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IPVanish Free Trial: 7-Day & 30-Day Trials

IPVanish is a heavyweight in the VPN industry. Countless people swear by its ability to keep its subscribers protected when they browse the web. In addition, many of these people also claim that the service makes easy work of geoblocks. It can provide easy access to restricted Netflix libraries, websites, and online services.

Now with all that being said, you should know that IPVanish has a 100% free trial. Unfortunately though, it’s only available for iOS users. That means that anyone who wishes to get the full IPVanish experience is out of luck. They’ll need to get the VPN provider some other way.

The second method to get IPVanish without risking your budget is the 30-day trial. To avail of it, you must purchase any one of its subscription plans then ask for a refund. This is possible because the VPN provider maintains a concrete 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

Free Tier Available 7-Day Free Trial (Not Always Available)
30-Day Trial (Always Available)
Credit Card Required For Free Trial Yes
Trial Period 7 Days
Refund Period 30 Days
Best Price 1 Year ($8.32/Month)


IPVanish 7-day Free Trial

The 7-day free trial is only available to those who’ve got devices running iOS. Therefore, it’s a no-go for those who do not have iPhones.

IPVanish’s free trial doesn’t let you take advantage of the VPN’s unlimited simultaneous device connections offering. Moreover, it does not permit you to use the provider on more than one device. Hence after availing of it, there’ll be no way to truly have complete digital security.

Follow these simple steps to avail of IPVanish’s 7-day iOS free trial:

  1. Download IPVanish from Apple’s App Store
  1. Open IPVanish’s iOS application
  1. Create a user account
  1. Start using IPVanish all you want

Unlike with other free trials, your payment information will not be required.

More importantly, you will not get automatically billed once the 7 days are over. As a matter of fact, there aren’t any hidden charges. This in itself makes IPVanish’s 7-day iOS free trial better than many of the free trials of competing VPN service providers.

IPVanish 30-Day Trial

Another way to get IPVanish with zero risks is through the 30-day trial method. Though it’s not truly free, it does not have any risks. To avail of it, you’ll need to purchase any of IPVanish’s subscriptions then ask customer support for a refund before the 30-day window is over.

Below are the steps necessary to get IPVanish using the 30-day trial method:

  1. Create an IPVanish account
  1. Purchase any of the provider’s subscription plans
  1. Download IPVanish’s app for your device
  1. Use IPVanish all you want
  1. Contact customer service in 30 days to ask for a refund

You don’t need to make sacrifices after getting IPVanish using the 30-day trial method. Why? Because it entitles you to everything that a normal IPVanish offers. If anything, this is great since the VPN supports unlimited simultaneous connections.

I’d have to say that the only drawback of the 30-day trial is that it’s not 100% free.

You’ll need to purchase a subscription. On top of that, you must break your anonymity while doing so since IPVanish hasn't rolled out support for cryptocurrency payments.

What Does The IPVanish Free Trial Include?

  • Simultaneous Connections

IPVanish stands out in the VPN industry because it allows for unlimited simultaneous device connections. Therefore, with just one account, it’s possible to protect your entire household.

Sadly though, the 7-day iOS free trial of IPVanish does not support unlimited simultaneous connections. After getting it, you’ll only be able to use the VPN on one device.

The 30-day trial, in comparison, lets you connect as many devices you want to IPVanish. After using it to get the VPN, you’ll be able to have comprehensive digital security on all of your devices. Also, you shall get to safeguard the digital privacy of each of your loved ones.

  • Netflix And Other Streaming Platforms

The streaming capabilities of IPVanish aren’t the best. Nevertheless, the VPN can indeed let you access otherwise unavailable Netflix libraries. Besides that, it can let you browse certain restricted websites and tap into otherwise unavailable web-based services.

Using both the 7-day iOS free trial and the 30-day trial, you’ll be able to do everything stated above. That’s because both risk-free methods grant access to all IPVanish server locations.

  • Torrenting

Torrenting can be done after you obtain IPVanish via the 7-day free trial and the 30-day trial method. And yes, the provider can keep you safe during your downloading sessions. All its servers are P2P-enabled and 100% leak-free.

Besides that, these servers have decent speed capabilities. Although they aren’t the fastest in the industry, they’ll certainly not leave you disappointed. When connected to them, you’ll most likely be finished downloading in no time. That means there’ll be a narrower window for those with ill intent to do you harm.

  • Apps On Platforms

IPVanish’s developers have made sure their VPN would be available to as many people as possible. They created apps for Windows, Linux, Android, Amazon Fire TV Stick, iOS, and macOS. Moreover, they’ve also established router support so that their VPN could be used together with practically any internet-ready device.

Sad to say, IPVanish’s 7-day free trial for iOS only gives you access to the provider’s app for iOS. Meanwhile, the 30-day trial will grant you full access to every one of the VPN’s apps. Hence, it’s the better choice for those who need full digital security on all their gadgets.

  • Browser Extensions

The people behind IPVanish have not developed browser extensions. Hence, anyone using the VPN will need to install its apps. I’d have to say this is disappointing considering that many of IPVanish’s rivals in the industry have already established extensions for multiple browsers.

  • Encryption

IPVanish takes security very seriously and has a spotless record. Part of the reason why is because it uses military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Along with that, it supports every mainstream VPN protocol.

And yes, this remains true whether you used the 7-day free trial or the 30-day money-back guarantee trial. Hence, it’s certain that you’ll not have to worry about the level of encryption you’ll get with IPVanish.

  • Kill Switch

The iOS app of IPVanish has a kill switch that you can use during your 7-day free trial. Aside from that, each of the provider’s other apps also has automatic kill switches. To access all of them without monetary risk, you’ll need to get IPVanish via the 30-day trial method.

  • Live Chat

IPVanish’s customer support is open to everyone. The VPN provider does not differentiate and discriminate between paying and non-paying subscribers.

In addition to 24/7 live chat, you may contact IPVanish via email or phone. However, please make sure to check IPVanish’s website to know if phone support is available in your country.

Why Would You Need A Free Trial Of IPVanish?

Streaming: VPNs like IPVanish can bypass the geoblocks of well-known streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video. In doing so, they grant you open access to a countless array of new shows, movies, and documentaries to watch.

It’s also important to note that IPVanish can indeed facilitate decent streaming sessions. The provider’s servers are fast enough that they don’t introduce lag, buffering, or quality drops.

Torrenting: Even when using risk-free methods to get it, you may use IPVanish for torrenting purposes. Quite interestingly, all of the provider’s servers are P2P-enabled. On top of that, they’ve all passed my leak tests using As such, they’re 100% safe to utilize.

Privacy & Security: Your privacy and security are two of IPVanish’s foremost priorities. As we discussed earlier, the VPN uses AES-256 encryption, which is military-grade. Moreover, it has support for every major VPN protocol, including WireGuard.

Like all of its competitors, IPVanish has a concrete no-logs policy. However, the provider still has yet to upgrade its network to one that’s RAM-based. As such, its servers can still theoretically be utilized for unauthorized private data retention. That said, we do think that when using IPVanish, your browsing information will be in safe hands.

Finally, it would be wrong not to talk about the security features that IPVanish’s apps have. For starters, they’ve all got an automatic kill switch as well as split tunneling. Besides that, they’ve got an exclusive feature called Scramble. To put it simply, it increases your security by routing your data through two VPN servers.

Travel: IPVanish is an excellent thing to have when traveling. It allows you to browse the web as you normally would at home regardless of where you are in the world. Moreover, it accesses otherwise restricted regionally-locked websites, web services, and online gaming servers.

Another reason why you’d like to have IPVanish when traveling is to use it for shopping.

You see, the provider is capable of granting access to online retail stores in countries with much cheaper prices. Thanks to that, you will be able to get ahold of the items you want without needing to pay for excessive markups.

One last thing to note is that IPVanish cannot bypass the Great Firewall of China. Despite numerous attempts, our testers in the country have not found success using the provider. Therefore, it may not be the best choice if you frequently travel to places where internet censorship is rampant.


Although the 7-day iOS free trial of IPVanish is great, we don’t recommend it unless you’ve truly got no budget to spend.

That’s because the free trial doesn’t deliver the full IPVanish experience and do it justice. You will not be able to take advantage of its unlimited simultaneous connections offering. On top of that, it’ll not be possible to use the VPN on devices apart from your iPhone.

Those who really want to know what IPVanish is all about should get it using the 30-day trial method. That’s because using this method, you’ll be able to get the VPN in its entirety with absolutely no compromises. Everything that it would normally offer will be available to use.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.