How to Use ExpressVPN

How to Use ExpressVPN Software

Because seemingly every significant activity can now be accessed digitally, the demand for a faster and more secure connection has boosted dramatically. This has paved the way for the birth of highly advantageous software such as VPN. VPN or Virtual Private Network is geared towards achieving faster, safer, and more unrestricted connections. The volume of VPN subscriptions goes up year by year. This is especially true

This is especially true of the VPN service providers that have been reputed as highly reliable and efficient. One of these extra dependable VPN providers is ExpressVPN. It has an immense spread of servers in over 78 countries. Because of this, they have tapped huge amount of global subscriptions from the global market. If you have not tried ExpressVPN yet, this could possibly be the best time for you to experience a very spontaneous service.

ExpressVPN doesn’t offer any trial account. So if you want to try out their service you need to subscribe to any of their available packages. They have 30 days money back guarantee so you can always retract subscription when you do not experience the delight of the service anymore. However, many people stick to this VPN provider so you could possibly be a satisfied, regular client like them as well. Here are the easy steps on how to start your ExpressVPN partnership.

How to Install ExpressVPN

#1  - After having arranged the payment for your chosen plan, you can now freely download the app by accessing the download link they provide to you from the Welcome Email they send you. You may also access the download link by logging into their website. Go to the “Active Subscriptions” page, and then click “Setup My VPN Account”.

#2 - You will then be directed to another page. Click “Download Now” to proceed. You can also see an activation code on this page that you are going to use later on.

Expressvpn step 1

#3  - Go to the folder where you have saved the downloaded file, then open it.

Expressvpn step 2

#4  - If a security warning appears, just click “Allow” or “Yes” to carry on with the installation process.

#5  - As you complete the installation, the ExpressVPN app will start launching. Copy and paste the activation code mentioned in Step 2, then click “Next”.

Expressvpn step 3

#6 - You can now then access the VPN services of ExpressVPN. Feel free to choose the server of your choice then click “Connect”. They also have prepared a recommended location which they deem the fastest and the most suitable one for your area.

Expressvpn step 4

#7 - After having successfully connected, you can now start browsing with speed and anonymity.

Expressvpn step 5

#8 - If you want to end connection or change servers, just click “Disconnect” and try connecting to other servers again. They offer unlimited switches so no problem with trying out as many servers as you like.

#9 - Should you fail to successfully complete reconnection attempts, you may choose another server or choose another protocol. Click “Options” to see the available protocols they have in store; namely, Automatic, UDP,TCP, L2TP/ IPSec, SSTp, PPTP. You may also contact their 24- hour live chat support if you have other strange concerns in the setup stage.

Expressvpn step 6

ExpressVPN Features

Like any other VPN providers, ExpressVPN has all of the crucial points of a good VPN service. They have a simple interface and user- friendly software for convenient access. They are true to their promise of unlimited bandwidth, speed optimization, port forwarding, DD-WRT support, and more.

You can also get to access geo-blocked locations, stream videos and browse websites that are normally restricted in your area. They also have good customer support so no worries about any trouble you meet along the way. They can assist you remotely and lead you towards having a seamless service usage.

Expressvpn referral

They also have established certain perks that have captured a wider range of users. This is no less than their effective referral program wherein you can refer friends and acquire 30 days of free VPN service. You’ll get to have this bonus for every successful signup you referred.

Expressvpn step 7

Moreover, they have this very helpful feature wherein they explicitly indicate the exact server that is the most recommended for your specific area. This will avoid users from switching from one server to another persistently in order to attain the most stable connection. They offer unlimited switches so no worries about having restricted server shifts. Just click the recommended location button and you will be connected smoothly in no time.

Expressvpn step 8

You can also run a speed test in order to have quick access to the fastest server on the list. It’s easy to navigate and extremely helpful.

ExpressVPN has been the favorite of many because they are one of the most reliable ones. They operate their servers in roughly 78 countries. They have dedicated apps that enable user experience to be extra convenient. Connections can be made to all types of platforms in 2 simultaneous connections. It’s no doubt that they have what it takes to be a front-runner in the industry.