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Is VPN Unlimited Good For Amazon Firestick?

VPN unlimited for firestick

No. VPN Unlimited is not good for Amazon Fire TV Stick. It can’t work around the restrictions of most popular streaming platforms. The provider also has a tiny global server network that’s composed of just a little more than 500 servers. Moreover, it has bad customer service.

Instead, you may try our #1 recommended for Amazon Firestick – Surfshark.

We cannot recommend VPN Unlimited as a Fire Stick go-to under any circumstance. Despite it being capable of providing excellent online security and costing less than most competitors, the service simply isn’t worth it. You’ll be better off going with something else.

  • Very affordably priced
  • Zero leaks identified
  • Works in China
  • Mediocre unblocking capabilities
  • Tiny global server network
  • A small number of plans available
  • Limited live chat support
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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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Does VPN Unlimited Work On Firestick?


Yes. VPN Unlimited works on Amazon Fire TV Stick. It has a native application for the platform that’s not difficult to use. Moreover, the service has decent speed capabilities, enabling it to facilitate streaming sessions that are completely free of pesky buffering, loading, and lag.

Why Use VPN Unlimited For Firestick?

Like most streaming devices, a Fire TV Stick can turn any ordinary television into the ultimate home entertainment center. Through it, it’ll be possible to browse the internet on your TV like how you do on your phone.

You shall get to shop onlineaccess web-based services, and stream content from the libraries of all of these well-known digital streaming platforms:

  1. Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Roku
  5. HBO Max
  6. Hulu

Keepsolid VPN Unlimited on your Fire TV Stick can bypass the restrictions of all the streaming services mentioned above. It will allow you to watch an ocean of new content found in foreign libraries that are otherwise unavailable in your region. If anything, this is great for movie buffs.

As expected for a top-tier provider, VPN Unlimited provides great online security. Despite being headquartered in the United States, it has been deemed by experts to be trustworthy. That’s because the provider has a clean record and is proven to not keep the logs of its users.

VPN Unlimited sometimes improves connection speeds. It gets this done by ridding you of any bandwidth throttling that’s imposed by your internet service provider. That said, please keep in mind that this seldom happens so it’s best not to have any expectations.

Quite interestingly, Keepsolid VPN Unlimited is capable of bypassing China’s Great Firewall. As such, those who have it on their Fire Sticks can use the device to freely surf the global internet while in the country. This is awesome for anyone who travels regularly or lives in China.

How To Install VPN Unlimited On Amazon Fire Stick

VPN Unlimited can be installed on your Fire Stick in two ways. Whichever method you utilize is alright because both are easy. However, if ever you need assistance, it’s best to contact customer service or tap into VPN Unlimited’s rather large online knowledge base.

Here’s every step needed to install VPN Unlimited on Amazon Fire TV Stick:

1. Purchase A VPN Unlimited Subscription


Begin by availing of a 7-day VPN Unlimited free trial on the provider’s website. Alternatively, you may also purchase it. Don’t worry as doing this comes with zero risks thanks to a 30-day refund policy. That’s right, a thirty-day window to get a refund for any reason after your purchase exists.

Something that makes VPN Unlimited stand out is the fact that it offers a lifetime subscription. In the VPN industry, no other high-ranking provider has the same kind of plan. This makes VPN Unlimited a good option for those who don't want to keep paying for a VPN per month.

Below is a breakdown of Keepsolid VPN Unlimited prices:

Subscription Lengths - $9.99/Month , 1 Year ($4.99/Month) , Lifetime ($199.99)

Highest Price Per Month - $9.99

Lowest Price Per Month - $5.00 (click to avail)

One Year Price - $59.88

Special Offer - No special offers available

2. Download TunnelBear To Your Firestick

App Store Installation

App store installation is the best way to install VPNs onto your Fire Stick. That’s because it can be done by just about anyone. The only thing you’ll need to do is head to the application store and then hit the download button. During installation, you only need to wait for a few minutes.

APK Installation

Your Fire TV Stick can run Android APKs because it is basically an Android device. With that being said, we usually do not recommend APK installation since it takes more time and is not 100% safe to do.  However, VPN Unlimited users have no choice because the method is the only way to get the provider on Amazon Fire Stick.

Here’s a guide on how to perform APK installation:

  1. Enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources found in the Developers Options tab of your Amazon Fire TV Stick’s settings menu.
  1. Search for the Downloader application.
  1. Download then install the Downloader app and open it.
  1. Type in or paste Keepsolid VPN Unlimited’s Android APK URL on the application’s search bar. Get it from

(There are many sources for VPN Unlimited Android APKs. Among all of them, the only one that is legitimate and safe is this link. It’s the only link that VPN Unlimited has posted on its website, making sure that it is 100% safe to download.)

  1. Start downloading Keepsolid VPN’s application. After that, run the installer. Prompts that you need to confirm may appear during this stage.
  1. Following installation, the application of VPN Unlimited should be ready for use.

3. Install VPN Unlimited


As explained above, the application of VPN Unlimited can be installed via APK or Fire Stick’s app store. We recommend that you use the former method because it’s easier, less time-consuming, and much safer than its counterpart.

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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0
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How To Use VPN Unlimited On Firestick

Keepsolid VPN Unlimited’s Amazon Fire TV Stick application runs quite well on the device. It’s not difficult to navigate and configure. In fact, it can even be utilized by children and older folks, making it suitable for those who have got larger families.

This is how to use VPN Unlimited on your Fire Stick:

1. Open VPN Unlimited’s Firestick Application

Open up Keepsolid VPN Unlimited’s application then enter your login credentials. Once you’ve logged in, go around the app to see everything it offers. Don't be afraid to tweak the settings to have a better VPN experience. I suggest that you enable the kill switch security feature, which safeguards you from accidental unwanted exposure.

2. Pick A Server


The server network of Keepsolid VPN Unlimited is small by VPN standards. It only operates a little more than 500 servers. Because of that, its network is prone to getting overloaded. Apart from that, the provider also doesn’t provide many connectivity options.

When choosing a VPN server to pair with, always select a nearer location. The reason why is because a server that isn’t as far has a lesser chance of hampering your internet connection speeds. Hence, it’s better suited for streaming entertainment content.

3. Start Browsing Or Streaming

After picking and connecting to the right server, you may start browsing or streaming with zero limits. If you want to know if VPN Unlimited is truly working, try opening up Netflix. You should be met with a different homepage because you’re accessing a different library.

VPN Unlimited Not Connecting On Firestick?

Keepsolid VPN Unlimited has mediocre unblocking capabilities. Hence, it isn’t uncommon to be met with error messages when using it on your Fire Stick. When these error messages appear, it means that the website or online service that you’re using has detected that you’re connected to a virtual private network.

Fortunately, two workarounds let you continue circumventing geoblocks even after getting caught using PureVPN. The first thing you can do is connect to another server in the same jurisdiction. If that doesn’t mitigate anything, try reinstalling VPN Unlimited’s app.

Is VPN Unlimited Good For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Nope. Despite being a very capable provider, it wouldn’t be right to say that VPN Unlimited is good for Amazon Fire TV Stick. The service is simply too ill-equipped to meet the needs of average consumers like yourself. When used as a daily driver for Fire Stick, it shall only disappoint you.

VPN Unlimited isn’t a recommendable VPN to have on your Fire Stick. Instead of choosing it, we suggest that you go for Surfshark, which is our top pick for the streaming device.

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