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PureVPN Free Trial: 7-Day & 31-Day Trials

PureVPN is one of the world’s most highly-ranked VPNs. It maintains the second-largest server network in the industry, which is made up of more than 6500 locations. This, in large part, lets the VPN maintain user anonymity, get over geoblocks, and facilitate safe torrent sessions.

Like many other top VPNs, PureVPN has a 7-day free trial. Sadly though, this free trial is solely available for iOS and Android. On top of that, it lacks many of the offerings that a normal paid PureVPN subscription would have. As such, one can argue that it is inferior and not worth it even though it’s 100% free.

An alternative to PureVPN’s free trial is its 7-day premium trial, which costs just $0.99. After getting it, you will be entitled to everything that they normally offer. However, you must still spend, and therefore, provide your credit card information.

The last way to get PureVPN with no risks is through the 31-day money-back hack

Like the aforementioned method, it calls for you to spend a small amount on any of PureVPN’s subscription plans. Following that, you’ll need to take advantage of the VPN’s 31-day money-back guarantee policy and request a refund from customer service.

PureVPN 7-Day Free Trial

First of all, let’s discuss PureVPN’s 7-day free trial. 

As already mentioned, this free trial is only available for iOS and Android. Moreover, you won’t be able to use PureVPN on any devices other than the one you registered it on.

Now, here are all the steps needed to avail of PureVPN’s 7-day free trial:

  1. Download PureVPN’s app on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s Apps Store
  1. Open the application then select “Start 7-day free trial now!”
  1. Create your user account
  1. Read and agree with the terms and conditions
  1. Select a subscription plan and tap on the “Start 7-day free trial now!” button
  1. Enter the necessary details of your chosen payment method

Do not worry as you’ll not be automatically billed even after giving away your credit information to PureVPN. You’ll only start getting charged after the 7-day period is over.

Hence, if you wish to not go through with spending after the trial, make sure to contact customer service and inform them. Otherwise, you’ll be charged for the subscription that you chose when registering.

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Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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PureVPN 7-Day Premium Trial

PureVPN’s 7-day trial is the go-to option if you wish to try the provider without fuzz. By opting for it, you’ll grant yourself access to the full PureVPN experience. That means you can freely use the VPN on any electronic device that it’s compatible with. 

The 7-day premium trial has support for up to 10 simultaneous device connections. With it, you’ll momentarily get to protect your family from the many dangers lurking in cyberspace.

Below is every step needed for you to get PureVPN’s 7-day premium trial:

  1. Download PureVPN’s application
  1. Open it then select the 7-day premium trial
  1. Create your user account
  1. Read and agree with the terms and conditions
  1. Enter the necessary details of your chosen payment method
  1. Use PureVPN all you want

Once your 7-day premium trial is done, you’ll be made to choose between one of PureVPN’s subscription plans. There’ll be no automatic billing, which is great for anyone that doesn’t wish to contact customer service. Needless to say, PureVPN does have a superb customer support network that you may get in touch with via email and chat.

PureVPN 31-Day Trial

Finally, if you don’t like the two options mentioned above, you can use the VPN without risks by way of the 31-day trial hack. 

As aforementioned, you’ll need to buy any of the VPN’s subscription plans and then request a refund from customer service. The specific reason behind your refund won’t matter. Why so? The provider’s policy entitles you to your money back regardless of any justification for a refund that you might have.

This is what you need to get PureVPN through the 31-day money hack:

  1. Download PureVPN’s application
  1. Select any of the VPN provider’s subscription plans
  1. Create your user account
  1. Read and agree with the terms and conditions
  1. Enter the necessary details of your chosen payment method
  1. Use PureVPN all you want

There are many ways to pay for a PureVPN subscription. You may use credit cards, debit cards, and Paypal. Sad to say, the VPN has yet to roll out support for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As such, there is no way to anonymously pay, which can be a hassle for anyone that wishes to stay under the radar.

What Does The PureVPN Free Trial Include?

Simultaneous Connections

PureVPN’s 7-day free trial doesn’t support multiple simultaneous device connections. As such, it isn’t a viable option for those aiming to use the VPN with each of their gadgets.

In comparison, the 7-day trial and the 31-day money-back hack entitle you to 10 simultaneous connections per user account. Thus, either make for good choices if you wish to utilize PureVPN alongside every internet-ready device that you have got.

Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

All of PureVPN’s servers become accessible after you get the VPN via its 7-day free trial for iOS and Android. Consequently, it’ll be possible to unblock the restricted foreign libraries of Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and other well-known streaming websites.

The 7-day paid trial, as well as the 31-day money-back hack grant you full access to PureVPN’s massive server network. Due to that, after obtaining the VPN provider using either method, you will be able to tap into a literal ocean of new streaming website content.


Downloading torrents safely is possible after getting PureVPN using its 7-day Android or iOS free trial. The same can also be said if you obtain the provider via its 7-day trial as well as the 31-day money-back guarantee hack.

Of course, this should not come as a surprise. After all, no matter how you get PureVPN, you’ll be given full access to its network. 

That network has countless P2P locations that are 100% safe for torrenting. If you’re wondering, yes, these servers are also lightning-fast and free of leaks. Therefore, they’re fully equipped to facilitate your downloading sessions.

Apps On Platforms

As mentioned earlier, the 7-day free trial of PureVPN will only allow you to use the VPN provider on your iOS or Android device. To get to use it with the other devices that it’s compatible with, you’ll need to get it using the paid 7-day trial or the 31-day money-back guarantee hack.

That’s right. With either the 7-day or 31-day money-back trial, you’ll get to use all of PureVPN’s applications. And now, for those who don’t know, the provider has apps for Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, and several routers.

Browser Extensions

Because the 7-day free trial of PureVPN is exclusive to iOS and Android, it’ll not be possible to make use of any of the provider’s extensions after getting it. While this can be a problem for some, we believe that it’s a non-issue. 

The reason why is because VPN browser extensions are inferior to apps. Often, they lack many of the features that one would consider essential to have.

Meanwhile, the 7-day trial along with the 31-day money-back workaround both entitle you to all PureVPN extensions. This is great as VPN browser extensions can serve as backups if apps become compromised or unavailable for use.


PureVPN takes the privacy and security of all its users very seriously. Even for its 7-day free trial, the provider uses AES 256-bit encryption, which is military-grade. Besides that, it allows you to toggle all the protocols it supports.

The 7-day paid trial and 30-day money-back hack also let you use AES-256 encryption. Also, they allow you to toggle every VPN protocol that PureVPN currently supports. Thus, after getting the VPN using either method, you’ll get to customize it to meet your needs.

Kill Switch

Regardless of how you get it, PureVPN always provides an automatic kill switch on every one of its apps. Now for those who do not know, a kill switch is an essential security feature. 

It protects you from unwanted exposure by cutting your internet when your device’s connection to the VPN server becomes compromised. Many would argue that it’s essential to have the feature activated while torrenting or browsing geo-restricted websites.

Live Chat

PureVPN doesn’t have customer service discrimination. Whether you are a paying subscriber or not, contacting the provider via chat is always possible.

All of the PureVPN customer service representatives that I’ve encountered were very cordial. More importantly, they’re knowledgeable and concise in delivering their answers. Last of all, they got back to me very quickly, even when I contacted them in the middle of the night.

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Overall Rating: 4.2 / 5.0
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Why Would You Need A Free Trial Of PureVPN?

Streaming: Streaming from the geoblocked libraries of websites like Netflix is easy when you have PureVPN.

In fact, even with a free trial, you shall get to access nearly every piece of content that you can think of. If anything, this is great news for anyone whose primary means of entertainment is online streaming.

Torrenting: Once you’ve gotten PureVPN for free, you may download torrents anonymously. Sometimes, the VPN may also improve your internet speeds and let you finish downloading faster. How? By getting rid of the bandwidth throttling that’s imposed by your ISP.

Privacy & Security: With a PureVPN free trial, your digital privacy and security will be taken to another level. Through its use of AES military-grade encryption, secure VPN protocols, and security features, the VPN keeps you safe and 100% anonymous.

Travel: PureVPN is a great thing to have if you frequently travel. Unlike many of its competitors, it can consistently bypass the Great Firewall of China. Hence, you’ll be able to surf the web as you normally would when visiting the country or any other place with draconian internet laws.

On top of that, PureVPN lets you access restricted sites, online services, as well as geoblocked streaming service libraries. Therefore, with it, having total internet freedom anywhere is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Last but not least, a PureVPN free trial can help you get lower prices when you shop online. That’s because it can grant you access to the version of retail websites in other countries. If anything, this is wonderful for anyone that loves to get a hold of the best bargains there are.


PureVPN’s 7-day free trial is EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE to iOS and Android devices. Also, it doesn’t support multiple simultaneous connections. As such, it is not recommendable to any person that truly values their online privacy and security.

While the 7-day trial of PureVPN isn’t free, it’s definitely worthy of consideration. After all, getting it will entitle you to everything that a standard subscription offers. 

You will get to have up to 10 simultaneous connections. Moreover, it’ll be possible to use PureVPN on all the devices that it’s compatible with. And yes, each one of the provider’s browser extensions shall be available.

The 31-day trial hack is our recommended way to get PureVPN without risks. Just like the 7-day paid trial, it gives you access to everything that PureVPN has to offer. However, it allows you to do so for a whopping 31 days, which is more than enough to decide if PureVPN is the right VPN for you.

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