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Watch UEFA Champions League Live Stream for free

If you've landed here, you're probably only interested in one question: Can I watch Champions League Live Stream for free? Yes, you can! I'll explain how it works here. Via free TV abroad, you can stream Champions League matches live for free. For this you need a reliable VPN like the one from NordVPN or CyberGhost (price tip). Here is an overview of the free TV channels with broadcasting rights to the UEFA Champions League.

Watch the Champions League live stream for free on these websites:

  • RTE2 Ireland, VPN Server Ireland, English commentary
  • VIX USA, VPN Server US, Spanish commentary
  • M4Sport, VPN Server Hungary, Hungarian commentary
  • ServusTV, VPN Server Austria, German commentary
  • RTL Luxembourg, VPN Server Luxembourg, Luxembourgian commentary
  • Canale 5, VPN Server Italy, Italian commentary
  • RTL Zwee, VPN Server Luxembourg, French commentary
  • Club RTL, VPN Server Belgium, French commentary
  • ZDF (only the Champions League final), VPN Server Germany, German commentary

Watch Champions League Live Stream for free - step by step

Follow these steps and stream UEFA Champions League online for free.

Total Time: 10 minutes

You need a good VPN

At this point, it is very important that you use a VPN that can bypass geographical barriers. I have had excellent experiences with NordVPN. For the Champions League free-to-air channels listed above, I was able to bypass all regional blocking. CyberGhost is also a very reliable VPN.

Install the VPN on your devices

Think about which devices you want to use to watch Champions League Live Stream for free. NordVPN offers apps for Android, Android TV, Windows, iOS, macOS and Linux. The use on a VPN router is allowed and thus you can also watch with your game console (Playstation / Xbox) or your smart TV.

Connect to the right server

Use our table to find out where and when the next UEFA Champions League matches will be broadcast on free TV. Then connect to the corresponding country to get the appropriate IP address. This will help you avoid geoblocking. If you want to watch ServusTV, for example, you have to connect to Austria. For, it's Luxembourg, and so on.

Open the desired streaming portal

Open the streaming portal now. You may need to register. This is free of charge. If you get a message that the desired content cannot be displayed despite VPN, change the server or see our tips below on how to solve problems.

Enjoy the online stream!

Done, that's all you need to do. Install VPN, connect to the server, sit back and enjoy Champions League Live Stream for free. I also advise you to use a VPN with high speeds, otherwise streaming is no fun. You need 5 MBit/s for streaming in HD and about 25 Mbit/s for Ultra HD or 4K. NordVPN is probably the fastest VPN on the market. I even use it to watch in the highest quality.

Why don't the free TV stations show all Champions League games?

To answer the question very simply: it's because of the money. TV stations buy licenses for certain games and are only allowed to broadcast these games in a corresponding country. ServusTV Austria, for example, is allowed to show one match on Wednesday and that's it. Of course, the station concentrates on teams from its own country or on those where Austrians are playing or are coaches.

Free-to-air broadcasters also have to make sure that the whole world can't watch the Champions League live stream for free. That's why they use certain technologies to restrict access from everywhere. This is the so-called geo-blocking, which you can cancel out with a VPN. With NordVPN, you just have to click on the desired country and then you will be connected to it.

The VPN provider provides servers in all countries that are important for Champions League live stream for free.

Why do I need a VPN anyway?

It is always possible that instead of the desired soccer game you get a message that the broadcast is not available in your country. Then you have just made acquaintance with the already above-mentioned geoblocking. The corresponding TV broadcasters then only have the license to broadcast the game in the country they have contracted to broadcast.

Using your IP address, the streaming portals can determine which country you are currently in. With a VPN, you connect to a server in the desired country and take an IP address from there. With this trick, you can bypass geographical blocks.

Tips when the Champions League streaming does not work

There is a small possibility that your stream will not work despite the VPN usage. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to proceed in such a case.

  1. Your server has been unmasked: it can always happen that a sender detects that you are using a VPN. This is sometimes the case and cannot be prevented. Just change the server and try again. Some VPN services also offer static IP addresses, which you then do not share with other people. This can also help.
  2. Browser problems: perhaps the sender recognizes that you are using a VPN from browser cookies. Clear the cache or cookies of your browser or use the incognito mode or a private window. Some browsers have a problem with streaming in general - so try the popular browsers: Google Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Vivaldi or Safari.
  3. Browser extensions: Most VPNs also offer browser add-ons, but these are proxies. They also only change the IP address of your browser and do not encrypt all traffic. Proxies are faster, though, and I've had good success with them for bypassing geoblocking to watch Champions League Live Stream for free.
  4. Different VPN protocol: Reputable VPN providers offer several VPN protocols to choose from. Some are easier to recognize than others. If you have a problem watching Champions League on free TV, change the VPN protocol and try again.

UEFA Champions League reform from season 24/25

Now it's official. Starting in the 24/25 season, the Champions League will be completely revamped. One may now look forward to even more exciting Champions League evenings in front of the TV. Of course, only if you can watch the Champions League games for free… But UEFA's decision is causing great frustration among many soccer fans. Why? Already now it is hardly possible for the die-hard soccer fan to bear the high costs for the support of his first-class playing heart club. Almost every week is now an English one. Prices for home match tickets are getting more and more expensive, not to mention the cost of catering in the stadium. If you want to watch all away games in all competitions on TV or stream, you need two, three or even four expensive sports streaming subscriptions. What soccer fan is going to be able to afford that?

What changes with the Champions League reform?

From the Champions League season 24/25, the tournament will be increased to 36 teams instead of the previous 32. Previously, the 32 teams were divided into 8 groups of four, each of which played each other in first and second legs. Now a kind of separate league is being created. Yes, there was talk of something similar recently? Wasn't it called Super League? That's right, this project of some of the big clubs was crushed by UEFA. Now they are doing it themselves and the business of soccer is being further inflated.

How many Champions League games will there be?

The original plan was for 10 games per team in the first phase of the tournament. This has since been reduced to 8. This brings us to a total of 189 matches in the preliminary or starting phase of the tournament. So the UEFA Champions League will have to introduce 2 more match days compared to today. We can assume that this additional load will also cause even more activity for the squad planners of the respective clubs. Already now, many clubs have reacted to the additional load caused by a Winter World Cup in Qatar and have broadened their squads.

Back to the number of games. In the end, not everyone plays against everyone else. After the preliminary round, the first eight in the table go directly to the final round of the last 16. The remaining 8 are played in so-called playoffs with first and second legs between the 9th-24th placed teams. The losers of these playoffs will not be integrated into another UEFA competition as usual (UEFA Europa League). They are then completely out of the international competitions and can only start again next year.

What does the Champions League reform bring for us fans?

UEFA and the clubs are hoping for more exciting matches at the top international level. Basically, they are also looking forward to more money from TV marketing and full stadiums. For us fans, on the other hand, it primarily means higher expenses for stadium visits and pay TV subscriptions. Let's hope that we can still find loopholes in the 24/25 season to stream the Champions League for free with VPN.

What about Champions League live streams that are illegal?

There are always dubious websites on the Internet where you can supposedly watch Champions League matches for free and risk-free. However, these streaming platforms are illegal and I strongly advise you not to use them. Without VPN, your ISP (internet service provider) and state authorities can find out exactly which websites you have visited based on your IP address. This could lead to unpleasant legal consequences. Just because you can use such streaming platforms anonymously with a VPN doesn't make it legal.

However, these streaming providers are not only illegal, but also unsafe. They display a lot of pop-up ads and use trackers, selling your data to third parties. Such websites have also been caught repeatedly installing malware, malicious codes, Trojans and the like on their visitors' devices. Among others, I am referring to the platforms:


It is best to stay away from them. As mentioned before, such a Champions League live stream is illegal and in the worst case scenario, someone will steal your data or install malware on your device. Stick to the legal options that we have listed at the beginning of the article.

Disclaimer: The methods just described work in theory. However, it is not an invitation to engage in illegal activities. In fact, I explicitly advise against the use of illegal streaming portals and websites. You, the reader, are responsible for your own actions and online activities.

Free VPN for online streaming?

I am often asked if you can stream the UEFA Champions League with a free VPN. Unfortunately this does not work, I have already tested this myself.

Most free VPNs only give you a few MBytes per month. That's not enough to stream even a single game for 90 minutes.

Furthermore, most free VPNs have throttled speeds, making free TV streaming in high quality impossible as well.

There are VPNs that offer a good free service, but the countries you can connect to are severely limited (1,2 or max 3). Then you might have decent speeds and enough data volume to stream Champions League free, but you can't unblock the real free TV channels.

If you want to watch a Champions League match for free in good quality and uninterrupted, then you can't avoid a service like NordVPN or CyberGhost.

Other advantages of a VPN

With a VPN, however, you can not only watch Champions League in live stream for free, but the best VPN services also offers other advantages.

Providers like NordVPN and CyberGhost also have an adblocker, but it also blocks trackers as well as protects against malware and phishing websites to some degree. This is especially important if you accidentally end up on dubious websites that bombard you with ads and want to track and sell your data.

In addition, you can surf the Internet anonymously with a VPN. Your device is connected to a server of the provider via a so-called tunnel and your data traffic is also encrypted. Hackers, authorities, your ISP and other prying eyes do not see what you do on the Internet. However, it is important that you take a VPN with a no-logs policy, so that the VPN provider cannot share data even if it is requested to do so by, for example, authorities.

Bypass censorship and VPN blocks. Some countries censor the Internet very heavily and even have VPN blocks in place. In some countries, VPNs are even generally banned or heavily regulated. These countries include China, Russia, Belarus, Egypt, Turkey, Iran and so on. For example, if you are on vacation for the next Champions League match and want to watch the game for free on free TV, you will need a VPN with reliable servers in the country of the free broadcast.

FAQ - Questions and answers about streaming

Finally, some answers to questions that might be interesting for you.

Where can I watch Champions League on free TV?

On every Champions League match day, matches are shown on free TV for free. Our table will help you to find your match.

Can I watch Champions League with a free VPN?

I honestly highly doubt it. There are trusted free VPNs, no question. But they all have data volume limitations or don't offer servers in the required country.

Is it illegal to stream Champions League on free TV with VPN?

There are countries like Turkey, Russia, North Korea, China and Belarus where a VPN is illegal. If you want to use a VPN in these countries to bypass censorship, you have to be careful. As far as I know, tourists have not encountered any problems when using a VPN to bypass geoblocking.

When is the 2024 Champions League final?

The final for the current season will take place at Wembley Stadium in London, England, on 1 June 2024. 

By: Michael Miller
Michael is the CEO of VPN Online, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the cyber-security space. VPN Online was started in 2019 after Michael consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and saw the lack of understanding about cybersecurity many of their employees had.