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The United States Grand Prix - Las Vegas GP

The USA Grand Prix in Las Vegas (Las Vegas GP) is the penultimate race of the season and will take place from Nov. 17-19, 2023. Will the world championship already be decided here? I bet you're excited about the Las Vegas GP.

It will take place immediately after the Brazilian Grand Prix. As usual, the road then leads to the season finale in the United Arab Emirates, the Abu Dhabi GP.

Las Vegas GP/The Las Vegas Grand Prix - History

After more than 40 years, Formula One is making a comeback in 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the last race in 1982, it was decided not to continue the Las Vegas Grand Prix/Las Vegas GP. There were several reasons for this, including the difficult track layout, the heat in the desert environment and low spectator response.

In 2023, the time has finally come for Formula 1 to return to the famed Las Vegas Strip. The organizer has built a brand new street circuit especially for the event - the Las Vegas Street Circuit.

Since the track is completely new to all drivers in 2023, there is an equal chance for all competitors to set the first lap record this season.

The Las Vegas GP track

The Las Vegas GP circuit is named Las Vegas Street Circuit and stretches 6.12 kilometers in length.

The race starts in a decommissioned parking lot that has been redeveloped to accommodate the pits and paddock area and features a permanent track.

It is an exciting street circuit with a total of 17 turns and an impressive 1.92-kilometer high-speed straight. This section is somewhat reminiscent of the famous Monza circuit in Italy and promises high average speeds during the race. To stand a chance in the front positions, teams will need to tune their cars for low grip setups.

Another feature of the track is that the race is run counterclockwise, which provides an additional challenge for the drivers. But the most spectacular thing about this race track is undoubtedly the fact that it passes through the famous sites of Las Vegas at night. The race cars speed past the glittering Las Vegas Strip and the legendary Venetian, Caesar's Palace and Bellagio hotels, providing an unparalleled backdrop.

The total race distance is 50 laps, which corresponds to a total distance of almost 306 kilometers. Drivers will thus have to tackle a challenging course with many technical sections and spectacular straights in order to claim the coveted victory at the Las Vegas GP.

Las Vegas GP: Watch the Formula 1 race on free livestream

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Las Vegas and Formula 1: A top combination!

Las Vegas is known for its entertainment offerings like no other place in the United States. So it's no coincidence that Las Vegas is now getting its own Formula One spectacle. A ten-year contract has been signed, so that the annual Formula 1 race will soon be part of the familiar cityscape. Until now, Las Vegas has been known primarily for its casinos, poker tournaments, glamorous hotels, weddings and the famous Strip. Now Las Vegas has a new highlight, with Formula One.

The allure of Formula 1 and the energy of Las Vegas complement each other to create an unforgettable experience for drivers, teams and fans. The enthusiasm of the people of Las Vegas for motorsports and entertainment is contagious. Given the large number of tourists the city attracts, however, this is hardly surprising.

Watch Formula 1 live on location in Las Vegas?

Have you thought about watching the Formula 1 race live in Las Vegas? Why not. November is one of the best times to travel to Las Vegas. Depending on your preferences and what additional activities you want to do while you're there, it might be a good idea.

Keep in mind that the most popular times to visit Las Vegas are usually spring (March to May) and fall (September to November). During these seasons, temperatures are more comfortable and usually range from 20°C to 30°C. There is less heat than in the summer and fewer crowds than during the vacation seasons.

If you want to avoid extreme heat, you should avoid summer in Las Vegas. Temperatures can regularly rise above 38 degrees during the summer months (June through August).

Winter in Las Vegas is generally mild, but cool temperatures can occur, especially at night. Temperatures usually range from 10°C to 18°C. If the low temperatures don't bother you and you want to take advantage of cheaper hotel rates during the off-season, winter could be a good option.

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