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F1 Dutch Grand Prix - Circuit Park Zandvoort

The Dutch Grand Prix promises to be an exciting spectacle. The Zandvoort circuit is famous for its challenging layout through the picturesque dunes. From the Tarzan curve immediately after the start to the challenging Hugenholtz curve and the tricky Scheivlak and fast Arie Luyendyk curve, all the driving skills are demanded of the drivers. The narrow width of the track also offers exciting opportunities for thrilling overtaking maneuvers. Both Lewis Hamilton and home-grown talents Max Verstappen and Nyck de Vries are equally enthusiastic about this track and are already looking forward to the showdown at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort this year.

When does the Dutch Grand Prix take place?

The Dutch Grand Prix will be held Aug. 25-27, 2023, at Circuit Park Zandvoort. A week earlier, Formula 1 teams made a guest appearance at Spa-Franchorchamps. Next up on the Formula 1 calendar is the Grand Prix of Italy-Monza.

Worth knowing about the Dutch Grand Prix

Dutch Grand Prix: The link between Zandvoort and motorsport dates back to the late 1930s, when passionate racing fans decided to hold a race at Zandvoort. The 1939 race was held on a temporary road course and proved to be a great success. This success led to the decision to build a permanent race track. On August 7, 1948, the first race was held on this track, and from 1952 Zandvoort was permanently included in the Formula One calendar.

In the 1970s, adjustments were made to the track and new safety measures were implemented. The last Formula 1 race to date was held in 1985, with Niki Lauda as the winner. In 1999, the track layout was extended to its full length of 4.3 kilometers. For the 2020 F1 Grand Prix, some adjustments were made to certain sections of the circuit, but the unique character was retained.

Since 2020, the Dutch Grand Prix has once again been part of the Formula One racing calendar. However, due to the global Corona pandemic, the 2020 race had to be canceled.

In 2021, the time finally came. After a 36-year interruption, the Formula 1 racers finally drove through the dune landscape of Zandvoort again. The local fans could immediately cheer for their compatriot Max Verstappen, who secured 1st place in the race and qualifying ahead of Lewis Hamilton.

The Circuit Park Zandvoort

The special thing about Circuit Park Zandvoort is the Hugenholtz curve and the Arie Luyendijk curve. These are two concave steep curves. These two corners are steeper than the ones at the Indianapolis race! The background to these changes is that it should make it easier for drivers to overtake.

The race consists of 72 laps in total, with each lap covering a distance of 4.259 kilometers. Calculating the total length of the race, the distance is 306.587 kilometers.

Under normal conditions, that is, when the track is dry, the race takes about 90 minutes.

Best performances at the Dutch Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton drove his Mercedes to a lap record of 1:11.097 minutes in 2021, a time that still stands today.

Max Verstappen secured an impressive lap record of 1:08.885 minutes in his Red Bull Honda in qualifying that same year.

The record for most wins at this track is held by Jim Clark of the United Kingdom. He was able to claim victory a total of four times.

Rene Arnoux (France) has started from pole position three times.

Dutch Grand Prix - the winners

2022M. VerstappenRed Bull
2021M. VerstappenRed Bull / Honda
2020L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2019C. LeclercFerrari / Ferrari
2018S. VettelFerrari / Ferrari
2017L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2016N. RosbergMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2015L. HamiltonMercedes-AMG / Mercedes
2014D. RicciardoRed Bull / Renault
2013S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2012J. ButtonMcLaren / Mercedes
2011S. VettelRed Bull / Renault
2010L. HamiltonMcLaren / Mercedes
2009K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2008F. MassaFerrari / Ferrari
2007K. RäikkönenFerrari / Ferrari
2005K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2004K. RäikkönenMcLaren / Mercedes
2002M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2001M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
2000M. HäkkinenMcLaren / Mercedes
1999D. CoulthardMcLaren / Mercedes
1998D. HillJordan / Mugen-Honda
1997M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1996M. SchumacherFerrari / Ferrari
1995M. SchumacherBenetton / Renault
1994D. HillWilliams / Renault
1993D. HillWilliams / Renault
1992M. SchumacherBenetton / Ford
1991A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1990A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1989A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1988A. SennaMcLaren / Honda
1987A. ProstMcLaren / TAG
1986N. MansellWilliams / Honda
1985A. SennaLotus / Renault
1983A. ProstRenault / Renault
1970P. RodriguezBRM / BRM
1968B. McLarenMcLaren / Ford
1967D. GurneyEagle / Weslake
1966J. SurteesFerrari / Ferrari
1965J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1964J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1963J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1962J. ClarkLotus / Climax
1961P. HillFerrari / Ferrari
1960J. BrabhamCooper / Climax
1958T. BrooksVanwall / Vanwall
1956P. CollinsFerrari / Ferrari
1955J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1954J. M. FangioMercedes / Mercedes
1953A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1952A. AscariFerrari / Ferrari
1951G. FarinaAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo
1950J. M. FangioAlfa Romeo / Alfa Romeo

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