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The Formula 1 season opener in Bahrain - Sakhir GP

The Formula 1 season race this year has its start in the impressive Bahrain International Circuit, the Sakhir GP, in the heart of the desert. The track, where the Formula 1 circus has been racing since 2004, will once again be in the spotlight. It then moves on to the Jeddah Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia.

The 2020 season got off to a promising start for Lewis Hamilton when he defeated Max Verstappen while still in the Sakhir GP (Sakhir Grand Prix). But the tide turned at the end of the season when Verstappen won his world title in Abu Dhabi.


Sakhir GP: The Bahrain International Circuit - the course

The Bahrain International Circuit covers 5.412 kilometers per lap, with drivers completing 57 clockwise laps. The high full-throttle percentage of around 70 percent contributes to high wear and tear on tires and brakes. With sand and dust, the desert conditions also pose a particular challenge for the technology.

A lap record was set on this legendary track in 2004 by German champion Michael Schuhmacher, who took 1:30.252 minutes in his Ferrari. Lewis Hamilton holds the record for the fastest lap in qualifying with 1:27.264 minutes. Hamilton is also the record winner at this circuit with a total of five victories.

Since 2014, the race in Sakhir has been held at night to offer drivers protection from the extreme heat and glare of the sun. The Bahrain International Circuit, designed by German designer Hermann Tilke, features 14 turns and 4 high-speed straights. During the global Corona pandemic in the 2020 season, two races were held here, with the additional race using a much shorter track called the Outer Circuit.

The Bahrain Grand Prix winners

Looking back at previous years, we have seen race winners such as Hamilton, Sergio Pérez, Sebastian Vettel, Nico Rosberg, Fernando Alonso and many others. However, 2011 was an exception when political unrest prevented the race from taking place.

  • 2021 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2020 - Sergio Pérez Racing Point Mercedes
  • 2020 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2019 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2018 - Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
  • 2017 - Sebastian Vettel Ferrari
  • 2016 - Nico Rosberg Mercedes
  • 2015 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2014 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2013 - Lewis Hamilton Mercedes
  • 2013. Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault
  • 2012 - Sebastian Vettel Red Bull Renault
  • 2011 - no race due to political unrest
  • 2010 - Fernando Alonso Ferrari
  • 2009 - Jenson Button Brawn Mercedes
  • 2008 - Felipe Massa Ferrari
  • 2007 - Felipe Massa Ferrari
  • 2006 - Fernando Alonso Renault
  • 2005 - Fernando Alonso Renault
  • 2004 - Michael Schumacher Ferrari

What to visit in Bahrain-Sakhir

Bahrain Sakhir, or more specifically, the city of Sakhir in Bahrain, is most famous for the Bahrain International Circuit, but the region also has other sights and attractions. Here are some of them:

  1. Bahrain International Circuit: Home to the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix, this circuit also offers many other motorsport events and driving experiences for visitors.
  2. Al-Areen Wildlife Park & Reserve: Located near Sakhir, this protected area is a great place to learn about the desert's native flora and fauna.
  3. Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park: A large water park that offers fun for the whole family and is just a short drive from Sakhir.
  4. Sakhir Tower: This striking tower structure at the Bahrain International Circuit offers great views of the circuit and surrounding countryside.
  5. University of Bahrain: The Sakhir campus is interesting both architecturally and as an educational center.
  6. Desert Tours: The Sakhir area offers opportunities for desert safaris and excursions where you can experience the breathtaking scenery of the Bahraini desert.
  7. Local Markets and Souks: The culture and tradition of Bahrain can be experienced at the local markets, where you can enjoy traditional food and handicrafts.
  8. Golf Courses: There are several world-class golf courses near Sakhir, offering a green oasis in the desert landscape.

While Sakhir is known primarily for the Bahrain International Circuit, the region also offers a mix of natural, cultural and modern attractions for visitors to explore.

Watch Formula 1 for free on livestream

Finally, there is a note for all Formula 1 fans who want to watch the race without a pay-TV subscription. There is a way to stream the entire Formula 1 season for free.

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