth and speed with free VPNs can lead to poorer streaming quality, which can cause delays and buffering issues. A stable and fast internet connection is crucial to watch the game smoothly. Free VPNs may not provide the required performance to ensure this.
Another factor is the limited number of server locations for free VPN services. To bypass geographical restrictions and stream games abroad, you need access to servers in the relevant countries. Free VPNs usually don't have enough server locations to make this possible, which means you might not be able to access the content you want.
In addition, free VPN services may also come with privacy concerns. Some free services may collect your data and use it for other purposes, which poses a risk to your privacy.
For these reasons, I recommend you to use a paid VPN service that is trustworthy, reliable and powerful. Services like CyberGhost* offer good performance, a wide range of server locations and guarantee a high-quality and secure streaming experience during a Champions League match for the entire duration of the game.
It is important to invest in a reliable and high-quality VPN to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience without compromising on privacy or content quality.

By: Michael Miller
Michael is the CEO of VPN Online, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the cyber-security space. VPN Online was started in 2019 after Michael consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and saw the lack of understanding about cybersecurity many of their employees had.