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Stream Champions League semifinal online for free 23/24

I'll show you how to stream the Champions League semifinal online for free. The CL semifinals will take place on April 30/May 1 (semifinal first legs) and May 7/8 (semifinal second legs) 2024.
To watch the Champions League semifinal pairings for free, you need a strong internet connection(min 5 Mbit/s) and a reliable VPN service that can unblock geo-blocked content from broadcasters. As a VPN I can recommend NordVPN* or CyberGhost*(price tip). At least that's how I watch the Champions League for free. It's always worked out great so far.

Here is a list of all TV channels and streams that broadcast the Champions League semifinals for free:

This is how you receive the UEFA Champions League semi-final for free:

In order to stream Champions League semifinals online for free, you need to follow these instructions:

Total Time: 15 minutes

Get a VPN

To bypass the geoblocking restrictions of the free Champions League broadcasters, you need a reliable VPN. These broadcasters are based abroad and most likely have only regional broadcast licenses, which activates geoblocking. An excellent recommendation in this regard is the affordable and reliable VPN CyberGhost*. With this top-notch VPN service, you can easily and effectively bypass geo-blocking and enjoy the Champions League for free.

Install the VPN

Now it's time to install the VPN software on your streaming devices. Premium VPNs like CyberGhost support all popular operating systems.

Connect to a server

Now, choose the channel from the list that you want to watch your Champions League semifinal with. Select the country of the broadcaster as VPN server. This should allow you to bypass the geo-blocking.

Start the CL live stream

Once you have followed the above steps, your streaming device should simulate a local IP address of the country you connected to on the VPN servers. Now go to the CL live stream and press Start. Enjoy streaming Champions League semifinals online for free!

Overview of all top scorers in the UEFA Champions League

Scoring a goal in a Champions League match is probably the dream of every soccer player. Is it perhaps even the decisive goal in the semifinals that paves the way to the Champions League final? Here is a list of all the top scorers in the competition, which is also known as the premier league of soccer. Surely, one or the other name will seem familiar to you. Some of the players have the hero status in their countries and in the soccer world.

SeasonCountryTop scorerGoals
2022/2023NorwayErling Haaland12
2021/2022FranceKarim Benzema15
2019/2020PolandRobert Lewandowski15
2018/2019ArgentinaLionel Messi12
2017/2018PortugalCristiano Ronaldo15
2016/2017PortugalCristiano Ronaldo12
2015/2016PortugalCristiano Ronaldo16
2014/2015ArgentinaLionel Messi10
2014/2015PortugalCristiano Ronaldo10
2013/2014PortugalCristiano Ronaldo17
2012/2013PortugalCristiano Ronaldo12
2011/2012ArgentinaLionel Messi14
2010/2011ArgentinaLionel Messi12
2009/2010ArgentinaLionel Messi8
2008/2009ArgentinaLionel Messi9
2007/2008PortugalCristiano Ronaldo8
2005/2006UkraineAndriy Shevchenko9
2004/2005NetherlandsRuud van Nistelrooy8
2002/2003NetherlandsRuud van Nistelrooy14
2001/2002NetherlandsRuud van Nistelrooy10
1998/1999UkraineAndriy Shevchenko8
1998/1999Trinidad & TobagoDwight Yorke8
1997/1998ItalyAlessandro Del Piero10
1996/1997SerbiaMilinko Pantić5
1995/1996FinlandJari Litmanen9
1994/1995LiberiaGeorge Weah7
1993/1994NetherlandsRonald Koeman8
1993/1994New ZealandWynton Rufer8
1991/1992RussiaSergey Yuran7
1991/1992FranceJean-Pierre Papin7
1990/1991AustriaPeter Pacult6
1990/1991FranceJean-Pierre Papin6
1989/1990FranceJean-Pierre Papin6
1988/1989NetherlandsMarco van Basten10
1987/1988PortugalRui Águas4
1987/1988AlgeriaRabah Madjer4
1987/1988RomaniaGheorghe Hagi4
1987/1988ScotlandAlly McCoist4
1987/1988SerbiaSylvester Takač5
1987/1988FranceJean-Marc Ferreri4
1987/1988Czech RepublicPetar Novák4
1986/1987CroatiaBoro Cvetković7
1985/1986SwedenTorbjörn Nilsson6
1985/1986FranceMichel Platini7
1984/1985SwedenTorbjörn Nilsson7
1984/1985BelarusViktor Sokol6
1983/1984ItalyPaolo Rossi6
1982/1983GermanyDieter Hoeneß7
1981/1982EnglandTerry McDermott6
1981/1982ScotlandGraeme Souness6
1980/1981GermanyKarl-Heinz Rummenigge6
1980/1981GreeceAntonis Antoniadis10
1979/1980DenmarkSøren Lerby10
1978/1979SwitzerlandClaudio Sulser11
1977/1978DenmarkAllan Simonsen5
1976/1977ItalyFranco Cucinotta5
1976/1977GermanyGerd Müller5
1975/1976GermanyJupp Heynckes6
1974/1975ArmeniaEduard Markarov5
1974/1975GermanyGerd Müller5
1973/1974GermanyGerd Müller8
1972/1973GermanyGerd Müller11
1971/1972SerbiaSylvester Takač5
1971/1972HungaryAntal Dunai5
1971/1972NetherlandsJohan Cruyff5
1970/1971GreeceAntonis Antoniadis10
1969/1970EnglandMick Jones7
1969/1970SwedenOve Kindvall7
1968/1969ScotlandDenis Law9
1966/1967GermanyJürgen Piepenburg6
1966/1967BelgiumPaul Van Himst6
1965/1966HungaryFlórián Albert7
1964/1965PortugalJosé Torres9
1963/1964SerbiaVladimir Kovačević7
1963/1964HungaryFerenc Puskás7
1963/1964ItalySandro Mazzola7
1962/1963BrazilAltafini Mazzola14
1961/1962GermanyHeinz Strehl8
1960/1961PortugalJosé Águas11
1959/1960HungaryFerenc Puskás12
1958/1959FranceJust Fontaine10
1957/1958ArgentinaAlfredo Di Stéfano10
1956/1957EnglandDennis Viollet9
1955/1956SerbiaMiloš Milutinović8

The dates for the 2023/24 Champions League semi-finals

The Champions League semifinals are just around the corner. Remember these dates so you don't miss a game:

  • CL semifinal first leg: April 30 and May 1
  • CL semifinal second leg: May 7 and 8, 2024
  • CL final: June 1, 2024

FAQ - Questions and Answers

Is it legal to bypass geoblocking?

It's important to follow the legal requirements and laws of your country of residence when using a VPN or bypassing geoblocking.
You should also check the terms of service and policies of the platform or service you want to use, as bypassing geoblocking may be against its rules. It's possible that this could lead to your account being suspended or legal consequences.

Who shows the Champions League semifinal pairings for free?

I found the following channels that stream the UEFA Champions League semifinals for free online:
ServusTV (Austria) - German commentary
RTE 2 (Ireland) - English commentary
ViX (USA) - Spanish commentary
RTL (Luxembourg) - Luxembourg commentary
Canale 5 (Italy) - Italian commentary
RTL Zwee (Luxembourg) - French commentary
Club RTL (Belgium) - French commentary
MatchTV (Russia) - Russian commentary
M4Sport (Hungary) - Hungarian commentary

Do free VPNs work for streaming UCL semifinals?

When looking for a free VPN service that allows you to bypass geographical restrictions, there are some important points to consider. Free VPNs usually have limitations in terms of bandwidth, speed, and available server locations. These factors can negatively impact your streaming experience, especially if you want to watch live sporting events like Champions League matches.
The limited bandwidth and speed with free VPNs can lead to compromised streaming quality, which can cause delays and annoying buffering issues. However, a stable and fast internet connection is crucial to watch the game smoothly. Free VPNs may not provide the required performance to ensure this.
Another significant factor is the limited number of available server locations with free VPN services. To bypass geographical restrictions and stream games abroad, you need access to servers in the respective countries. Free VPNs often don't have enough server locations to make this possible, which can mean that you might not be able to access the content you want.
In addition, free VPN services come with privacy concerns. Some free services might collect your data and use it for other purposes, which poses a significant risk to your privacy.
For these reasons, I recommend you to invest in a paid VPN service that is trustworthy, reliable and powerful. Services like CyberGhost* offer outstanding performance, an extensive selection of server locations, and guarantee a top-notch and secure streaming experience during a Champions League match, without interruptions.
It is of great importance to invest in a reliable and high-quality VPN to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience, without sacrificing privacy or content quality.

By: Michael Miller
Michael is the CEO of VPN Online, one of the fastest-growing media companies in the cyber-security space. VPN Online was started in 2019 after Michael consulted with many Fortune 500 companies and saw the lack of understanding about cybersecurity many of their employees had.