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Does TunnelBear Work With Netflix?

TunnelBear most certainly works with Netflix. With its help, you’ll gain access to the platform’s many foreign libraries, which wouldn’t otherwise be available. As a result, a plethora of new movies, shows, documentaries, and other types of digital content will be at your disposal.

Do we recommend TunnelBear as a daily driver for unblocking Netflix?

Nope. The VPN service can’t operate with the level of reliability that even a casual internet would need. Many of its server locations fail at getting around Netflix’s geo-restrictions. Even more of its servers have inadequate speed capabilities, and thus, introduce issues like sudden quality drops and buffering.


TunnelBear Netflix Servers


All of TunnelBear’s various applications and extensions do not let you choose from a special list of dedicated streaming servers. Rather, they only let you choose servers by country. As a result, experimenting is the only way to determine whether TunnelBear can grant access to Netflix in a specific location. If anything, this can be quite a big inconvenience for anyone who is in a hurry.


What Netflix Libraries Can You Access With TunnelBear?

Let’s now discuss the most popular Netflix libraries that TunnelBear can access:



The majority of TunnelBear’s servers are in the United States. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the VPN provider can grant you access to Netflix USA. For cinephiles and binge-watchers, this is great as Netflix’s library for the United States is very large.

Netflix USA plays host to countless pieces of content not found anywhere else. The nature of which could range from child-friendly to adults-only. Hence, everyone in the family will have something in store for them while they’re browsing the said library.



France is home to several TunnelBear servers. Most if not all of them can consistently bypass the local geo-restrictions of Netflix. In addition, my tests have shown that TunnelBear’s French servers have decent speed capabilities. That means they are capable of facilitating a seamless Netflix streaming experience.

As you might’ve guessed, Netflix France is the best place to find French content. What most do not know though is that the library is also home to content from other European countries. It’s easily one of the best places to find all sorts of unique titles from the continent.


TunnelBear’s servers in the United Kingdom are very reliable when it comes to getting around Netflix's blocks. Additionally, they don’t bring about common streaming issues such as sudden quality drops or buffering. The reason why is because they have got decent speed capabilities.

The UK’s local version of Netflix offers a plethora of interesting content. It will not matter what type of genre you’re looking for as it’s certain that you’ll discover something to watch. Now for anyone who’s wondering, Netflix UK doesn’t just host English-language content as the United Kingdom has a very diverse population.



TunnelBear is based in Canada. As such, it wouldn’t be right if the provider could not provide access to the country’s local Netflix library. Fortunately, it does so excellently. While using the VPN’s servers, you will have no problems with reliability, lengthy loading times, buffering and drops in quality.

Canada’s Netflix library is a great alternative to the USA’s. It hosts pretty much the same content with a couple of exclusives that aren’t available anywhere else. Plus, since parts of Canada are French-speaking, there are also lots of French-language shows and movies to choose from.


Netflix’s library in Australia can easily be unblocked by TunnelBear’s local servers. And yes, all of these servers have no trouble when it comes to facilitating a good watch session. They are more than fast enough to meet the demands of everyday Netflix streamers such as yourself.

Australia is a cultural hub in the Asia-Pacific region. Consequently, its Netflix library is home to a broad range of content. While browsing it, you’ll find local as well as regional shows, movies, documentaries, and other types of media from all over. There’ll certainly be something in store for everyone that you share your Netflix account with.



TunnelBear is fairly reliable at accessing Netflix Japan. While it does sometimes fail, the VPN will, for the most part, not disappoint. If anything, this is great as Japan has one of the world’s most interesting Netflix libraries.

When browsing Netflix Japan, you’ll come across Japanese shows and cinematic treasures. In addition, there’s a plethora of anime that you may watch. Many of which are not shown on any other Netflix library. Hence, it’s safe to say that Japan's Netflix library is a haven for those who are looking for something unique.

Other Must-See Netflix Libraries

These are a few more Netflix libraries that are worth looking into using TunnelBear:

  • New Zealand
  • The Philippines
  • India
  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • South Korea
  • Mexico

Netflix in these countries has a lot to offer. However, please note that TunnelBear’s performance varies greatly from country to country. A solid streaming experience isn’t guaranteed in every country that you connect to. Hence, it’s best to manage expectations to not be let down.


How To Use TunnelBear With Netflix

It’s incredibly easy to use TunnelBear with Netflix. All you must do is follow these steps:

1. Install TunnelBear

tunnelbear homepage


TunnelBear installation calls for you to create an account with the VPN. After that, you have to download its app for your device. The installation process afterward should be very quick and even completely automatic for some operating systems. Due to that, anyone could get it done.

Remember that TunnelBear doesn’t have the widest compatibility. It’s fully available only for macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. You may also use the provider with Linux. However, we don’t recommend doing this since its support for the platform is limited.

2. Pick A Server

Tunnelbear global


After downloading TunnelBear, open its app then select a server.

This task can be done via a list or a map. It’s very easy and takes seconds to do. As mentioned earlier, TunnelBear’s server network is made up of over locations. Thus, it’s sure that while using the VPN service provider, you will not run out of connectivity options.

3. Open Netflix

Once you’ve selected a server, go ahead and open up Netflix. You should be greeted with a homepage that’s different from what you’re used to. Don’t worry as that means that you have successfully circumvented the website’s geo-restrictions and accessed an otherwise restricted library.

4. Start Watching

The final thing to do is start watching the title you want. While doing so, always remain paired with TunnelBear’s server. How come? Disconnecting will result in you automatically getting blocked by Netflix. You will not be able to continue watching until you reconnect yourself.


TunnelBear Netflix Error, Blocked, Slow, or Not Working?

Most of TunnelBear’s servers are reliable at providing access to Netflix. However, even the best of these servers sometimes fail at getting the job done. When that happens, there are several things you can do to continue watching your favorite content in restricted Netflix libraries.

First of all, you can try switching over to another server. If that doesn’t work, it is worth giving an update to TunnelBear’s app. Last but not least, you can also try accessing the content you want using a server in a whole different country. Needless to say, the last option can be a hassle as it calls for you to research to determine where what you want to watch is available.

Does TunnelBear Work With Netflix?

Yes. TunnelBear works with Netflix. Many of its servers have no trouble getting around the site’s geo-restrictions. Using it, you’ll definitely be able to access its best libraries.

Sadly though, we cannot recommend TunnelBear as a go-to VPN for Netflix. Why? Because it’s not the most reliable option out there.

You see, many of the provider's servers can only provide periodic access to Netflix libraries. On top of that, these servers usually have inadequate speed capabilities. Therefore, they’re likely to cause resolution drops and buffering.

By: Erwin Caniba
Eric is the co-founder of VPNOnline. He has been an avid user of VPNs since 2012. He has tested all of the major VPN providers and shares his findings on this website. Follow Eric on Facebook.