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Is Private Internet Access (PIA) Good For Amazon Firestick?

PIA for Firestick

Yes. Private Internet Access (or PIA) is a good VPN for Amazon Fire TV Stick. It has a dedicated app for the device and decent unblocking capabilities. Furthermore, the service boasts a large network of more than 3000 servers. Hence, it provides almost unlimited connectivity options.

Unfortunately, Private Internet Access isn’t a recommendable go-to for your Fire TV Stick. The reason why is because its unblocking capabilities are mediocre and it doesn’t work around the Great Firewall of China. Therefore, you can’t use it to access every foreign library of Netflix or browse the internet freely in places where there’s rampant internet censorship.

  • Very affordably priced
  • Provides great security
  • Great Fire TV Stick app
  • Large server network
  • Doesn’t work in China
  • Mediocre unblocking capabilities
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Overall Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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Does Private Internet Access (PIA) Work On Firestick?


Yes. PIA does work on Fire TV Stick. As mentioned earlier, the VPN provider has a native app for the streaming device. That application is user-friendly and highly configurable, making it perfect for all sorts of people. And yes, even non-tech-savvy people will enjoy it.

Why Use Private Internet Access (PIA) For Firestick?

Your Amazon Fire Stick can transform any basic TV into a home entertainment hub.

With it, you may browse the webcheck social mediado online shopping, and play games.

You can also watch interesting shows and movies from the apps of these popular streaming sites:

  1. Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Roku
  5. HBO Max
  6. Hulu

Private Internet Access can be used as a tool to bypass the geo-restrictions of all the streaming platforms mentioned above. With it, you’ll be able to access an ocean of new content and finally be able to watch those famous series or movies that are otherwise unavailable locally.

Another thing that PIA does is keep you safe from cybercriminals and other troublemakers. How so? By masking your real IP address, and therefore, hiding your identity. With the provider, you can rest assured that you and everyone else at home get to have a secure online experience.

While it doesn’t always manage to do so, Private Internet Access may speed up your slow web connection. It achieves this by getting you off any ISP-imposed bandwidth throttling.

One thing that PIA can’t do that other VPNs can is leap across the Great Firewall of China. It cannot grant you access to the global internet in places where internet censorship is rampant. For that reason, the service isn’t the best one to have, especially if you’re an expat or frequent traveler.

How To Install Private Internet Access (PIA) On Amazon Firestick

Private Internet Access is easy to install on Amazon Fire TV Stick. Even children and the elderly can do it without assistance. Needless to say, if ever they’re needed, PIA’s customer service reps are ready to help you at any moment. You can contact them via email or chat.

Here are two ways to install PIA on your Fire Stick:

1. Purchase A Private Internet Access Subscription

pia homepage

Get started by purchasing a Private Internet Access subscription on the VPN’s website. If you’re worried about going over budget, don’t be because PIA has one of the most affordable pricing schemes of any VPN. Furthermore, it has a 30-day refund guarantee for easy refunds.

You can opt for a 1-month, 6-month, or 15-month PIA subscription. I suggest that you go for the first option of the three because it offers the best value for money. Although you’ll indeed be spending more cash upfront, you shall be saving a lot in the long run.

Refer below for a full grasp of Private Internet Access pricing schemes:

Subscription Lengths - $12.95/Month , 6 Months ($9.99/Month) , 15 Months ($6.67/Month)

Highest Price Per Month - $12.95

Lowest Price Per Month -$6.67

One Year Price - $99.95 (15 Months)

Special Offer - 73% off and 2 months free for a 2-year subscription

2. Download TunnelBear To Your Firestick

App Store Installation

Downloading PIA from Amazon Fire Stick’s app store ensures that you’ll receive regular security updates. For that reason, we highly recommend that you install via app store.

It’s the only method that’s 100% safe to perform. Furthermore, it’s both the quickest and easiest way to install PIA on Fire Stick, making it ideal for those who value convenience and their time.

APK Installation

Amazon Fire TV Stick runs a modified version of Android. Hence, it can run many Android APKs without hitches. We don’t recommend this installation method because it’s a bit more difficult to do. In addition, it also isn’t safe, especially if you obtain your APKs from an obscure source.

Follow these steps to perform Private Internet Access APK installation of Fire Stick:

  1. Head to the Developer Options tab in your Fire TV Stick’s settings menu. Once you’re there, enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  1. On your Firestick search bar, type in “Downloader”.
  1. Download, install, and then open the Downloader application.
  1. Type in or paste Private Internet Access’ Android APK URL on the Downloader app’s search bar.
  1. Download the application then install it on your Amazon Fire Stick. During the installation process, be sure to confirm any prompt that shows up. Get it from

(The only legitimate Android APK source for Private Internet Access’ application can be found on the VPN’s website. Any file that’s found anywhere else can potentially harbor malware that can compromise your privacy and safety.)

  1. After installation, PIA’s app on your Fire TV Stick should be set for usage.

3. Install Private Internet Access

As mentioned above, APK installation calls for you to follow any prompt that appears. It’s a lot more complicated than app store installation, which automatically happens after downloading finishes. There are no prompts to follow and all that’s needed is for you to wait for a moment.

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Overall Rating: 4.4 / 5.0
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How To Use Private Internet Access (PIA) On Firestick

Many say that it’s hard to use VPNs on Fire Stick. While this may be true a few years ago, it’s no longer the case. Nowadays, virtual private network apps for streaming device are extremely user-friendly. In fact, they’re even as good as their desktop counterparts.

Private Internet Access’ developers have created a good application for Fire Stick. It’s easy to navigate, and thus, is suitable for children and the elderly. Aside from that, it also has a wide array of configurable settings. Hence, using it, you can have a perfectly tailored experience.

Here’s how to use PIA on Fire Stick:

1. Open Private Internet Access’ Firestick Application

Open up PIA on your Amazon Fire Stick and log in. After that, navigate the application and see everything it has to offer. I suggest that you also fidget with the settings and enable the kill switch feature to safeguard yourself from unwanted digital exposure.

2. Pick A Server

updated PIA servers

Private Internet Access has long been a leader in the VPN industry. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the service boasts a massive network. Currently, it operates 12000+ servers across the globe. Due to  that, it can let you access the local version of the internet of any country that you’d want to.

Although it sometimes improves your connection, PIA generally slows down internet speeds. As such, it’s best that you always connect to a close server. Why? Because a closer server is one that’s less likely to have a negative impact on your connection.

3. Start Browsing Or Streaming

Once you have discovered and paired to a server, you may start using the internet without any restrictions. If you’re curious, you may find out if PIA is really working by performing an IP test. For this, we suggest using since it’s accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

Private Internet Access (PIA) Not Connecting On Firestick?

firestick connection invalid

The unblocking capabilities of Private Internet Access are mediocre, to say the least. For that reason, when using it, expect to receive VPN connection errors. These errors pop up when a website or application detects you’re utilizing a VPN and blocks you.

Luckily, there are several ways to get around blocks when PIA’s servers don’t work. You can start by trying to access the content you want via another server within the same jurisdiction. Aside from that, you may also try reinstalling or updating PIA’s Fire Stick app.

Is Private Internet Access (PIA) Good For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Yes. Private Internet Access isn’t a bad VPN to have on your Amazon Fire TV Stick. It provides excellent online security, maintains a large server network, and has a user-friendly app for the streaming platform. Furthermore, the service is much cheaper than most competitors.

Sadly, we can’t recommend PIA as a Fire Stick daily driver because its unblocking capabilities need much improvement. Besides that, the service doesn’t work in China, making it not something you’ll like to have when visiting countries with authoritarian regimes.

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