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How To Watch Japanese Netflix

Netflix has a wonderful Japanese library that’s full of unique shows and movies. One problem is that the library can’t openly be accessed outside of Japan. If you live elsewhere, you’ll need to use a VPN that can unblock Netflix without making much of an impact on connection speeds.

We recommend that you use NordVPNSurfshark, or ExpressVPN. How come? Because these providers aren’t likely to leave you disappointed. They’ve each got large networks consisting of blazingly fast servers that have zero problems with bypassing any of Netflix’s geo-restrictions.

I would like to start this article with a basic overview of how to watch Netflix Japan with the help of a VPN. Following that, we’ll then discuss all the specifics that you need to know about.

1. Get A VPN

Getting a VPN is the first thing you should do. While there are many budget-friendly or even free options available, it’s best to go with a top-tier provider, which is much more dependable.

Out of thousands of providers, we suggest that you use NordVPNSurfshark, or ExpressVPN. Why? They’re all great at granting you access to Netflix’s Japanese library,

2. Install It

Once you’ve gotten yourself a VPN, install its app on your device. This process should only take a few minutes to complete, especially if you’ve got a fast internet connection.

3. Connect To A Japanese Server

The next thing you’d want to do is pair with a Japanese server. Out of all the cities in the country, the best location for streaming Netflix is Tokyo as it’s home to the most stable servers.

4. Open Netflix Japan And Start Watching

After connecting to a server, the last thing you’ll need to do is open Netflix Japan. Remember to prioritize watching exclusive content to get the most out of your VPN experience.

How To Watch Japanese Netflix At Home

Japanese Netflix can be accessed abroad using either a VPN or proxy. Today, we’ll only discuss VPNs as proxies aren’t as reliable when it comes to unblocking Netflix. Furthermore, they don’t provide the same level of digital protection because they only work locally on the browser level.

All good VPNs protect your entire device and bypass Netflix very consistently. Sometimes, they also make your internet faster by getting rid of secretly imposed bandwidth throttling. On top of that, they’re incredibly easy to use, with some providers even being 100% suitable for children.

Setting up a VPN and using it to access Netflix Japan is very easy. Also, the entire process can be done in less than five minutes. To do it, simply follow these instructions:

Step 1: Get A VPN To Watch Netflix Japan

Netflix is one of the harder streaming platforms to unblock. Hence, it’s best to purchase a good provider that’s known for its ability to circumvent geo-restrictions. Never opt for the cheapest available option as it likely isn’t safe and capable of giving you access to the Japanese Netflix.

We highly recommend NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN for several reasons. Let us discuss each of the VPN providers so you’ll know why they’re such awesome choices.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is hands down the best VPN for watching Netflix Japan. It boasts a large network with many fast servers across the globe and in the country. Additionally, it’s very safe to use, being able to provide its subscribers with absolute digital privacy and security on all their devices.

There are NordVPN applications for all of the world’s leading operating systems. Each of them is user-friendly and very highly configurable. If anything, this is excellent as better applications make a VPN provider much more accessible to a wider demographic of internet users.

It’s easy to get help for NordVPN. The provider has a large online knowledge base and many video guides that explain various topics. Besides that, it also maintains 24/7 chat, ticket, and email support around the globe. Hence, anyone who needs assistance may get in touch with one of NordVPN’s quick, cordial, and knowledgeable representatives at any time.

Here is a breakdown of NordVPN’s present rates:

Subscription Lengths $11.95/Month
1 Year ($4.92/Month)
2 Years ($3.71/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $11.95
Lowest Price Per Month $3.49
One Year Price $59.04
Special Offer 68% off for a 2-year plan
58% off for a 1-year plan


2. Surfshark

Surfshark is the VPN to have if you have got a large household. Why? It allows for an unlimited number of simultaneous connections per account. That means with a single subscription, you’ll get to protect all your family members and let them access Japanese Netflix with zero hitches.

The size of Surfshark’s network is unimpressive compared to our two other picks. Nonetheless, it’ll still suffice for all the needs of casual internet users such as yourself. While connected to it, you’ll have a fast web connection and an almost unlimited selection of servers to choose from.

As you’d expect from a VPN of its ranking, Surfshark has great customer service. Getting in touch with the service is possible at any time of day via chat or email. In addition, there’s also ticket support and an incredibly wide online knowledge base that you may tap into.

Please refer to the table below to know Surfshark’s complete pricing schemes:

Subscription Lengths 1 Month ($12.95/Month)
6 Months ($6.49/Month)
2 Years ($2.49/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $2.49
One Year Price $77.88
Special Offer 81% discount for a 2-year subscription
50% discount for a 6-month subscription


3. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is popular globally for a very good reason. The provider has thousands of secure RAM-based servers that are really fast. Aside from that, these servers have no difficulty unblocking any of Netflix’s libraries, making them perfect for all your needs.

While it’s true that ExpressVPN is very secure, it does lack several important VPN features. An example is a dedicated ad & malware blocker that makes surfing the web much safer. Because of that, we can’t say that the VPN’s security is better than that of Surfshark or NordVPN, which both have apps loaded with essential and exclusive VPN security features.

ExpressVPN’s applications have been met with praise for their simplicity. Anyone can learn how to master them, even if they’re not savvy with tech. With that said, those who still need help with the provider won’t have to worry. That’s because it maintains a customer support network that is capable and ready to assist you at any time of the day.

Here’s a table showing all of ExpressVPN’s current rates:

Subscription Lengths 1 Month ($12.95/Month)
6 Months ($9.99/Month)
1 Year ($8.32/Month)
Highest Price Per Month $12.95
Lowest Price Per Month $6.67
One Year Price $99.84
Special Offer 50% off for a 1-year subscription


Step 2: Install The VPN On Your Device

After getting a VPN to watch Japanese Netflix, you must install its app on your device. Don’t worry as doing this is beyond easy. Furthermore, it’s super quick, especially if you’ve got a decent internet connection and are using a modern device running an updated operating system.

For Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, iPhone, Firestick, Chromecast with Google TV, etc.

Your VPN provider’s apps for WindowsLinux, and macOS devices can be downloaded on its website. When installing them, you have the option to select their file destination or not. This means that you can do the entire process automatically, which is excellent for convenience.

  • App Store

Mobile and streaming devices have app stores that almost always play host to your VPN’s app. It is very easy to download from these app stores as all you’ll need to do is search and hit the download button. Following that, installation should perform completely automatically.

NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN all have apps for WindowsLinuxAndroidAmazon Fire TV StickChromebook OSmacOS, and iOS. Because of that, it’s guaranteed that no user will get left out after choosing one of our three recommended VPN service providers.

For Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, etc.

The best VPNs always have extensions for ChromeFirefox, and other popular browsers. You may download these extensions for the respective web stores of each browser. To install them, all that’s needed is for you to click the download button and wait for everything to finish.

  • Firefox Add-Ons and Chrome Web Store

All of our recommended providers have excellent browser extensions that are very user-friendly and rich with features. Even though you’ve already gotten their apps, we suggest that you still download their extensions so they may serve as backups that you may turn to.

For Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Apple TV, Smart TV, etc.

Lots of devices lack VPN apps. Noteworthy examples of which include gaming consoles, music players, and digital cameras. With that said, despite not having official VPN support, there’s still a way to use your provider with these devices. The only thing you’ll need is a router.

  • Router

Nearly all high-ranking VPNs have router support. That means they can be installed on a range of compatible routers that’ll give off a safe VPN wifi signal.

Keep in mind that VPN router installation is something that requires a little technical know-how. Luckily, all our recommended providers sell pre-configured routers at various price points. By getting them, you’ll be giving yourself a convenient out-of-the-box experience.

Step 3: Connect To A Japanese Server

Once you’re done installing your VPN, the next step is to connect to a Japanese server.

Many VPNs have a small presence in Japan, consisting of one or two servers. However, our three recommended providers each operate many servers in Japan, making them more capable of unblocking Netflix and other streaming platforms.

As mentioned earlier, it’s always best to connect to Tokyo since it has the most stable servers in the country. Moreover, the city is home to the most VPN servers in the country.

Let’s talk about the Japanese servers of NordVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN:

NordVPN Japanese Servers

NordVPN states that it has more than 80 servers in Japan. If anything, this is impressive given that even its closest competitors operate fewer in the country. The best part is that via testing, I’ve found out that these servers unblock Netflix like a charm and are blazingly fast.

Sad to say, NordVPN is the only provider among our recommendations that lacks a RAM-based network. Because of that, lots of its servers can still be used to track, gather, and store private information. Needless to say, despite this fact, we still believe that NordVPN is 100% safe.

Surfshark Japanese Servers

Surfshark has more than a dozen servers in Japan. All of which are located in Tokyo and have excellent unblocking capabilities. In addition, they are really fast and have no problems with delivering you with a streaming experience that’s free of quality, lag, and loading issues.

You may rest assured that your privacy will remain intact when using Surfshark. Its entire server network is RAM-based. Hence, even when hacked, it’ll not give away any private user info.

ExpressVPN Japanese Servers

ExpressVPN has three Japanese servers. Two of them are located in Tokyo while one is located in Yokohama. Through testing each server, I’ve found that all of them are equally as fast and capable of circumventing Netflix’s local geo-restriction.

All of ExpressVPN’s 3000+ servers are safe to use. That’s because they’re RAM-based, and therefore, beyond trustworthy. Moreover, it’s also worth noting that ExpressVPN has itself regularly subjected to independent security audits to showcase how safe its network is.

Step 4: Open Netflix and Enjoy Its Japanese Library

After pairing with a Japanese server, the only thing left to do is open Netflix and stream the otherwise restricted local library. Make it a point to watch exclusive titles as to not waste your VPN Netflix Japan streaming experience. Besides that, don’t disconnect from your VPN while watching to prevent yourself from being blocked.

To know if you’ve successfully accessed Netflix Japan, check out the home screen of Netflix. It should display one of the top ten shows in Japan today. Aside from that, you can also try searching for an exclusive title.

Netflix can detect even the best VPNs and block them. When that happens, you get met with an error message. After this, you’ll get brought back to your local library. Fortunately, workarounds exist that allow you to continue streaming without restrictions. Let’s now discuss each one:

1. Change User Profile

Changing your user profile resets Netflix and eliminates its geoblocks. However, this method requires you to have two or more user profiles. Also, it calls for you to ask permission from those with who you share your account with. Hence, we cannot recommend it to anyone.

2. Sign Out Then Sign Back In

A better alternative to the method we discussed earlier is to sign out then back in. Doing this also resets Netflix and removes its restrictions. We highly suggest that you try this method because it’s easy and doesn’t alter the user profiles of the other people using your account.

3. Transfer To Another Japanese Server

One last thing you may do to continue watching Netflix Japan after being blocked is to transfer to another Japanese server. This almost always works and is the best way to get around Netflix’s geo-blocks. More importantly, it’s also the easiest way to do so.


Is Netflix Different In Japan?

Yes. Netflix is different in every country that it’s available in. The streaming platform’s localized version in Japan is particularly special. Why? It is full of unique Japanese content that’s highly sought after but not available anywhere else.

Why Can't You Access Netflix's Japanese Library At Home?

Japanese Netflix isn’t accessible at home without a proxy or VPN because of licensing restrictions.

Most people don’t know this but Netflix purchases the rights to air a particular piece of content by the country or region. Therefore, the only reason why what’s available in Netflix Japan isn’t available at home is that Netflix hasn’t purchased its local rights yet.

How Does A VPN Let You Access Netflix's Japanese Library?

A VPN allows you to access Netflix’s Japanese library by changing your IP address.

You see, Netflix utilizes the country code of your address to determine where you’re watching. After that, it imposes all the necessary restrictions. By changing that country code, Netflix gets “fooled” into believing you’re located in Japan.

Is It Illegal To Watch Japanese Netflix?

Watching Japanese Netflix using a VPN is legal in most jurisdictions. With that being said, we recommend that you read up on the local laws in your area to know for sure.

How To Choose A VPN To Access Japanese Netflix At Home?

Selecting a VPN to access Japanese Netflix at home is easier than it seems. Simply consider all these factors when you’re in the market and you’ll be alright.

  • Unblocking capabilities
  • Network size
  • Speed
  • Pricing

Each one of our three recommendations has large networks with fast servers that have no trouble with bypassing Netflix’s Japanese geoblocks. Additionally, they’re also very affordable, making them excellent options for those who are on a tight budget. Thus, if anything, there isn’t a reason not to get them.

Summing It Up

Japan has a wonderful library that’s easily accessible using a capable VPN. To do so, all that’s necessary is for you to follow these basic steps:

  1. Get a VPN (preferably NordVPNSurfshark, or ExpressVPN)
  2. Install your VPN
  3. Connect to a US server
  4. Start your Netflix and enjoy the Japanese library

Remember that being blocked by Netflix when using a VPN is normal. When you experience this, all that’s needed is for you to use one of the workarounds that we talked about earlier. When that’s done, you’ll certainly get to continue watching without restrictions.

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By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.